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Gorgeous hike. Don’t leave anything in your car though. Ours got broken into even though nothing was showing.

After the couple days of rain the trail was great starting out with the dogs and baby on my back in the backpack. 3miles into the hike we decided to turn around because the water in the stream got to high for us to hike through. In January it’s cold, so hiking with the wet weather and baby isn’t a good idea. Other than that we could’ve done the full hike in the loop. Pretty cool trail for pictures!

Really fun. Dogs are allowed, but it is very hard on their feet. Every time I go, I see a dog with bloody paws, so I would not recommend bringing them unless you have booties or are planning on carrying them much of the way.

1 day ago

We ended up starting from the Kraft Mtn parking lot on the advice of friends and scrambling over the red rocks to join this trail, then coming back on the trail as marked on all trails, wrapping around the red rocks and back to our car. Really loved that route as the rock scramble part was gorgeous and fun. The rest of the trail is lovely too, winds through a canyon with ever changing colorful rock formations. Went in January and it was hot- bring plenty of water.

Amazing 360 viewpoint. I highly recommand

off trail
2 days ago

The hike was easy at first as long as you take the path. We decided to take different route from the path and went of course. We found lots of water trail coming from the creek. Did not really see the waterfall.

My favorite hike at Red Rock so far. It is fairly easy with only a small amount of low-level scrambling in some places. I've seen small dogs and 9ish year olds complete this trail so it's not too challenging.

In the spring, got lucky and saw big horn sheep traversing the walls around us. There were two ewes and a lamb!

Just be careful in winter when the snow makes the rocks slippery and be mindful of the water during the thaw or heavy rain.

I love hiking. I also love Las Vegas. Normally I don’t like to mix the two. However, my girlfriend was insistent we “get off the strip for fresh air” so we selected this trail.

Don’t underestimate it like I did (with jeans and a Vegas hangover). It’s only 5ish miles but hikes like longer. Views on the top are incredible and worth every second. I’m very glad I did it. Although most in the hiking community are incredibly friendly, we met some extra fun people along the way. We also decided that every Vegas trip going forward will include one of the Red Rock Canyon hikes.


First mile and a half was fairly simple to navigate and not too steep. Most people out of shape would likely struggle but if you hike, run or lift weights regularly, you’ll be fine.

Once you reach the actual mountain side, complete with switchbacks, the app will come in handy for anyone (like myself) newer to hiking, as it’s very easy to go much tougher, dangerous ways [I experienced on my way down]. There are occasional rocks with orange/blue/white spraypaint on them but it’s easy to create risky, steep routes to get to the next one if you’re not experienced. I met 2 young ladies who started at the same time but I only saw them at the top 30minutes later because they went off trail. The app allowed me to check that I wasn’t going way off. Overall, my ankles were definitely tested as the simplicity of Calico Tanks did not compare to these unforgiving angles uphill.

After lots of gravel areas, you’ll near the peak and it becomes easier to follow as the brown, treaded soil is visible. Breathtaking views await you atop. You can see the strip and all mountain tops within your eye’s reach due to the +6000ft elevation. Open the canister and sign the visitor log if it fancies you.

Coming down is partly fun, partly nerveracking due to the ease of no longer climbing but increase in slipperyness. Beware those with any knee discomfort. Hopefully you’re good at backtracking. My phone died at the summit due to the GPS draining battery so I decided to follow others once I noticed myself jumping/dropping down while they were just walking down it 10 meters beside me.

4 days ago

One of the must do trails in Red Rock!

4 days ago

One of the must do trails in Red Rock!

Couldn’t make it the whole way due to heavy rain. Saw quite a few waterfalls along the way.

great hike, loved the rain and the over cast. clean and quiet

Nice view from the top

First time on this trail today!! New favorite!!!

This was a great trail! My boyfriend and I took our dog and she loved it! There was a lot of people around the entrance and everywhere in general but you still felt away from the busy city.

9 days ago

I went Jan 12 @ 11:30am. It was a bit cloudy, no rain though. I'm not an experienced hiker and went solo.

Plenty of parking when I went, but I can see it being packed pretty quickly. I don't know if I fell off the trail, but I was following it and eventually went up some boulders and got lost. I remember reading it's supposed to be 2-3 hours, took me 4 1/2 to get back to my car. I never found the waterfall, but got some great pictures. There were two people scaling the mountain which I thought was crazy, but you can see that they had the proper equipment and were experienced but really great to see. A bit of poop, nothing crazy though. Definitely has cactus everywhere. Not much wildlife, found a creek though. Ill try again to find this waterfall and maybe not get lost. It was very easy to navigate back to your car though because of the landscape.

Park at Quarry and begin your route. It is not the best marked but when you start stay along the riverbed and turn toward the red rock. Lots of people to follow and nice hike.
Do not be fooled there are lots of rocks and other items to scamper over and at the top you will have to scamper to the end. The view is cool. Worth the time.

10 days ago

Nice Hike! Lots a boulders different sizes, different ways up and down the trail, you can hear the water fall as your approach the end. Lots of shrubs and tall trees through to help support along with huge boulders to climb.

10 days ago

absolutely gorgeous hike. we saw lots of interesting flora and the absolute quiet in the canyon was so astounding. the trail was so fun to scramble thru up and around. there was a great little water fall at the end of the trail, but the trail itself was more scenic than the endpoint. I would definetly recommend to people who are up for the scramble. I wouldn't recommend for those with young children

I enjoyed this trail. It had a variety of terrains.

Great trail with a bunch of scrambling and bouldering. Can be made easier by following side trails but where’s the fun in that?

Definitely worth it to finish the hike by climbing up the small water fall at the end.

Great view at the top. Sicking to the left during the climb and following the trail markers will make the climb easier.

We made the mistake of going to the right and ended up doing a difficult scramble to get the the saddle of the peak.

The registry at the top has some great comments. Definitely worth the effort.

Perfectly moderate difficulty trail. There are some side paths that can make it more difficult but the main path is very pleasant.

11 days ago

Went totally off trail just to get a good scramble in before work. Got a great view/light muscle warm-up in a short amount of time. Will be going back soon to stay on the actual trail...

Hiked on 12/28/19 - windy conditions, temp high 30s, sunny

Make sure to have extra layers if there's wind, it can cut through the canyon and feel quite cool if you're out of the sun. Beautiful view out to Las Vegas at the top (scramble up the rocks to get the best unimpeded view of the strip) and a straightforward hike. Trail is easy to follow and has only moderate climbs. Great trail for anyone of any fitness level, short and sweet with a great view.

15 days ago

Fun rock scramble, waterfall is awesome at the end, however if your hiking it in the dark make sure not to lose the trail (pretty easy to get off the trail and lost in the dark :)

Great hike. Completed today and the cold weather made it even better. Not technical just be cautious with the loose sand making rocks slippery.

A bit more than moderate.

18 days ago

Enjoyable hike for beginners. Cool view at the end.

Only rated 4 instead of 5 because I found it much easier than "moderate", thus this is innacurately rated imo. I have almost zero hiking experience. Very little difficulty if you are slightly fit and an average height. Saw many kids on the trail. The majority of it could be jogged.

Approx. 55min. up taking breaks, waiting for someone, but I think I could complete the uptrek in 40 if I went at my own pace the whole time. Minimal scrambling/decline slopes.

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