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Great resource if you like hiking!

This trail can be very unforgiving even for an experienced hiker, the terrain changes a lot due to horses and the rocky terrain in general, leaving some spots unpredictable. Definitely travel with caution up and down. The views are amazing, negative energy and stress are instantly burned off, having time to reflect and embrace nature at the top is the reason I keep going back.

Hell of a workout.

trail is picturesque in the snow. snow is hard packed on trail.

Beautiful hike but more amazing in the snow. looks like a winter wonderland.

Fewer people the higher you go!

I need to explore the new side trail going to a Thomas Creek.

One of my go to trails. Not fun when it's muddy though.

Fun and I love the varying terrain.

Easy! Fun trail.

Ran this trail a couple of times. It's a bit grueling but worth the downhill.:)

Great hike. First mile or so is slightly difficult. Took us 3.5hrs with probably 30 minutes of breaks included.

15 days ago

Beautiful hike. Moderate hike even with snow early on the morning. Terrain became a little more difficult as sun came up and the snow turned to mud and ice. Waterfall is currently partially frozen but beautiful. Cannot wait to go back in the Spring.

Steep in parts, great views of the city from the top

22 days ago

*access road to trails was closed so have to park on Timberline Road. Only .8 miles to white Creek trailhead.
*trail follows a gurgly creek, which is wonderful company the first half of the way. Dogs loved it also. forested- would be great in summer here too.
*beautiful views all around on second half.
*dry creek views didnt dissappoint.
*great afternoon here-

Great place to walk the dog, or go for a jog. lots of dog poop on the side of the path though, which is weird cause there are trash cans and bag dispensers.

Awesome hike. Agree that this is moderate in difficulty as elevation gain is very gradual. My tracker reported 7.2 miles (Map my fitness) so not sure how this is 5.7 miles on app.

Easy, nice, bit rocky go with hiking boot instead of sneakers. Great with kids. Stroller ok if offroad type. Bring food and picnic!

good birding!

great for short training runs! over 1000ft ele gain, moderately technical, a couple nice fairly smooth lightly downhill and flat combos for some speed, great for interval and hill work! basically just a lot of fun to run! go by 6am,you'll be back well befor 8 and not many hikers then...some days none, I see about 3 other regular runners around that time. single track, u hafta walk to pass hikers, tho most step off to side politely, few dogs, all well behaved.

Beginning and end were very steep, but once you make it to the crest you’re in for a treat. Landscapes vary and there are in fact many areas to rest in the shade. Because of the difficult in and out, I would only bring an experienced hiker with me who knows how to traverse steep grades and slip “safely” (falling forward, rather than back). There’s also a moving tribute to a beloved dog and a nice lookout bench on the north side.

Great trail that is close to town. Not many people on there until you get around to the keystone side so that was nice.

Very easy and enjoyable. The hill to the big N is steep but offers a great view.

1 month ago

What a beautiful hike in the fall.
Moderate is a pretty accurate rating given the length and terrain. Not hard even for my out of shape butt but definitely going to feel it tomorrow.
I mapped just under 6 miles from the parking lot round trip. Please keep that in mind when heading out.
had a few people ask me if they were almost to the falls when they were about a mile in.
Cant wait to go in the Spring!

algo bien para primerizos..

1 month ago

Kicked my butt, but it was a beautiful hike.

on Truckee River Walk

1 month ago

Pretty walk. There are a few homeless people about. But it is what it is! Most of the time they are minding their own business. Still a pretty walk !

on Silver Willow Trail

1 month ago

Pretty walk. Wouldn’t really call it a hike since the whole trail is paved. It goes straight downhill and then straight back uphill. FYI, there was a sewage spill, or something,on the trail. You can walk around it. And I’m sure it’ll be cleaned up but just a heads up :)

1 month ago

Great hike ! Started from rancho and walked to the N with my 2.5 year old asleep in the carrier ! Was a great hike !

We have done this hike several times and had a great experience today! Learned a few new things, namely how to cross the creek without getting wet! I have heard about an alternate crossing and finally found it today, excellent day as the rocks at the inital crossing were covered in ice.

From the paved parking lot at the top of the access road down to the creek, take the single track trail to the left that skirts the hillside and follow it instead of going down the gravel road. There will be several paths down to the river from this single track including a set of steps down to a thick log crossing the river. This would be stable enough bit we chose to keep following the trail up a bit to a small, white water tower with a metal grate bridge across. This was completely stable and safe for us today and I recommend choosing either this bridge or the log for a safer initial crossing. Thanks to the hiker that told us about this!

The other crossing that has always been problematic for me was the dam just below the waterfall. Apparently, I am the only person who did not know there is a huge log to cross just below the dam! This would have saved me a lot of wet shoes! Just in case this is a problem for others too: off the main trail, just below the dam and waterfall is another well-worn trail to the left that goes down to a huge, stable log that makes for easy creek crossing.

Hope this review helps and many others can enjoy and care for this beautiful area! The waterfall was icy and spectacular today!

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