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1 day ago

great app

lotsa water for the dogs.

*easy grade.
*great shade.
*lotsa water for the dogs.
*unpopulated on an "off" day ( NOT on sat/sun/holiday).

5 days ago

Perfect loop. Did it clockwise today. Brought the wife and dog along. Goodtimes. A mountain biker was having a bite to eat at dry pond and noticed a decent sized bear about 50 yards away. Walking towards him. He packed up his stuff and jammed down trail towards whites creek. All in all. A beautiful day. A bit smoky but well worth it. The dog had a blast splashing around in the water along the way. Walking through the aspens along the water was probably my favorite part.

The trail is close to Reno with easy access. However, there is highway noise for most of the hike. Also, once you get up to the flume level, it is largely a flat and boring hike.

fun trail!nice little steep hills, one side has loose rocks but the other is clear and open, good for beginners!

It was thundering and raining for our hike today - we enjoyed it. Saw very few other hikers, perhaps due to rain.

It was fun kinda hard at first but going up but after it was awesome views. Be careful tho we found a rattle snake close to the houses by the little library!!!!!

A great hike for both people and dogs. We were thankful for the shade and the water.

Definitely felt out of the city with amazing views, took the South route but didn’t make it to the peak due to the trail being washed out.

trail running
1 month ago

Beautiful views filled with wildlife

This hike is perfect anytime of day due to the shade the trees provide. It is a mellow climb and beautiful. If you drive past the first parking lot and go further up the dirt road there is additional parking. Starting closer to the top allows for different views and less people.

Relaxing stroll in a scenic forested area next to a creek.

Great hike. Went on the 4th of July so it was busy but not as bad as I thought. Tons of dogs! All were very friendly and it was a great training experience for my pup. Shaded most the way until after the turn to Dry Pond. You start to go up the hill and lose the shade from the trees. Cool place to check out. The dog and kid enjoyed cooling off in the creek.

The trail was excellent this morning. A little smoky. The wildflowers are out in force in the top half of the hike. This is a consistently uphill hike the entire distance, but the views and ambiance from the top are outstanding. The pond itself is quite small, but the surroundings are gorgeous. I went with friends who continued on the bushwhacking scramble up to Mount Rose, but I stopped about half mile beyond the pond. The hike down is rewarding. On clear days, the views of surrounding valleys would sometimes be very good, but it was hazy.

Did this trail today, well into the Mt. Rose Wilderness and finally turned around at the Rim to Reno north loop intersection. This took about 5 hours total, from the trailhead. Unlike what others have mentioned, the trail does eventually become exposed to sun at times, and does also become more steep- as where I turned around, I was over 9000' elevation. The water is still going strongly at the water crossing sites, of which there are several, despite it being July! Once you arrive at Mt. Rose Wilderness, which was about 2 1/2 hours into the hike for me, bicycles become forbidden. I didn't pass even one other person on the upper part of the trail today. Very serene and well worth doing!

Nice and shady, right by the creek, lots and lots of trees. Good place for kids

1 month ago

Really enjoyed this hike. Even this 67 year old was able to hike it without any difficulty. It was beautiful with shade and light breezes. We will do it again!

Great loop trail. Go early - no shade. Bring water as it gets hot in places. A few places are a bit rocky for running so wear stable shoes. Well marked until you get to the upper part of the trail.

Great views of Mt Rose and Slide Mountain

Good out and back hike. Add Dry Pond and White’s Creek for a great loop!

Pretty short. I was really only about 1/2 a mile to the petroglyphs. We continued on another half of a mile, but there was not really a trail. Nice short easy hike. My 9 year old made it without issues.

trail running
1 month ago

Great run. Shade about 90% of the way. Steady incline up to Dry Pond then a nice downhill. Definitely doing it several more times.

1 month ago

Love this trail! It’s a good chill hike to do in the late afternoon, but make sure that you bring some bug spray or you will be munched on. It’s nice because the beginning is really easy so if you have kids you can turn around before the switchbacks.

Easy trail through the canyons at the edge of town. Leads you to a small park and back. Overall, it’s was fine. Nothing special about the trail or the views but definitely a manageable way to get 6 miles under your belt.

The initial "uphill" portion of trail is a bit of a pain. There isn't really a single path, making the steep climb both annoying and slippery (lots of loose pebbles/gravel). What does help is to go around the initial incline to the west, following a narrow well-traveled path along the ditch, and then taking a very clear incline back to the posted track. (Note the attached Relive video).

The trail is clear, with plenty of room for bikes and people. I saw just two solo mountain bikers on the trail this afternoon. It is unfortunate that the pipe now exists in the hole. However, the owners of the property and canal (Steamboat Canal Company) did so to improve water flow while also prevent more damage that occurred during the recent heavy winter---along with blocking stupid people who often tried to go through the hole.

I decided to go the normal route back (on that steep portion). In hindsight, I should have went back down the initial route I took. This is a decent couple hour hike that's close to town with easy access.

This hike is quite shady. Don't make my mistake and wear sunglasses. You do follow the creek basically the whole way. Lots of pine, birch, little waterfalls. It's a cute trail. The trail head starts at the very bottom of the treeline. It is easy to find with the google. Where the trail ends is a mystery. I turned around after an hour, making it a straight two hour hike. There is a parking lot at the TH. The sunny alternative to this hike is the Lower trail, which I actually preferred because I love sun.

1 month ago

Our group chose this trail with the intention to hike, but the trail was easy enough that we were able to walk leisurely in a short amount of time. We found benches placed strategically in different areas, perhaps as resting spots for older hikers and to enjoy the surrounding views. Light traffic, inner city trail. Short enough to squeeze in as a daily work out schedule after work hours especially, if you don't want to deal with rush hour traffic. There's also a small park at bottom of the trail with clean public restrooms. No trees for shade so summer walks, jogging and running can be very hot in summer time.

Beautiful trail, follows the creek the whole way, steady mellow incline. Did it after work in a little less than two hours

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