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17 days ago

Good walking trail.

Good easy trail. Enjoy that its so close to town but is still quiet and peaceful.

Effie Yeaw is really great for so many reasons, I’d babble on n on. Mainly, it’s perfect for education ourselves and the only preserve in the area (lest someone corrects me!). Tons of rocks to get to the river so bring a baby carrier if you have a baby, rather than a stroller. People of all ages come here to enjoy the birds and other wildlife, spotting salmon during the run, and more. The only unfortunate things are that the sac state college kids can sometimes disturb the peace from the other side of the river (one year I had to call the FD cuz their dumb buts lit a fire) but out of my 14 years coming here that’s only happened once. The other thing is a good thing and not so good-the golf course that is part of the Ancil Hoffman park this preserve is in gets proceeds to the nature center and preserve, but some of us wish money came in another way, so the golf course can be restored to the way it was before and be part of the preserve. Regardless of those 2 critiques, and regardless of so many other trails being in the greater sac area, this place is STILL our GO TO place for peace and serenity. It has become the “back yard” for so many families and retired folks. How cute is it to see an elderly couple still holding hands walking down a path?!!

short and sweet. great place to take kids.

Great bike path with some side trails, definitely coming back for some runs and more walks with Madi!

Nice walk with the dog, beautiful scenery.

Not too long of trail but its nice

Was amazing! Animal life and great people around.

Nature was amazing a lot of deer here

Have walked this trail a few time. Great walk.

on Miners Ravine Trail

5 months ago

Easy hike in the burbs. Great for a quick afternoon getaway.

$5 entry fee - head to Effie Yeaw nature center parking lot. Well marked trail entrance. Before we even started we saw 2 deer. Some more deer along the way and a fox as we were leaving. Easy hike with nice benches along the way to stop for a snack or just sit quietly. Quick walk over some rocks to the river to watch rafters and kayakers go by and throw some rocks. Great easy family hike or just a nice nature walk nearby if you live in the area.

Easy trail with lots of views of the river.

Lots of homeless people living here. My wife and I also encountered a big stray dog that was aggressive.

Hey it's by the river with wildlife, easy hike, great way to kill and hour. #familyhikes

Great family trail and lots of wildlife to see

Not sure which part of this trail was my favorite.

The fetid pools of filthy water stagnating in the creek bed were able to attract some blue jays and even what looked like a heron, or was it heroin? Watch out for easter egg needles in the brush!

The weird dude on the 99 overpass cartwheeling into a pushup position and shouting "you want some?" while doing very unmilitary pushups was amusing, but not sure he would have kept his distance from someone not 6'2" and male. Just sayin'

Was it a Boone's farm fueled love fest I interrupted? Or were they just in there picking up trash and broken glass? Ye gods, there was a lot of that.

6 level road crossings with inoperable crossing signals. Nowhere to park. Shall I continue?

If I could give a half star, or even a quarter, I would think I had been too kind. This trail is gross, and probably dangerous.

Good if you just want to get your steps in. Mostly residential and business views. Walked 8.25 miles

Easy trail family friendly

Easy trail family friendly

road biking
7 months ago

I've biked and walked this trail a few times in the past. It's a fun short bike ride that ends up at the rose statue thing. Goes under 2 overpasses.

Great trail for kids. You almost always see deer, turkeys and woodpeckers. Fun area to explore.

The north side of the river is ok, but the loop around the south side is not at all pleasant. From Guy West Bridge to Howe Ave. it is only paved path with no shade, and no views of the river (only the sewage treatment plant). The section from Howe to Watt does have shade but is heavily populated by homeless people. It still doesn't afford the river views that the north part of the loop does unless you take one of the side dirt trails. But with all the people living in the bushes it's just too sketchy. I'd say just walk the American River trail.

Calm trail, easy to follow!

8 months ago

This trail is completely paved. Should have figured that out from the wheel chair accessible. Don't a fan of paved trails. Also most of it is full sun decent running train just not someone looking to hike.

Trail is not very well maintained. The elk grove creek entrance has a fallen tree blocking the path.

8 months ago

This trail may be nice starting at some other point but was disgusting where it tells you to start. There was trash all over the place and dead fish floating in the water. I passed a few sketchy people coming out of the path and a fallen tree blocked the path a short ways in. It was really bad.

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