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Gently sloping paved trail fairly easy for kids. We took our two y/o on his glide bike and while he got good speed down some of the hills, was able to maintain control. Nice little park midway for kids to play at and picnics

Trail is well maintained and safe. No inclines and can be walked leisurely. No issues with sharing. Plenty of residential parking available on La Riviera.

Very nice packed trails for a beginner like me. Daughters loved it and the nature center. It has some live animals and an interactive museum. Quite a few different trails. Watch out for the river trail. Lots of rocks so watch your footing, but still pretty easy. River is gorgeous. I was told that you could watch the salmon traveling the river. We were too early to see that so we will be making another trip there soon.

Absolutely beautiful in the fall

it's pleasant but I wouldn't call this a wilderness trail. it's a strip of woodland in a residential neighborhood that's more catered to bicyclists.

2 months ago

Great hike. Not to long, lots of various trails/paths to take. Safe, lots of kids all ages enjoying the nature center and trails.

Boring. People on trail unfriendly.

I walk this as much as possible. I add extra mileage by starting outside the park. It’s an amazing walk and the river itself is gorgeous with clear cool water. Lots of wildlife in the preserve just beautiful all around.

road biking
3 months ago

I like to park at or near the Rivers Edge restaurant on Riviera at Watt. I follow the Watt bridge on-ramp over the river to the American River Recreation area bike trail. That parking pot also serves a bike store, a couple of Brew pubs, and a Big Lots store.

Was a great hike, lots of trees and was worth the drive to visit it.

Nice little place to get your morning started.

Great trail, love doing this one

I did this trail twice, once at a fast pace and once at an easy pace. Both times were great and fun. Definitely a must-do if you like the outdoors.

The beginning of the trail is closed. While some kind construction workers let me cross their work space once i was already in it, don't make my mistake :). Nice mellow trail (not hike) that will be better when it's green out.

I did not love this trail. It was very busy and I ran into a lot of homeless. I went with my boyfriend and two dogs and about 3/4 of the way thru my dog found a rattle snake and we turned around. I'm new to the area so I don't know if this is a very common occurrence but the overgrowth on the edge of the trail I'm sure didn't help. I would not do this trail again.

For passenger vehicle parking, try University Avenue near Guy West Bridge (zoom in on map to find where Guy West Bridge is located). And the side streets within the circle of University Avenue. Check street signs for time limit and confirm if any permits are required. Many spin-off dirt trails towards the river accessible by walkers and horses only. Dirt trails away from river accessible by all three users = hikers, bikers, horses.

Please respect other trail users. Please be wise and keep your dog on a leash. There's too much traffic on this section of the ART and you'd be heartbroken if another dog attacked your dog, or if a cyclist collided with your dog. Flexi-leashes are dangerous to cyclists and runners. You also don't know how your dog might respond to a horse. Some dogs go ballistic when they see a horse, which is dangerous to horseback riders. Keep your dog close to you. Thank you.

I followed GPS to the location. Took me to Elk Grove Blvd area. It was just a trail behind homes. it was nice and flat, okay for jogging and bikes. One was on the first leg (only part I did) was just under a mile.

Surprised to see the usage by people in the business area it goes by. Quite a few from local businesses walking together. Came by a very tame family of turkeys. Lots of walkers and very few bicycles.

loveeeeee since I was 11 years old

This trail is great!!!

The trail seemed nice but only .4 miles in it was closed and could not go further. You may want to confirm somehow that the trail is open if planning on using.

Many sections of this urban trail are scenic, while others, not so much. The key term here is "Urban trail". There is a mix of paved surface and gravel road. Lots of shade, and lots of exposure. Plan on carrying water as access is limited. That said, one section takes you right by food, coffee, and Ice Cream vendors!

Great, easy hike. Access to the American River on one end. There are placards with some info about the local plants, which is great for the kids.

trail running
7 months ago

Great googly moogly what a good trail.
You ever have those vibram five ginger toe shoes? They’re not like those Nike casts that protect your feet. You engage your feet when you run.

I think I saw a mountain lion and those things will kill you with it’s face. It’s crazy!

A coyote once punked my dog.

Followed the directions which led me to a parking lot to URV which is the University Residence Village parking lot. So whoever posted the directions most likely lives there or goes to the university. Every space is marked Permit Parking or has a number and the entry gate says access to URV residents only.

I am sure there are other access points along the way but just didn’t have the energy to locate another entry point.

So if someone knows a more accessible-to-all access point, please point it out.

Good easy walk. Nice scenery.

7 months ago

Nice easy hike. View of the river, golf course, wild flowers, birds, wild turkey & deer. Watch out for rattle snakes.

Nice little walk. I take friends here if we want to get out but have a late start or are heading into hiking. I consider myself a moderate hiker but I shillings this one because of the wildlife. I always see to be of animals any time of year. The water is refreshing too.

I love this nature trail! The trail is roughly 3 miles. It looks around a golf course and next to the American River. They also have a wildlife preserve. It's very relaxing and fun to walk or run.

Great. Easy hike. Nice to stop at the water and take a break.

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