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2 hours ago

Kicked my butt, but it was a beautiful hike.

We have done this hike several times and had a great experience today! Learned a few new things, namely how to cross the creek without getting wet! I have heard about an alternate crossing and finally found it today, excellent day as the rocks at the inital crossing were covered in ice.

From the paved parking lot at the top of the access road down to the creek, take the single track trail to the left that skirts the hillside and follow it instead of going down the gravel road. There will be several paths down to the river from this single track including a set of steps down to a thick log crossing the river. This would be stable enough bit we chose to keep following the trail up a bit to a small, white water tower with a metal grate bridge across. This was completely stable and safe for us today and I recommend choosing either this bridge or the log for a safer initial crossing. Thanks to the hiker that told us about this!

The other crossing that has always been problematic for me was the dam just below the waterfall. Apparently, I am the only person who did not know there is a huge log to cross just below the dam! This would have saved me a lot of wet shoes! Just in case this is a problem for others too: off the main trail, just below the dam and waterfall is another well-worn trail to the left that goes down to a huge, stable log that makes for easy creek crossing.

Hope this review helps and many others can enjoy and care for this beautiful area! The waterfall was icy and spectacular today!

3 days ago

This trail is amazing!! The bottom is really ugly due to fire debris, but mid way to the top its sooo beautiful. Perfect pine trees, bushes, fields, its soo beautiful. At the too you have a 360* view of the tahoe basin and reno! Its a spectacular view. This trail goes to the first meadow, which is so pretty! I cried when I saw it because it was so perfect with the small breeze on the wheat. This is where you should turn around and go back. Unless you want more...

I was so motivated to see the second field that I kept going, I was as pleased with the second field as much as the first. It was really really big and there is a makeshift wood dam in the middle which is wild to look at!

At this point I was debating whether to go back or just continue to Florinston, CA. I decided to continue, it was worth it. There were so many cool views and amazing fields. Most of it is downhill, and in either fields of bushes or birch forests. I did not regret it one bit. It was really really neat and I would have regretted it if I didn’t go.

Overall, it took me 11 hours for a 20 mile hike. I am experienced so it may take you longer depending on your skill, and of course the environment (snow, ice, etc...) It was pretty rocky and extremely isolated, I only saw one family in a ATV. Keep this in mind, I recommend bringing a partner, there are cyotes and mountainlions, although I did not encounter any, I saw alot of tracks. The trails are pretty spot on and exact. The fields by Florinston are very pretty and open. I highly recommend this trail, its one of the prettiest I have been on.

Prepare for a long hike, with about 3,000 in elevation gain. Be safe and take care!

I walk slowly and totally spend 3 1/2 hours. The view is really amazing. Only one thing bother me is- crossing the river. Water still is so much. My shoes get wet. On my way back, I try to take off my shoes/socks and cross by my bare foots. The water is freezing cold! ! however, it is still a great experience.

10 days ago

Love this trail and the waterfall payoff at the end. Glad we got an early start, there was hardly anyone out at 8am. By the time we came back it was getting crowded. Took us 2 hours and 19 minutes not counting the 15 minutes we hung out at the falls and had a snack. So peaceful and quiet out there at that time in the morning.

11 days ago

Beautiful hike, especially with all the fall colors this time of year. Incline most of the way to the beautiful waterfall. Following the creek most of the way is very peaceful. Close to town, yet you feel so far away. As someone else mentioned, we also clocked it right at 6.4 miles.

Love it, slow and steady incline. Wide open space after the creek. This trail felt different than anything I’ve been on recently.... just wish I would’ve got here earlier in the season to see all the aspen leaves on the trees!!! Would recommend doing it in late September / early October to see the beautiful colors!

Great quick lil loop to walk your pup! Did this at sunset, beautiful! Love the lil ascent to get your heart pumping!! No trees/shade, cool with me though. Would recommend, especially at sunset!

17 days ago

10-05-18. Short and easy. Pretty canyon. Not much shade, could get hot quickly depending on time of day or time of year you go. Neat petroglyphs.

My pup & I took the trail clockwise. Wanted to get the steepest portion out of the way. I do feel like it was a good choice- going down the north side would have been unforgiving. However, the descending on the south side was pretty washed out with some decent exposure. At times I wish I had trekking poles- would definitely consider this hike moderate to advanced in its current condition. Also, trail was not well marked... when you get to the top there are many 4x4 trails you could accidentally take. Be sure to bring some sort of map with you to ensure you stay enroute. Happy hiking (:

*close to reno for afternoon getaway.
*lots of water for the dogs.
*mostly open air trail, little shade.
*a few mountain bikers.
*follows mostly creekside, also near residential areas....and a golf course on the opposite side of the creek.
*nice fall foliage along the creek- beautiful colors on october.

