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One of the most gorgeous hikes in the Bay Area. The water is really flowing right now! Also, climb up the hill across from the parking lot for a truly epic view of the Bay Area.

all around great trail

on Fall Creek

11 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful Hikes I have ever hiked.With slight drizzle and cloudy skies , it was a amazing hike and I had stopped by the redwood for nearly an hour to enjoy the nature's beauty. For the most part of trail you will have the pristine creek running by beside the trail. the ascend and descend alternates itself and gives you a pleasure of a good workout. Although there is something about the trail I would like to mention. If you are taking the loop through Fall creek south fork trail and join back the Fall creek trail after hiking Big Ben Trail, then after hiking 1.3 miles in Fall creek trail from Big Ben along the creek, you will find that the path has been completely eroded and there is no way to proceed further. You would have to take a switch back to reach the Truck Trail, then hike thru Ridge Trail and S-Cape Trail to join the fall creek trail back. The switch back is not a well marked trail path and you have to figure it out moving back from the closed path say by .2 miles , this increases the trail distance to 10.3 miles and is not what that has been mentioned.

Went here on Sunday 03/11 with my husband. Hike ended up being closer to 9 miles, but was very enjoyable! I could see it starting to get busier near the falls around 130-2pm but still a very nice hike. Trail is well maintained, and mostly shady.

Amazing foliage

nice chill beautiful hike

So we started our hike going to Cataract Falls, on a weekday. We didn’t see too many people, and by the time we got there the hike wasn’t too difficult. Lots of going downstairs. We kept pushing to go to the lake, and made it. But that’s when the trail became difficult! And we had already hiked 5 miles at this point and it was close to 2:30. We had to summon all our strength to push up hill the last half of the hike, which beame the hard part! At the end, my fit bit said we did over 10 miles! It was worth it and a great accomplishment, but frustrating that the site said 7.5 miles.

So we did this trail backwards which I think I preferred since I hate walking downhill. For all the downhill part of the hike we went uphill which seemed hard to some of my hiking companions. Very nice views and not a lot of hikers on the trail. Couldn't record the entire route; the app was killing my phone while tracking and battery was draining fast.

Loved the trail but there are a TON of stairs. I don’t know that I would call this moderate.. I brought friends and after the first mile up the steep stairs we all wanted to turn back. I wish I knew how to do this hike backwards..

Awesome trail! We started from Bootjack Campground and hiked TCC trail to Cardiac Hill. Amazing views from there!

Absolutely gorgeous trail. Def go right at the start like other people say. However I got done at 8.5 miles not the 7 miles it says but also not the 12 plus miles other people are claiming. I also got 1900ft elevation climb whereas others seem to be different. Weird. If you go right you hit the meadow first then the alpine and then you hit a stunning stream and bridge before you hit the falls. Before the falls I only met one person along the trail. After the falls I met a lot of people. Highly recommended but get there early to avoid the crowds.

One thing to note, the distance reported on Alltrails is off. Here's my GPS recording on Strava which comes to around 10miles ( I went off trail for about 0.5 miles ) https://www.strava.com/activities/1401541303

Lovely hike. Butt burner of a hike :-). Definitely good training if you'r planning for the likes of Half Dome. Shaded, so good for a hot sunny day, stays cool for most part of the hike. Medium to heavy traffic. Half way mark is at the Alpine Lake which is a super quiet area, great for a break/lunch spot. Although the Cataract Falls itself is even more beautiful and serene so you might want to have your snack/lunch there instead.

I ended up only doing Cataract Trail because I got a late start. I made a huge mistake parking at the Rock Spring parking lot instead of the Watershed parking lot. The majority of this trail is on a steep incline, so I ended up starting downhill and ending uphill. It was strenuous but beautiful. I had the trail to myself most of the way out which was really nice. I loved this trail!

1 month ago

Reasonably challenging, fallen trees to climb over or under, the river or creeks are with you most of the way. Beautiful trail.

1 month ago

Great trail. Lots of trees to get cover from the sun.
Lots of stairs to climb.
Tall trees and a creek along the way

Hiked 13.1 mi. Gained 2480ft in elevation.

BEAUTIFUL trails! We went in thinking it was a 7.5 mi 1745ft gain hike but really it's 13 miles with 2480 gain in elevation... I wish this could be edited because we were in for quite a long hike.

Pack lunch and plenty of water! We took this trail in reverse, counter-clockwise. We had lunch at Alpine Lake which took us 1.5 to 2 hours to reach at a steady pace. Most of the way there was downhill so be sure to side-step to save your toes! After the lake we headed to the waterfalls which was all on an uphill incline, and then the trail back to our car was on a heavy incline as well (lots of stairs) with the last leg (about 0.9mi) being a flat meadow. Be prepared to work!

Even though we hiked 5 miles more and gained 700ft more than this says in elevation it was well worth the work! Our feet and legs were doggone dead LOL but it was so freakin gorgeous out! We saw lots of butterflies, different birds, and salamanders on a warm Feb day!

Not really a heavy trafficed trail. Plenty of shade, lots of great vista points to see.

1 month ago

Pretty good trail, for first half of the trail there’s a beautiful stream on your left clear and clean water!
The canopies on these trails and big trunk trees give you the feeling of Lilliputians in the land of giants :)

Not too many people, so if you want to do this solo ... you have complete privacy! But if you want to go with friends, absolutely fun uninhibited.

Absolutely loved the weather on feb 3rd, moderate and the sun was out. Couldn’t record the complete trail due to phone issues, but the round trip would take you about 3-4 hours with short 10min breaks every hour.

Hiked 13.2 miles
Gained 2142 ft elevation

Featured: Waterfall(s), meadow(s), vista(s)

Trail: Well maintained in most areas, legible trail markers (albeit confusing at times) most areas have no signal (pay attention to alltrails map) free parking (ticketed after sunset and locked in), the actual trail is 7.3 miles (begin on the right trail because you will head down hill and end your hike on even ground rather than reverse) relatively isolated in back areas. A beautiful place to star gaze and climb trees. Moderate/hard. (we took every wrong way possible. lol)

1 month ago

Love this hike! You’ll have beautiful views of the creek as you go alongside it for almost half the hike. Lots of great stopping points along the way if you wanna take a break for a lunch in the woods! Muir Woods now require reservations for parking or the shuttle, so plan accordingly.

Lovely place after a rainy day!

Beautiful trail with river and redwood trees.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! Got to see two Banana slugs and Big Ben.

loved it

trail running
2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful trail for hiking or trail running. The creek in the bottom is such a treat!!

2 months ago

Great hike. Get there early to avoid the crowds. Not an experienced hiker, but was was able to navigate through trail fairly well. If you love the Redwoods and all that it has to offer, you’ll love this hike.

2 months ago

Absolutely beautiful forest with a crystal clear creek providing a lovely soundtrack. )The limestone kilns are pretty cool as well.) This is one of the prettiest forests I’ve seen. Pack a nice lunch and maybe your journal or book -there are many places whee you can step off the trail and just enjoy the setting.

Good moderate uphill or downhill the whole

note the directions that are given, the road was closed to where the trail head started so you ha e to park across from that road and walk about 1.5 uphill or so up the road. then you hit the trail. which is great if you make sure you have plenty of time. we started around 1:30, thinking 3.5 hours as the other hikers said would be fine. well we had to turn around at 5.1 miles in (that includes the road hike to the trail head)so that we would make it out of there by dark . we busted ass back up the stairs we thought we would never have to walk up after walking down them. just make sure to give yourself plenty of time!!

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