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12 days ago

Looking for a party to exchange keys with, leaving from East Rosebud Lake heading to Cooke City from July 31 thru Aug 5 of 2018. If interested please contact Jim @ jkidwell9@cox.net.

1 month ago

Looking for a party to exchange keys with at the trail heads of the Beaten Path in latter August of 2018. Contact Dennis @: dennisroach509@gmail.com

1 month ago

We left "The Dead Indian Creek Trail", and stayed overnight in Cooke City. We then started on the Cooke City side. Parking was plenty. There is zero parking cost, part they are not responsible for any damage or theft to your vehicle. There is a picnic area here, along with a toilet. Beautiful waterfall, and neat history if you just wanted to see a roadside stop. We backpacked to Rock Island lake. Our campground was gorgeous, along with the view. It was not a bad jaunt, if you are looking for a quick place for experience. We had a huge moose walk passed our hammocks at about 3:00 a.m. The stomps were amazing, on top of waking up scared as hell knowing there was that huge animal passing by. We woke up to see him still in the lake splashing. Simply Amazing. I would love to come back and actually do the trail itself. We were told we were making a mistake going this time of year because mosquitos just hatched. THEY WERE NOT LYING. Being from Minnesota, we thought we were used to them. They were unbelievable, although with the proper clothing, never really were bitten. We were also told we would hit a lot of snow....we had a few patches but nothing to really even walk on.

Should have brought snowshoes. But it was a beautiful hike for me, my sweetie & our labs.

Great trail. Beautiful views and lots of little bridges. My young lab puppy did well on this.

Beautiful day hike, left early and no one was around for most of the day. Right before getting to the first lake is kind of a when the heck am I going to get there feeling then you pop over a little crest and there it is! There's a few very decayed cabins along the route, I'm a big fan of abandoned buildings so that was fun. One of my favorite hikes in the Beartooths.

It’s an easy out and back, especially if bringing kids along. The trail starts behind a campground, it was confusing to find at first because there are multiple trails that start from this campground, one leads to palisade trail and the other is this one. Overall a fun hike, super easy elevation and my dog loved the creek. There is some snow towards the end of the hike, did not see any wildlife.

Great trail with wonderful lakes! Definitely go when there is snow as it makes the mountains look so much more beautiful!

awesome trail, great up and down terrain, beautiful views, nice cardio, loved it!

pretty, restrooms, parking, short walk but nice little lake

5 months ago

Beyond gorgeous hike!! The views were amazing. There was a fair amount of snow today for the last 3/4 of a mile to the lake. With the seasons changing, hiking boots and warm socks are recommended. Sneakers might not cut it!

Such a great hike. Incredibly beautiful and a wonderful was to spend 2-3 hours. Great spots for photos. It's uphill to the lake but it's pretty gradual and not difficult. Trail is well maintained. The road going in used to be rough but it was graded and is now a breeze.

Hike here or die knowing you missed out. The most beautiful trail from beginning to end, with very little difficulty.

Beautiful. Felt so good to soak our feet in the gorgeous lake.

6 months ago

Lost Lake is a great trail, although can be hard to find if you don't know what you're looking for. If you make it to the bridge that is approximately 5 miles in, you have gone TOO far. The lost lake trail is about 300 yards before the bridge on the left. It is not marked, but is pretty well defined. It is a short (10 minutes or less) hike upwards, and then you stumble upon the lake. If you are walking back from the bridge, the trail will be on your right. Lake fork trail is beautiful! And there is water along the way so you don't have to worry about pups getting too hot. It is an equine trail, however, so make note of that if horse poo bothers you.

For the more adventurous spirits, if you are looking at the bridge there is a trail that goes off to your LEFT. (there are also some nice campsites to the left). That trail to the left goes through dense forest, and is at times primitive and not well defined (fallen trees, trail disappears in places, etc.) when you make it through the forest you will reach a BIG boulder field - my pup could not make it up the boulder field. Keep right and keep low, and there is a trail on the other side of the creek. Cairns will also direct you UP the boulder field directly, but this is a more difficult way. Stick to the right and follow the trail up the creek and eventually doing a boulder field scramble. This leads to Black Canyon Lake - a hidden gem!

Love the Red Lodge area.

