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Great hike! Lots of snow and ice, so definitely need micro spikes.

took my pups up during a storm, beautiful views, trail easily disappears during thr winter so its easy to get turned around in the evening hours but still a great hike.

Trail was muddy after the turn from the living room. Along the final climb spikes were very useful because of the hard ice up.

Completed this hike on 2/3/18. This is always a great easy-moderate hike with great views of downtown SLC and plenty of wildlife. Lots of wind at the summit, but still worth it.

it's really windy don't wear baseball caps. took my two chihuahuas they did surprisingly well. great for most age groups. easy to spend 2 hours without realizing it so make sure you bring water.

Good hike, but it is steep and in early February there was a lot of ice and snow toward the top

pretty good hike there is snow and ice in top but ice cleat or micro spike will work prefect. great work out.

Love this hike! First time going and the scenery is beautiful! Wear your micro spikes or you’ll have a hard/funny time coming down ;)

Whoa! Amazing climb! Very steep - mostly muddy and sludge today. Incredible view of the valley!!!

Jan. 27, 2018 hiking
Only need microspikes at the moment. It did get pretty windy towards the top so dress warmly. Pretty chill pace since I haven't hiked much the last few months and I developed a blister on my heel. 2 hours up, 1.5 down

trail running
2 months ago

It was aight liked the down hill the uphill was narrow and not much to look at.

Love this hike!

Great hike with full views of the valley. A little muddy this time of year from the melted snow, but nothing to worry about. Great for dogs as well.

A little muddy but other than that very good. Had to ditch my crampons about 4/5 of the way up because the snow got so sticky it was forming in big chunks on the spikes

Great little hike.

2 months ago

It was hard to run at first, as it was very steep. However after the first half I was able to jog the rest. Took about 1 hour and 45 minutes to summit and about 35 minutes to get back to my car.

3 months ago

I found this to be an enjoyable hike. Though you gain a bit of elevation, the fact you go up and down about 4 to 5 small hills before getting to the twin peaks made it less intense for me (even compared to switchbacks, which this trail doesn't have). We pansied out before the last peak. We only went up to the first peak, so we will have to come back someday to do the second peak. To add... this is our first time doing this trail- the trail had snowy sections, some slightly muddy sections and clear (packed mud with some loose stones) sections. I feel the snow actually made the hike a little easier going up and down some of the hills. I guess when it's not snowy, these paths may have more pebbles and rocks which could make it a bit harder to walk up and down. The good thing with the snow on the path this day was in most places it was packed down or powder, there were very few sections that were slippery, and only near the beginning of the trail did I notice ice... so that made it very enjoyable! (The entire journey took 3 hours - 1.5 hr up, and 1.5 hr back.. but I am a slow hiker....)

Gorgeous view! Can see the whole city view on the mountain

3 months ago

I did this Thanksgiving morning. I went up to the Living Room on the much less used trails behind the Museum of Natural History, and then got on the Mount Wire trail that starts at the sharp U-turn in the back of the canyon where the main Living Room trail comes up. Note that it appears that climbing up to up to the Living Room is a very popular thing to do on Thanksgiving, but very few people take the trail to Mount Wire. It's not very interesting at first, as you are just going uphill through the trees, but then you emerge out into open terrain and the views are great. There's a 4 way intersection in the trail where you need to take a sharp right turn to get up to Mount Wire, which involves some significant elevation gain over a short distance. The views are worth it, and it is awesome to think that you can have access to something like this right off the city streets. The tower is surrounded by a chain link fence topped with barb wire, but the gate is open, so you can climb up the ladder if you are so inclined. There are various trails going off in different directions from the tower, so that would be fun to explore sometime. Going down there were hordes of people coming up the Living Room trail, which right now is spectacularly and inconveniently muddy in some places.

3 months ago

Gate closed so hike was longer than expected with a 6yo. Quiet and forest trail is lovely.

Great Hike!

Awesome incline but a bit rocky in some spots! Watch your step and Mountain bikers.

on Corner Canyon

4 months ago

A lot of cyclists and it’s pretty easy- wouldn’t consider this a moderate trail

4 months ago

Gate is closed. Forest service has a sign saying “closed due to icy road conditions”, but this is BS. THERE IS NO ICE ON THE ROAD!!!! Suspect it is closed to reduce hunter traffic in the Canyon. I have been up this road several times when it actually is icy or snowy. Hike up road 1.5 miles to reach trail head.

A little muddy and icy in spots. Gate up to trailhead was closed, short walk up to trailhead. Great views

on Red Butte Canyon Trails

4 months ago


Fun and low traffic once you get past the Living Room. Awesome view of the valley and the radio tower is a cool climb if you're up for it.

Nice trail. It's tiring, but rewarding

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