Great hike and beautiful weather. Enjoyed the scenery.

We totally messed up on this one... First of all, we've lived in Sparks for over 21 years and had no idea this historical landmark existed 12 miles from our house!

Trailhead was easy to find using Waze. Just pull off by the side of the road where the bend us. We were the only ones hiking this afternoon.

OK, now for our first mistake: I thought we had to hike all the way to the end to see the petroglyphs! Wrong-o, Buffalo... I'll get to that in a minute. Second mistake: Took no water because we saw the hike was rated "Easy." (Corollary: Suzanne had just her canvas tennis shoes. WEAR YOUR HIKING BOOTS!). It was not "Easy". The trail should have been rated at least moderate, due to the amount of rocks in the riverbed and along the trail. Expect a fair amount of climbing on the rocks! Third mistake: We took Robbie, our little 11 year old dog. It was too rough for him and we had to carry him most of the way. Fourth and final mistake: We started around 1:00pm and it was a warm October day. A little late for this exploration, as it became hot.

When you start out, you'll go down into the canyon from the pull-over parking at the bend in the road. We hiked all the way to the end of the trail (about 1 mile) before we started looking for the petroglyphs. As it turns out, we passed them right and left on the way to the end of the trail! I've taken a lot of pictures and will check the waypoints to help out.

When we got to the end, I found what we later determined to be "fake" petroglyphs, as they looked "too modern" (kids?). Just beyond the endpoint on the AllTrails Pro map, you will find some petroglyphs on the left side. We did not go too far beyond the "end of the trail" on the map; however, the trail does go on. The next time we may go farther and explore.

On the way back, after seeing a couple petroglyphs and knowing what to look for, we saw them EVERYWHERE on the right and the left! So cool!

In summary, you'll run into the first group of them when you pass the first tree along the trail from where you parked.

Looking forward to returning next time and exploring more in depth. Enjoy!

No dogs allowed. :-(

30 days ago

This was amazing! I highly recommend. I live out of state and was visiting. The beautiful waterfall and up in the pines was great! Lots of rocks but not difficult. Brought a 4lb dog with us and we did fine. Some narrow spots but once you get up there it widens out in parts. Worth the trip to the waterfall and crossing the log. It does get colder as you move up but we had a nice wind on the way back down.

Nice trail but has no signs when to tell you what leads to where when it branches off, in the midpoint I took off a wrong branch that got me to a dead end then I turned back. Mind horse manure by the way at some parts since it serves as a equestrian trail as well!

The Oxbow Nature trail is a good loop for a work break, lunch, or time after work.
It is about 20 minutes if you take back the path along the railroad.
Beautiful fall colors of the cottonwoods, combined with sunshine and a river, make it a peaceful pleasant autumn family spot.
One word of caution: I tried the path back along the railroad, and it dead ended right next to the parking lot, but a gate was closed. I managed to squeeze through the small gap, but some people may not.
In the future I will just take the same route back along the river. It's more scenic anyway.
- Mike Cutler, trail blogger, earthtrekgear

This trail is a great beginner's trail, seeing as though the elevation is a few hundred feet and the path is relatively worn. The sites aren't that great but the partial city view isn't half bad. Great trail for dogs, or atleast my Beagle loved it.

Hard to beat for a close to home hike. Great views and follows the creek to a nice waterfall.
Can be busy on weekends.

on Peavine Peak Trail

1 month ago

Miserable at times but worth the challenge.

beautiful hike

Easy stroll but the rocks can shift. My kiddos and elderly pup did just fine. No officially trail head or parking area. Just pull over and head north-ish.

Gorgeous rock formations and the petroglyphs are a joy to look at.

Will definitely go again.

1 month ago

LOVED this hike!

My kiddos (6 and 9) did it like champs! We will definitely do it again. It may be too hard for younger kiddos and the trail drops off pretty steep on the side so attention is key.

We clocked it at over 6 miles.

Pup friendly and truly stunning.

Such a gem in our own backyards.

1 month ago

Great hike. Now let's start off by letting everyone know that I have two bad knees and on this hike a bad ankle, and made the hike. It starts off with the typical Nevada scenery (with past fires depleting most of the greenery) but you get up the canyon and trees and scenery gets much better.

Again with bad knees it still was not a bad hike, a couple climbs and rocks but nice hike.

Get out and enjoy this trail as the waterfall at the end is worth this hike.

1 month ago

Loved it

Beautiful Trail...

First part of the trail next to the creek is special. The second half is steeper and more exposed, but still fun.

Challenging, but not too time consuming. I enjoyed the views of the city.

Beautiful views

a great quick Work out

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