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I had so much fun on this trail. I followed the river bed all the way up, I hiked this trail for 4 hours . The water falls was amazing. Saw a deer with large antlers.

This trail was very challenging. Took me 3 hours to get to the top. At the top was a canister with a notebook filled with names of people who did the trail. Definitely will do this trail again.

It takes some leg work and much climbing. Overall good hike!

Great hike,

Great hike, but for me it was more strenuous than moderate. The last half mile is a steep climb. The pour-off had just a little water coming down it. Great photography spot! Highlight though was seeing a huge black bear going up and then again coming down.

on Calico Tanks Trail

12 days ago

This is a fine hike, nothing spectacular, except for the view near the end of the trail. OK for families with kids.

Beautiful views at the top. Not very difficult if you use common sense.

A great trail that has a view making it worth it. in the early spring you might see some water in the tank itself.

Very good challenge!

Beautiful area. Trails are easy to get off course though. Second time we have done this and not exactly finished it because we got off course.

17 days ago

Great trail for families. Easy and fun for the kids

A nice hike with wonderful views of Las Vegas and the Red Rock Canyon. I was disappointed in the various trail markers that got confusing and/or over-abundant (too many people marking it up).. I would do this hike again

18 days ago

Fantastic trail with wonderful views of Las Vegas, Red Rock Canyon and the La Madre Mountains. A variety of terrain, great views along the way and a terrific endpoint at the peak make this a fun and interesting trail.

20 days ago

I never thought of myself as someone who would climb up and over rocks. For the most part we followed footprints when it was unclear where the trail was. I think we took the hard way a good bit, but we had fun and it is great view all the way to the top. We were not disappointed.

Great trail, little hard to know which way to go up and down the rocks but amazing, fun & gorgeous!

21 days ago

Straightforward going up, but a little tricky in the descent. As you go up, keep a sense as to the route you took, as when descending it is possible to lose perspective as to the "best" way down! Such a wonderful hike, though!

22 days ago

Most challenging hike for me to date. when you get to the top, that's the reward! I felt amazing conquering this lil mountain!

23 days ago

It’s easy to get off trail. We got off trail for most of the hike, especially when we climbed up the canyon. I’m not sure where the end is, I think we got there (we climbed until we couldn’t climb anymore without injuring ourselves lol)

My dog and 6 year old were able to climb through with ease (and FUN!), but I would recommend this trail for more nimble-bodied creatures.

It was REALLY cold (November 28), so I suggest to wear long sleeves, full pants and something on your ears.

Very incredible views! Definitely worth it.

27 days ago

Nice views, fun trail

Path is very well mark. The scramble is well worth it for the view down to Vegas.

28 days ago

Very beautiful

This hike is very challenging. There is a ton of scrambling up rocks, loose gravel and steep terrain. Thank plenty of water and use dots that are sprayed on the side of the rocks to get to the ridgeline. Overall, the view is totally worth it.

Saw a coyote and a large flock of quail! Pretty hike.

Stay to the left at the end and keep climbing, excellent views of the strip.

1 month ago

I’ve done this hike almost a dozen times, it’s my favorite to bring friends to when they come visit Vegas. The rock scrambling and lack of clear path makes it very dynamic, and the views both during and at the very end are just amazing. There’s a rock I just lay down on at the very end, letting me cloud gaze while getting the best view of the city. Best trail honestly.

Not too challenging! Beautiful views!

1 month ago

Short Steep Hike - lots of fun, but bring 30-40% more water than you think you need (We did this in November when it was 80 and still ran out of water on way back). I wouldn't recommend doing this in the summer unless you start before sunrise.

Follow the markings once the trail becomes less clear, they are painted on the rocks. The general path stays low near gully, on the left side. If you are FAR left on that hill, you are off the path. Have fun and take pictures!

5 star hike, perfect hike to go with your family or amateurs hikers. Nice views at the end of the trail.

1 month ago

Crappy trail. We enjoyed the hike but I'm not convinced you can follow this trail. We were three experienced hikers who got off this trail a few times and ended up off the trail before turning around and returning. The only highlight was coming off the trail and diverting down along the edge of the canyon on the way back.

Also, really ticked that the visitors center is behind a paid entrance.

This was really fun with a diverse trail and surroundings. I like others, recommend going counter-clockwise and up the wash. There is a few spots to scramble going up and some beautiful rocks and views along the way!!

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