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Red Ruver Gorge Map

Always a great hike!

One of my favorite trails all year round! It’s great to get an understanding of the red river gorge’s varying landscape, seeing both high elevation points at double arch and auxier ridge, and low elevation points along the trail. It’s great for dogs too, but bring plenty of water for them during the summer as the ridge can get really hot and you will need some extra water to cool your furfriends down. This is also a great hike for those who enjoy KY native vegetation and seeing all the different types of trees/bushes that cover this land.

7 days ago

Great hike! Make sure you bring water, because on the way back you'll want it after going up a couple staircases and inclines. Easy to follow trail. We did it with 3 of our kids ages 7-11, and they enjoyed it.

14 days ago

Love this place

16 days ago

It was easy to get along the wrong trail but once the correct trail was found it was a great hike with great views! We went down the staircase because we missed the first turn. Going up would probably have been much easier. Wear shoes with good traction!

Great less-populated trail if you’re looking for a nice hike but don’t need to see spectacular views. We got lost at one point so keep an eye out for the trail marker diamonds. If you don’t see any for awhile, you’re off the trail even if you’re on what looks like a trail.

A short and steep approach with a scramble to a panoramic view. There are two options at the top to reach the lookout. First is a scramble through a water-carved seam with the aid of a rope (the more popular option). Second is off to the right where you will find the entrance to a cave. Instead of entering, make your way up the rock scramble with the help of a large tree root system. Have fun.

Kind of a disappointment. TONS of forest views to a clearing. View didn’t really pay off and the area was Closed for revegetation.

24 days ago

This was a very pretty and diverse trail. So much to look at . However I don’t know who makes the judgement calls on how to label a trail with easy, moderate or hard . I’m a very active person and not new to hiking . Personally I believe this trail should at listed as moderate to hard .
There is a lot of steep hills all along the trail.

Our hike ended up being about 8.5 miles. We did Auxier Trail to Courthouse Rock to Double Arch and took the gravel road back to the parking lot.

Completed this hike today with mostly inexperienced hikers who received a fresh introduction to the art of scrambling. It was difficult, or “Hard” as the rating says. However, the views and vantage points were spectacular and rewarding! I should add that the group of inexperienced hikers that accompanied me have more perseverance and resourcefulness than most beginners. That being said, I do NOT recommend this hike for beginners.

25 days ago

Great hike in and out. Red River Gorgeous views

This trail was beautiful. It took us an hour and 50 minutes to complete. We would highly recommend it.

Great rock formations and plants make this an amazingly interesting trail. If you’re in shape it’s not difficult at all, and it’s well marked at all intersections. But be careful to avoid informal hiker-created side trails. There are many high cliffs in the dense undergrowth not far from the trail.

28 days ago

A beautiful, shaded hike that leads to gorgeous Kentucky hills views. Plenty of lookouts along the sides of the trail, and an amazing one at the very end.

28 days ago

The views on this backpacking trip are some of the best I've seen in The Red. You get to appreciate all its aspects from above, the climbing, the hiking, the forests, the arches, all can be found here on this well rounded trip.

Fun family backpacking trip up to views of The Red and all the way down into its valleys to enjoy all aspects of one of Kentucky's greatest treasures. It was so peaceful to camp in the valley next to a bubbling creek that flowed by. Rejuvenating!

28 days ago

On a family backpacking trip through The Red, we saw Star Gap Arch's name and just had to go see it, since my name is Starr. Now, I may be biased, but Star Gap Arch is my favorite. You can walk above and below the arch to enjoy all aspects of nature's sculpture.

awesome trail.

Been going to the Gorge for years and never hiked to Hanson's Point until now. As others have said it's a fairly easy hike but the secondary trail going off 221 is tight. This is a place I would definitely recommend and look forward to visiting again.

Pretty hard hike, but so worth it! It was much fun!

Loved this trail! The beginning is pretty steep, but definitely manageable. When you get toward the top its gets a bit difficult. My boyfriend and I brought our puppy, so he couldn’t walk the whole way up. Luckily he is only 3 lbs. so we could pass him back and forth and catapulted him down between the rocks. Definitely would not take a dog alone, but its possible with two people who are comfortable handling the dog. The view was incredible!

It’s such a beautiful view

Great hike, totally recommend. We had difficulty finding it the first couple times we went, and if you ask the park rangers they will not tell you how to get there, but we did get lucky with one ranger who told us exactly, and it was great fun.

1 month ago

No words for this trail. Had an amazing time.

Great trail, nice way to catch both the Indian Staircase and Cloud Splitter in a single loop.

Drastic Incline but worth the views.

1 month ago

This fantastic trail offers amazing views and interesting views of rock formations, I can wait to go back after the leaves change colors. Saw the biggest rattle snake I have ever seen after climbing up a set of rock stairs, at least 5 feet long. I would not recommend children under 8 on this trail as it gets very narrow with massive drop offs toward the end.

Pretty decent hike. The staircase is not part of the official trails so we had to check the map a couple of times because we got a bit lost. Other than that was pretty easy. We had some nice views but the staircase itself was not that overwhelming.

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