Easy one day hike. Seems to be well traveled, although it was labor day weekend

Loved this hike. Great trail, I personally loved the lower lake the Lilly pads where adorable, the upper lake was very nice too. the upper lake would be great fishing. one of my top 3 favorite hikes of the summer. I will be going back soon ♡

Beautiful forested trail running by the creek. Well shaded. Gentle climb. Good access to water the whole way for dogs. Went on a Saturday and started at 10 am- saw 20 people the way out and at least twice that coming back but still had trail to ourselves most the hike. Beautiful lake at the end. We went to Lost Lake- our trackers have us at 11 miles round trip.

One of the most beautiful hikes you will ever go on. Just loved it.
Gravel road to get there. Trail well marked easy to follow. Anyone in decent shape can do. Being bear bells and or spray.
We went to the far end of the lake, 8 mile round trip. Elevation not difficult, flatlanders can do.
It was stunning and remote and perfect. We saw no other people the whole time.

This was a really nice trail. Well maintained. I'm going to grade everything on a flatlander curve for difficulty- I live in Ohio and am in moderate shape (can run 3-5 miles without stopping). I agree for this area this is a moderate hike- for someone from out east I would rate it moderately hard. The whole first 3 miles (to Lower lake only) is uphill and there are quite a few steeper switchbacks. Also very gravelly, so easy to slip going up or down. The Lower lake was as far as we made it- it started to cloud over then storm so we had to turn back. The lower lake is not that remarkable, so if the weather is good and you are fit go up to the upper. Would definitely do again. Good for dogs also. Started at 8:30 saw only one other couple until we headed back down, very peaceful. No bears! Don't hike this if you aren't in decent shape.

Great hike! Definitely look forward to doing it again. We got up early and hit the trail by nine the whole way up and getting to the lake we were by ourselves, coming back down we ran into 15-20 people all headed up. Definitely worth the day trip.

6 months ago

Was a tough hike. Beautiful trail. constant climb. There is a shortcut almost at the end. We took it. Saves you about 1.5 miles. on the way back we went the long way. it was an amazing view on top. caught 15 golden trout. stayed 2 nights. We had a wonderful time.

6 months ago

Great senior citizen warm up hike! Awesome Montana scenery! Hiked out/back to the Bridge, approx 10 miles - no Lost Lake sign in sight! Would be nice to have at least minimal signage!

6 months ago

Disregard my previous post. I'm looking at a satellite image and can see that there is apparently a spur that runs south off the main trail to Lost Lake sometime well before you get to the bridge. I think I may have seen this trail but there was no sign.

6 months ago

I enjoyed the hike but found the trail a bit confusing. As you push west along the creek you come to a bridge at about the 5-mile mark. I crossed the bridge and headed up the ridge for about 20-30min then came to a Y in the trail which was signed leading you further along the same ridge or dropping down to Keyser Brown Lake. Where was Lost Lake ? Other than this issue, I enjoyed the hike although it ended up at just over 12-miles. Any help/advice is appreciated !

Simply an amazing hike! We started from the Cooke City side and seriously appreciated the downhill to East Rosebud. Spent a few extra days and took our time. 4 days, 3 nights. Tossed the tent down at Ozul, Lake at the Falls and Elk Lake. Ozul was amazing, lots of places to camp on the west die of the trail. The hike up past Emil Lake and Fossil Lake was incredible. Lake at the Falls was a fluke. We weren't planning on staying there, but it's where we ran out of steam. Hard to find a place near the lake, but still amazing. The hike from Lake at the Falls to Elk Lake is great too. Keep your eyes open for raspberries!

Pay attention to the weather, got caught in a few thunderstorms the first day. Be prepared...the skeeters were big enough to carry you off. Lots of bug spray!

We loved this hike!! The first lake is further than the signage. 2.96 was what our gps said. The second lake was about 1 1/4 miles further but well worth the effort. It was pristine and so pretty. Definitely will do this again. Coming down was hard on the knees but doable.

6 months ago

Really lovely hike--pretty views and the rivers/creeks, waterfall and wild raspberries kept it interesting for my kids. The kids did great though my 6 year old slipped a few times coming down (it's a pretty rocky trail). I think actual hiking boots would be better. Didn't have time to make it to the second lake. Hopefully next time.

lovely walk. could be a great 5 mile look for running. took my mother that is not big into hiking yet and she loved it. there is a short cut to make it a e mile loop, we opted for that just so she didn't get too tired in the end. Very Leisurely and enjoyable.

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