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This loop is best clockwise. it took me 4hrs30min. It took just under 2hrs to summit freel. 30 min from freel to jobs sister. and 50min from jobs sister to jobs. the hike down jobs to the road is 45 min, and a 15 min walk back to the car. I am in better than average shape, 30 years old, and would rate this hike a 6 or 7 out of ten for difficulty. This was a solo mission for me, but I do not recommend others go solo without some previous experience in the mountains. also, alltrails says 11.4 miles, and strava said it was 9.5miles. best views in all of Tahoe!

12 days ago

*bring water for dogs- no water on the trail.
*uphill, then downhill, then uphill.....but not hard.
*gorgeous panaramas along the hike.
*we started late in the afternoon, and had it all to ourselves.( early November).
*no mountain bikes to be seen today.
*windy at the top- SPECTACULAR VIEWS!

13 days ago

Beautiful hike, just be ready for a steep ascent right from the beginning. Loved the views, it was a gorgeous day and there were still some fall colors to enjoy. We did get startled by some dirt bikes that came up on us quickly as they crested a hill. We heard them, but had no idea they were so close. We were able to grab our dog before she was run over, but be on the lookout!

13 days ago

This short(er) hike provided great bang for your buck. At only 6 or so miles, the views were spectacular and we reached the summit quickly. Likely for this reason, there was quite a bit of trail traffic, even given the time of year.

After an immediate and somewhat intense climb, the trail opens up along a ridge that provides beautiful views of Desolation Wilderness to the west. On one side there is a cliff/drop off that my overly curious dog would not keep away from - just something to be aware of with children or pets.

Once you get to where the peak is in sight, be sure to keep to the smaller and less noticeable trail to the right. On the left side, there is a wider and rockier path that leads to a false peak, and thanks to another hiker we met, we didn’t get stuck up there as some have!

Hiked November 3rd 2018, beautiful calm day, sunny and very light winds. Two of us and small older dog did the trek in under 4 hours with a stop at the top. Several other groups shared the trail but we mostly had the trail to ourselves. Great views of desolation wilderness, Lake Tahoe and beyond. We started late (noon) sun was fabulous, long shadows by return trip. Loon lake was glorious, mirrored reflections of the sky and golden glow everywhere.
A must hike!

17 days ago

The road to the trailhead at DL Bliss is closed for the winter but you can park and walk a mile down the road to the Rubicon trailhead. I hiked from DL Bliss past Vikingsholm almost to Eagle Point Campground and back. It was a long hike but not difficult. The views are out of this world! So beautiful, it's hard to describe. Fall leaf colors are bright yellow, and the lake in the morning has a surreal green/blue tinge. Don't miss this one during your next visit to Tahoe!

Great hike. We cut it short before Job’s peak. Definitely do this clockwise. Going up from Job’s to Job’s sister and up the east side of Freel would definitely be worse than down.

20 days ago

Beautiful fall hike, lots of golden leaves, few hikers. Definitely one to do again!

21 days ago

easy, accessible, rewarding hike around emerald bay; not terribly crowded on a fall weekday with nice fall foliage around the bay
parking/trailhead: dl bliss entrance closed at entrance, could park and walk down to trail but we parked at the other end of emerald bay on the road and didn't pay; $10 at vikingsholm
trail: wilderness highway, well maintained, mostly packed dirt
scenery: beautiful views of the bay and surrounding area, fall colors

horseback riding
21 days ago

Wow! Fabulous trail ride. A lot of DG and does technical with the large boulders. We are not able to get to Rock Lake. Boulders made it impossible to pass safely with our horses.
My horse did fine without shoes.
Narrow at points with steep drop offs lasting short distances. First time taking my young mare on a more technical ride, she did fine. There is quite a bit of elevation hike, but we stopped and tested as needed. Quite a few hikers, not bad. Parking adequate.

Trail is in excellent condition. Any level can navigate it. Lakes are gorgeous and worth the walk. The distance registered 11 miles on my pedometer, so make sure the distance is appropriate. Very easy walk in and never gets too intense. Not many aspens is the only downside this time of year.

Hiked from DL Bliss to Vikingsholm. Very pretty hike! We completed this section in 2 hours.

27 days ago

One of my favorites, a gorgeous hike! We started out at the trailhead at D. L. Bliss, the campground was closed and the parking at the front was full, but we found parking along the street. We only hiked to Vikingsholm and then turned around, next time we’ll continue the hike into Emerald Bay , with stopping to eat our lunch, and taking pictures, it took us 5 Hrs. Next time and that’s if we get an early start because of parking, we might try starting at Vikingsholm, hike into Emerald Bay, back to Vikingsholm, and continue towards D. L. Bliss for a ways, and back to Vikingsholm, it is a long hike , and my husband and I are feeling the soreness the next day, but it’s a good soreness! Love this hike, I highly recommend, especially in October when the crowds were minimal and the aspens scattered randomly along the hike were so beautiful.

27 days ago

The best Fall hike! Bring the family.

28 days ago

Beautiful views! $10 parking fee cash or credit.

