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Red River Gorge / Daniel Boone Nat'l Forest Map
46 minutes ago

Beautiful hike! Trail was easy to find. First gravel road on the left just past the turn off the the laurel lake spill way. Go about 2 miles down the gravel road. You will see a small parking area to the right inside a curve. Trail starts along the creek. We hike 3 miles in just past the newly built bridge across the creek down the a cascading waterfall in the creek. Will definitely be going back to this trail.

Love this trail. If you’re in for the work, then this is your trail. From passing creeks to bridges. To climbing rocks and going up inclines, this trail has it all. Good scenery and plenty of trail to keep a hiker satisfied. Hope you enjoy! Be safe, be cautious, and let’s not forget; be adventurous!

Great hike, challenging but worth the effort. We went counter clockwise as it starts heading towards the arch, which makes this a loop and not an out and back. Arch is great, If you go out there be sure to climb to the top and enjoy the nice 360 vista view. From there headed towards Courthouse Rock. Can be climbed to the summit but a fall would likely be fatal. Aux Ridge is spectacular, with several great views along the way. Pack a few snacks and plenty of water. T

I ❤️ this trail!

Fun. I personally like the eagle's nest trail.

6 days ago

great trail with rewarding views. connect it with auxier ridge trail to get a much longer and more rewarding hike

gorgeous trail but do not skip out on going down into the gorge like some people do. you will miss some gorgeous scenery

This place is beautiful! I will definitely be back! The walk down was very easy! The out a little bit more as all down/ups can be. So worth the hike! It was very crowded being the height of fall foliage. The water was surprisingly not as cold as expected! Oddly, most folks including my electrical devices froze and lost power trying to take pictures of Rock Bridge?!? Can not wait to go back in warm weather! Kids are welcome if you must... I love meeting the fur babies along the way(psst bring the doggies they’ll love it!)

As a Kentuckian, Natural Bridge is obviously a hallmark too us! Love natural bridge!

9 days ago

This was my first trail in RRG. Nice intro to what the area has to offer, but probably will want to connect with other trails in the vicinity to get the full experience. There was a really beautiful section overlooking a plateau that looked like a perfect camping spot.

I took Rock Garden to the north and then looked back around to connect up with the natural bridge, finishing by taking the Balanced Rock trail to the south. Surprisingly very little foot traffic on Rock Garden, take Balanced Rock down from the Natural Bridge if you want to avoid going up the stairs.

My absolute favorite trail! I didn’t notice any litter on my hike, as others have stated. It’s just the right elevation to get your heart pumping but the waterfall is perfect. My dogs and I enjoyed cooling off. Steps can be slippery when wet but this is one I would do over and over if time allowed.

Excellent in all categories, except heavily trafficked. Litter along the trail is inevitable, so carry a trash bag.

There is an easy way and a hard way. To take the easier path, you drive around the loop in the parking area to the back side. There are 2 entrances to this trail and the one in the back was WAY easier for my parents, ages 66 and 68. We brought our 3 kids. Ages 2, 7, and 10 they did great. Waterfall is fantastic. Definitely worth the hike. The water was a bit low, which was awesome because we were able to climb down and walk around in it.

Awesome, good climb.

My fav trail in rrg

NOT an OFFROAD drivng trail, Hiking ONLY!

Great hike to a gorgeous little waterfall. I’d rate it somewhere between easy and moderate. Will definitely go again!

22 days ago

Agree with everyone who says the first 1.25 mi isn't too exciting. Its an easy walk with minimal elevation change down a gravel road, however, there are still some good views along the way and in mid to late October, during peak leaf change the trees are magnificent. The last mile weaves through ldt and has some decent elevation change. The arch at the end and the view if give is worth it. Going to the top of the arch is icing on the cake.

Majestic Views
Challenging trail

Great views. If camping in the valley between courthouse rock and double arch, watch for flash flooding. It’s obvious that parts of the trail would be inaccessible during rainy days. Although no rain during my stay, it was impossible to keep the fire going with everything being so damp. Great hike. I’ll return! The only complaint is that it’s definitely a popular trail, but it’s obvious why. The parking lot fills up quickly, and we had to park on the side of the road a ways down and walk to the trailhead.

Great Views! Definitely worth the drive!

Always a great hike!

This trail was awesome. was a little populated but the views were totally worth it. I would def recommend checking it out! Daniel Boone is beautiful in general.

Was there during Labor Day so it had a theme park feel with all the people. Disappointed by all the trash. View was awesome and lots of places to rest on the way up.

Love this place

1 month ago

I did this solo as a loop connecting a few other trails (trails listed at bottom of review). This hike was actually a little over 8 miles long. All Trails app locked up on me while hiking (it tends to do that with a bad data connection). The loop doesn't have a tremendous amount of beautiful vista's like other hikes in RRG. But if you like quiet, and solitude, this is a great workout during the weekdays. Saw only one couple the entire time.

Although this was not "technically" challenging per se, it was certainly a tough workout! The Rough Trail/Sheltowee Trace section, along with the entirety of Buck Trail are really up and down, with steep elevation change. Buck Trail feels like it will never stop on your quads! Now I know why the uphill sections are nicknamed "Buck You" lol. Koomer Ridge Trail is quite tame until the very end when you decend into Chimney Top Creek. Keep in mind, I'm 330lbs and 41y/o, so what is challenging for me may not be for you.

Koomer Ridge Trail #220 to Rough Trail #221 to Pinchem Tight Trail #223 to Buck Trail #226 back to Koomer Ridge Trail #220.

Note: Rough Trail #221 & The Sheltowee Trace #100 run together on this hike for a little.

it was beautiful! nice ascent to the top, good workout, loved the view

1 month ago

Not exactly picturesque, but a nice easy trail. Some spots trees falling made it a little easy to lose the path, but nothing alarming.

1 month ago

This was a very pretty and diverse trail. So much to look at . However I don’t know who makes the judgement calls on how to label a trail with easy, moderate or hard . I’m a very active person and not new to hiking . Personally I believe this trail should at listed as moderate to hard .
There is a lot of steep hills all along the trail.

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