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Agree with the comment directly below me, the trail is VERY muddy right now don't underestimate it. Hiking boots preferred but my friend did it in Nike's and made it! 10/10 worth it though, beautiful falls and very full right now due to all the rain.

Beautiful falls, very full right now. Trail is pretty muddy in spots though and sometimes huge puddles take up the entire width of the trail, so I would suggest hiking boots at this time!

There are still small patches of snow on sides of the road, but most snow is melted and you can get to trailhead just fine. The falls is absolutely beautiful! Out of Spirit, Pinard and Moon, Moon is definitely my favorite! The first part of the trail is pretty muddy, but the second half isn’t so bad.

Very pretty falls once you get there with a lot of water running over. Trail is VERY muddy right now. Hike is closer to 1.5 miles round trip, going all downhill to falls and all uphill back.

Beautiful hidden hike. Took longer than I thought to get to the trailhead but was totally worth it! Good hike if you’re headed to the beach

This trail is another awesome hidden gem. The trail itself is fairly easy to moderate at points, as it had some downed trees and bush across the path. I hiked the weekend of the windstorm in April 2018. The suspension bridge was great, I was expecting more movement, but it only had slight bobbing with only me on it. Very sturdy and well built, with a perfect view of the gorge and falls below. Keep going down the trail after crossing, as it switches back down towards the falls for a front row view. Very powerful, and pools were filled and raging at this time of year. Hike back is all up hill, but not bad at all. I had the place to myself early, but passed many people coming down on my way back up.

Easy out and back trail. Was surprisingly busy for a middle of the week... was spring break for some, just not Oregon. Good views. Well maintained.

Nice hike. Kids liked the falls. Good workout. Really far out while driving. You think maybe you've missed it. Keep going. Worth the drive.

Easy hike. Definitely worth seeing the bridge and falls. Plan to do again soon.

SUPER easy hike! Got there faster than I was expecting and even got to stand at the base of the falls! Definitely one I’ll be revisiting soon!

UPDATE for 3/18/18 review. As of 3/31/18 the road is again passable with only a bit of snow with ruts to drive in near the top, just before Pinard falls. I drive a 2006 Honda Accord and had no problem.
Out of the 3 falls in this area, this is the best. See also: Pinard falls and Spirit. While all trails were muddy, this was probably the least of which that was. It is a huge and astonishingly tall falls, and when you get down to it, you can walk right up to the base of it and get sprayed. This area is just amazingly beautiful. Must see area for any Oregonian or someone just visiting. Highly recommended! I got off work in Eugene @ 130pm and headed straight for Pinard 1st. Hiked all three with a nice rest at each, and had plenty of the day left. Make sure you do all three, it's worth the drive out.

19 days ago

3rd place in the race of the 3 falls in this area. See also: Pinard and Moon. It is a nice n easy .75 mile hike down to a beautiful wide and full falls; in late March. It also offers a bench and a picnic table down by the falls if you wanna take a load off and have lunch with a view. Another hidden Oregon gem.

19 days ago

2nd best of the three falls in this area. see also: Moon falls and spirit falls. Out of the 3 this is the longest and most difficult hike. Isn't to bad though, could be considered an easy, but might be difficult for youngens. Good payoff at the end, with a nice tall falls and a bench to relax and enjoy. Hiked in late March and it wasn't too muddy, but falls were full.

Beautiful hike and stunning waterfall.

Amazing place absolutely love it!

20 days ago

As of 3/18/2018 the road to Moon Falls is not passable. There are many trees down and heavy snow. We were 3 miles away before we had to turn around. And we are driving in a Chevy Silverado. Just FYI. We will attempt again aftet April. Happy trails everyone!

Very fun short hike w great views! We missed the North loop which would have made it a bit longer. But crowded on a Sunny weekend and hard to find a parking space. There is a nice side trip- a covered bridge on bear creek road if u go that way instead of taking 101.

Great hike.... cable suspension bridge and view of fall were awesome

Have done this hike many times and enjoyed it each time! A very fun short hike with a wonderful view!

Great trail for toddlers! The waterfall was huge and beautiful! The trail was muddy and wet.

Nice easy trail (little muddy in spots). Appreciated the suspension bridge and the waterfall.

Holy cow! What a beautiful hike. The suspension bridge was amazing! Falls were absolutely stunning!

1 month ago

Did the trail with 4 adults & 5 young kids. So fun. About an hour to there and and hour back. Beautiful perfect family outing. $5 day use parking fee. Don’t be fooled by long country road, this is a heavily used trail. Might want to come early so you can find parking.

The water fall was really pretty and the view from the suspension bridge But this place gets SUPER crowded after a certain time so try to go as EARLY as possible because it just gets annoying when the crowd piles up.

My first hike. I’m not in great shape and found this trail to be relatively easy. Beautiful,peaceful, and perfect weather. Wasn’t busy on the Monday afternoon we went.

great hike. best to go early before everyone shows up

1 month ago

easy trail, beautiful scenery, the suspension bridge and waterfall combo is cool as shit.

Enjoyed this simple hike to a lovely bridge overlooking the waterfall. I loved the green forest trail along the way as well. As a photographer, I got some great shots. Was wet and muddy but beautiful. Will be back.

Amazing trail

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