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Lots of trails here. The listed trail here is a good loop and connects with many trails. Lots of connecting trails. Well maintained. Great views.

8 days ago

Very good walking path especially when leaves are falling it’s pretty

I used to love this trail. The last time I was here to come to relax, I left the opposite of relaxed and was very unhappy. While on the trail, two different people allowed their large dogs to bolt at me, jump on me, and growl at me while their owners shouted “sorry” and practically crawled to my rescue. It was also a muddy day so needless to say, when the dogs jumped on me I had mud all over my clothes. Both times, I expressed that this wasn’t ok and to please leash the dogs, while the owners didn’t say anything to me and kept walking with their dogs unleashed. The first time this happened on my way towards the golf course, I was annoyed but thought it was a fluke since I hadn’t had this issue before. The second time this happened on the same hike and a different person I was thinking “Again? You’ve got to be kidding me.” I’m an animal lover, but this really isn’t ok. I can also see this as a huge problem for folks coming who have small children or a phobia of dogs... or who simply don’t want to have a dog charge and jump on them? Dog people - please leash your dogs here. It’s really not fair to the other hikers who are just trying to enjoy their hike.

Nice easy walk with water views. Great place for small children. Great for a family day for all to be outside.

Excellent Sunday hiking with no crowds.

Beautiful area. But the trails were not marked well at all. I saw trail names and colors painted on trees, but not at all intersections. There were a few intersections where we had to just pick a way to go. Went with three other adults and a baby. Do Not Bring a baby carriage unless it’s used in off roading and rough terrain. Lots of hills, but great for a first timer without a baby carriage

Quite pleasant. Strange having the private property up near Gibbs. Watch out for the "Attack Dogs". Another hiker told me Raytheon owns the property. Will be back to do the trail down to the reservoir. Just do it!

This is a great place to start off roading. I just started and went there with my buddy and there were some nice mud puddles and some rocky areas... definitely easy but can give you an idea of what you need to get more difficult off roading in.

Great hike with Richard, Macy and Gronk!

Excellent trail. Well marked with some nice views along the way. Might be better suited as an Easy than Moderate, but a really enjoyable walk and hike. Would highly recommend to anyone in the area.

trail running
26 days ago

Took in a bit more of the back portion of Noon Hill Rez before heading down into Shattuck and enjoyed that. A great property! Just do it!

Went here with a 9 and 3 year old hoping for an easy path- there were too many places that the 3 year could not handle. Great trail, had to stop 1/4 of the way and turn back bc kids got tired.

Will definitely come back, sans kids.

Very easy trail if you hike like we do.

Many of the paths are overgrown with thorns!!

Many of the paths are poorly marked and could be quite confusing if you don’t pay attention.

Gorgeous! Highly recommend.

My whole family loves going here! My daughter wanted to get married there. Our dogs have enjoyed it as well.!

Beautiful, but very easy to get lost. Not a well marked trail. Has some cool sights, like the rocks with words written on them and the bases of homes that were once built there.

It’s a great place to go hiking, biking dog walking or running!

Would have probably been more fun going clockwise, but great trails. Easy to feel lost in nature right outside a city.

Lot’s to choose from, but not well marked.

This trail starts at the Ponkapoag Golf Course. I liked the trail (green dot). It was mostly flat with a couple of little hills. It was very pretty and there is a spot to get close to the pond. It was exactly what I was looking for that day. Some of the signage could have been a bit better or there could have been more of it. I used AllTrails map with the GPS so I could mark our progress. I would take a picture of the display map in parking lot so you can match numbers at crossroads. Also, look for the green dots along the way to mark your route.

The trail rating is not accurate. As a mountain bike trail it’d be moderate, as a hiking trail it’s easy. The network of little unmarked trails are very easy to get disoriented in. Check your position often because you WILL go off the intended path

1 month ago

Easy walk with lots to look at. Peaceful and easy to bring dogs too!

Nice place, river views are nice more of a walk than a hike

Me and my dog loved the place !

Gorgeous, well marked

Recently got interested in foraging. Decent number of mushrooms and other funghi around. Just need to climb learning curve so I don't poison myself. Cheers!

There are so many great trails at this park. Also a working farm with a ice cream stand. This has become my favorite walking spot!

Excellent walk great for dogs. Just a perfect spot

We come here weekly and we love it! Trails are marked and well maintained! You hardly see anyone on the trails, you may pass 2/3 other hikers/bikers. After reading other reviews if you’re seriously complaining about bugs in the woods and off leash dogs in a nearly deserted forsest maybe this isn’t the place for you.

1 month ago

This is a nice walk. Be careful if you plan on parking near randolph street as that parking lot is very rocky and bumpy - seen signs of people scratching their oil pan!

The boardwalk is arguably the best part, the marshland is beautiful!

a lot of tree roots and rough rocks if you are trying to go for a run.

Perfect for what we needed - an easy hike with pretty foliage.

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