10-13-18 we started in DL Bliss at the north end of the trail. The Park Ranger and signage stated this trail / campground would close 10-15-18 for the season. The Ranger indicated the trail could still be hiked, but the closest you could park to the trailhead would be just over a mile. There was a $10 fee (1 car, 2 people).

Outstanding hike, but we were time limited and only made it 3.5 miles out before turning around.

Saw many Steller’s Jays and large woodpeckers, not certain on type.

Beautiful views all around difficult for certain but excellent and well worth it!

This trail is not for the faint of heart! We went counter-clockwise because the steep side of Job's Sister is extremely sandy, and we felt that would be safer (although harder) going up rather than down it.

We parked at the trailhead to Freel so we would not have to end the long hike with a mile walk up the service road. Instead we started with that, and then once we reached the trailhead for Job's peak, the climb up to the summit was pretty short, albeit steep.

After backtracking down Job's Peak, we started heading over to Job's Sister. A search on Google Earth after the fact revealed that there MAY be a better trail heading up that side of the sister; however, we could not find it while we were on the mountain face, and I'm not eager to go exploring up there any time soon. After being a bit disheartened by a grueling trek up the steep side of Job's sister and reaching a false summit, we finally made it to the top.

Once you make it to this point, it's easy-peasy lemon squeezy. Going down Job's Sister is easy, but I do recommend trekking poles. Going up Freel from that direction is strenuous, even for my husband and I (we are 30 and 33) who are in very fit hiking shape.

From there it was smooth sailing. The trail can be a bit tricky to follow on the way down - I've done Freel twice and temporarily lost the trail both times heading back.

If you are fit and feeling adventurous, then this a great hike for you. I am glad to say I've done it, but in the future I will summit Job's Peak on a different day than Freel and Job's Sister.

1 month ago

Awesome trail, worth the effort. It’s not too hard in terms of elevation, definitely recommend it!

Beautiful views. Lots of trees and views of lake

1 month ago

Beautiful gem of a trail!! Hiked to Emerald Cove, took us just under two hours with stopping for exploration to get there-an hour and 20 on the way back. Trail meanders up and down along little coves of the Lake. A fair amount of other hikers passing through. Wonderful trail!

*beautiful fall walk.
*plenty of water for the dogs.
*another person described this hike as flat, then uphill, flat, then uphill....it is nice that way- and the uphills feel effortless rather than strenuous.
*saw a fox.
*lakes were lovely.

Great trail this time of year, only passed a couple groups of hikers. Perfect dog friendly hike

1 month ago

So beautiful, it was too windy to have a fire this past weekend. I believe the Rangers put no fire flags in most campsites, nonetheless still a great trip.

Cool fall weather, light traffic on the trail – several small groups of backpackers. Crag Lake was a picturesque place for a mid-hike break and lunch. While we were eating, heard sudden yelling from a couple who were also on the shoreline eating about 20 yards away. We rushed over, they were yelling to scare off a bear. Unfortunately, all happened too quickly to get any photos.

1 month ago

Trail was in great condition. Weather was perfect. Got a little chilly in the evening. Great spot to spend a relaxing lake side weekend.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike along Lake Tahoe. Hard part was walking the mile up to the car from Vikingsholm

1 month ago

This path is beautiful but beware.

If you are comfortable with steep climbs then go for it. My family and I love trails but we are from Florida and this was a big challenge for us.

I did make it to the top and the pond just perfect.

Very beautiful trail with panoramic views. We loved the trees with bright green moss. Nice trail for the dog too.

I only summitted Freel, but I was planning to hike all 3. I started hiking at 9AM, thinking I would have plenty of time since a previous comment said it took them 6 hours to complete the whole hike. I'm in good shape, and would say I have an average hiking pace. It took me 3 full hours to get to the top of Freel, and that was with minimal, short breaks. Hiking to the top of Freel is hard. The elevation gain is pretty slow and steady until you get to the bottom of the mountain, then It's purely sand and very small gravel which is very hard to hike on. The sand and gravel is even harder to hike up when you're switchbacking and hiking straight up a mountain. I'm 22yrs old and fit, and I had to stop many times because it's just so damn hard to hike uphill in sand. Once at the top, I asked a couple who was up there, if they had ever hiked the whole loop. They said they had, and it took them 11 hours to do the whole hike. They also said that after the peak of Job's sister, the trail starts to become pretty spotty the rest of the hike and there's a lot of unsteady gravel going down the other mountains. They also said they do not recommend hiking it alone, as it could be easy to lose the trail by one's self, and it could be easy to get injured hiking down. They said that it is a very difficult, exhausting hike. I was so tired from just hiking up Freel that I decided to turn around and just hike back the way I came. I also did not want to tackle more elevation ups and downs in sandy gravel- talk about killing your ankles and knees. I'll probably come back and try all 3 next summer, when it stays dark later and I will know what I'm getting into. Be prepared and don't push yourself beyond your limits! Start early and plan an entire day to do this hike because it's not a fast paced, knock it out quick kind of hike. Give yourself time to enjoy the beautiful views.

Drive slow on the forest service road! it's very rocky with deep holes and pits in some areas. It's also a skinny road at times with no room for 2 cars to pass at the same time.

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