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Love love love this place! This time of year there were hardly anyone, very peaceful.

17 days ago

Did this hike years ago and is still one of my all time favorite hikes. Quite easy, but spent a couple hours meandering and looking at the trees

Easy trail with educational stops. Great weather.

Wondeful woods! Easy hike, and well marked

Beautiful hike. I was only bummed because there was not a brochure that told us about the number.

Ferns and fallen trees make the forrst floor lush and beautiful. This is a Great trail to wander and take your time.

Great hike

Was fun because you got a tour sheet which told you where to stop and gave you a blurb.

Very flat, easy to do. Would suggest

LOVE! You have to do this! We went and there was nobody there and it was gorgeous :)

1 month ago

Came here on a Wednesday @2pm. becomes "off road" about 3 miles before the trail head. Unfortunately, my scion xb wouldn't make it to the head (due to "creek" more like puddle) all the way so we parked about a little over a mile before getting to the head. My friend and I didn't mind at all, it made the hike a little longer. The actual hike was beautiful, where good shoes, and take a camera. :)

1 month ago

Loved it! This has to be the most beautiful place I've ever been too! I spent a week in the Redwoods and I made sure to hit this trail twice :)

1 month ago

Absolutely beautiful hike. Short and easy, but the trees in the grove are an amazing sight to behold.

Awesome for family spent a long time here, great meander through the woods. Snuck down to the river- lots of surface action. Grabbing rod.

If you want to mix it up from just viewing Redwood trees I’d say this is a must do. While there were footbridges in place, and well placed rocks/logs, just plan on getting your feet wet. The trail makes a loop and returns via the forest on top of the canyon but I think most people do it as an out and back through the canyon as that’s the most interesting part. It’s a bit of a drive on a winding gravel road through the trees to get here, and it’s a day use fee area (unless you have a parks pass or other), but it’s worth it for this hike and the secluded stretch of coast.

1 month ago

I hiked this yesterday and it was a great hike. Lots of cool little information stops along the way with a cool history to the trail. I also took my 5 year old son with me, so very kid friendly. He loved it and even got into the creek at the end. Definitely worth the stop.

1 month ago

Enjoyable short trail. I found the directions from this site to the trailhead accurate to be accurate, park across the road. Mile marker 7.07 is right there on 199, but you can't see it if you're coming from the coast. The parking area is right at Myrtle Creek. Most of the elevation gain of the trail is right at the beginning, and then it runs fairly straight and level, eventually drawing alongside the creek. Some of the interpretive trail markers are missing are otherwise damaged, but some are informative. Number 15 is marked "End" and just past it the trail splits. One runs down to the creek and the other goes on further alongside, quickly becoming more of an advanced trail, less clearly defined with more obstacles. I don't think it goes too much further. On the way back, in between stop 9 and 8 you can see another trail split off to the left and run down in the direction of the creek. Looked like a fairly clear trail, I didn't follow it, but I think it would likely provide access to the creek at another point. Fairly shady throughout. I saw only one tiny flower (in late September) but overall everything was lush and green with a wide variety of plants. Tons of other hikes in the area. This one's a perfect warm up, great to walk early with a big travel mug of coffee.

Very nice easy stroll beautiful

Great little loop. Try to hike this during the winter or spring when the creek has some good flow going. But if you find yourself down here during the fall head up to Albee campground and pick some apples growing in the south field. Many other trails to jump off on and hike around. This part of the park is a real treasure.

We spent far longer than expected here! It was a very popular trail. Totally flat after a small paved incline to parking lot. We explored lots of small off shoot trails that were less travelled but still well kept.
Drive in is a single lane gravel road but has lots of turn outs for passing safely.

2 months ago

Travel to planet Endor, land of the Ewoks, where scenes in Star Wars Return of the Jedi were filmed. Listen for the sounds of the speed racers as you hike!

Just an amazing hike with every step a picture perfect opportunity. Very family friendly but like others have mentioned, water shoes or waterproof hiking boots are a good idea. Don’t go in a hurry, and enjoy natures artwork.

Easy, but beautiful!

Good to walk :)

I'd definitely do again mostly for the river. we took our swimsuits and sandals and pottered down the river watching fish and skimming stones. Be careful of the algae, avoid areas with a lot in (particularly with children). Be aware there is very little shade on the banks so bring an umbrella or sun cream. wouldn't call this a hike but a nice walk.

trail was fine. lots of traffic and the parking lot was atrocious. once you got on the trail it was fine though. self guided tour was pretty cool also. this is a super easy introductory hike. take your friends who don't hike kind of hike.

Beautiful, peaceful, flat, family friendly trail. So glad we stopped here and saw these trees.

So beautiful! A must see!

Beautiful, peaceful, easy hike! Well worth the drive back to the trailhead. My husband and I did this hike at 0900 and were the only ones around. Wear waterproof shoes/sandals as your feet will get wet. They filmed a scene from The Lost World Jurassic Park here if that excites you as well.

nice trail , water very low in river.

lots of big Redwoods and easy pull outs if you want to drive slower and enjoy. black errors on the side of the road near the top, and a few trail heads. great scenic drive. for even more break off down Mattole Road and there is a lovely loop a mile before Albee campground

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