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Great trail beautiful views , very well maintained .

I did this hike 9/15/18. I workout at a gym regularly and consider myself to be in pretty good shape. I try to hike when I can but ultimately only get to a handful of times a year - so I would consider my skill level as a hiker, average. I stayed in Van Horn the night prior, woke up at 3:30am left at 4:30am and got to the trailhead/campground at 5:30am.The forecast for the day was 80 degrees F clear and sunny. I hit the trail starting at 5:45am, it was still dark and used my headlamp for the first 30-45min. Not even 5min in and I ran into a large deer off to the left of the trail about 10ft. The first 1/4-1/3 of the trail I would say is the most strenuous - lots of dry loose dirt and small rocks - although the top 1/4 is just as steep and unforgiving. As the sun started to come up there was still some patches of clouds. Hoping for clear skies and not worried about the overall weather, I pressed on trying to get to the top as quickly as possible. As I got about halfway the temperature dropped a bit, and the wind picked up, so I put a light fleece on. I kept moving uphill and only stopped to take a few pics, catch my breath and get a quick drink of water. The views are great all the way up, and they only get better. Getting closer to the top the scenery and landscape also continually change. I was probably about 3/4 of the way up and decided to change from my fleece to my wind/waterproof jacket. I also noticed the fog/clouds were lingering. I also hadn't seen anyone on the trail at all yet. Very peaceful and why I like to start early. As I was nearing the top(less than 5min from summit) I ran into 1 girl. She said she was also hoping for clear skies and good views but she hadn't seen them yet. I got to the top in 2hr 45min, only to have cloud coverage and gusty cold winds. I was still excited I made it to the top and was pumped standing on top of Texas! I waited for 45min hoping the fog/clouds would pass so I could see the epic view. Sadly I had an 8hr drive in front of me(plus the hike down) and couldn't wait all day so I got some pictures and videos, signed my name, re-fueled and proceeded to head down. I left the top about 9am and within 45min of coming down I had ran into about 8-10people. Towards the halfway mark I passed 2 large groups of kids, and the rest of the way, passed multiple more groups of 2-4people. I ended up at the bottom about 11:15am(total time 5hr30min). Overall I would say it is a strenuous hike, with very rewarding views and scenery all the way up and down. It's probably not as hard as some people say it is, but nonetheless come prepared and have good footwear. It does get hot early, so start early, bring plenty of water and snacks, sunscreen, sunglasses and a hat is recommended. Coming down is an absolute breeze so that is one thing to look forward to when going up.

The trail is rocky and well maintained. It took us about 3 hours to hike up but we were carrying larger packs because we camped out a few nights. There are plenty of places to refill water so no real need to cary more than you absolutely need. The parking lot is plenty large but still recommend getting there early as Alum Cave Trail is the busiest. We probably met 50-100 hikers climbing up as we came back down (the reason I rated it only 4 stars). Next trip to Leconte, we will take a less popular trail.

We were hiking this trail when it was little rain and that was awesome experience,overall this trail is amazing with beautiful views ,very recommended

Very well marked. Beautiful views all the way up. It is a little difficult but you will not be disappointed.

Overall, Guadalupe Peak is an excellent hike, especially if you are after state high points, as this one is both challenging and rewarding. The hike is not particularly technical (perhaps some minor scrambling towards the end), but is difficult because it is steep, with few level section. The views are excellent all the way up to the summit, with most of the hike going through pinyon pine forest. I went in early March. The temperatures were cold while camping over night (30s Fahrenheit), and mild during the day (60s Fahrenheit). It was not particularly windy the day I was here, but it can get extremely windy here, especially during the spring, so be prepared.

Reading about this trail, to me sound easy. But now that I’ve hiked the Guadalupe Mountains I’d have to say that it was certainly a hard one. It is a very rocky trail! My feet were killing me by the time we made it back down.

My 6 1/2 year old twins and I enjoyed it this hike, very nice views start to finish.

Did this hike on 9/2/18 and it was a beautiful hike. It’s a tough 8 mile round trip hike but not the worst I’ve done. The wind picks up half way up. A windbreaker would have been nice. Also, make sure you bring lots of water because our group ran out of water on the way down.

14 days ago

We hiked the last weekend in July. My boys 9 & 13 had no problems going up. My 13 year old had a 15 lbs. pack, so we were very watchful for the pack not to throw off his balance around the cliffs. Hiking poles help if carrying packs. A liter of water and trail mix for hike up. Refill water at the lodge & buy a sack lunch. Picked up our yearly Christmas ornament at the office.

Beautiful trail! Don’t forget to do up to the Cliff top. There’s an amazing view!

Great hike! Definitely strenuous past the Arch Rock, but well worth the effort once you reach Mt LeConte.

Great trail , best hike of the week, saw a red fox , a falcon , & a very friendly red squirrel at the bluff

Did this hike about 2 weeks ago. Spectacular views!!!

Tough but rewarding!

Fantastic trail with so many great scenery! It might be challenging if you’re not physically active. The mount leconte lodge at the summit is an iconic place, definitely stop by to refresh yourself with a cup of coffee or hot chocolate.

Favorite hike I’ve done. Left the parking lot at 8 and hit the peak at 10:27 which was a pretty challenging pace that left me winded after some sections. Didn’t run into any traffic, besides a few little couples of people. Had the peak to myself for a good 35 mins and got to take a little nap and eat some lunch. The return trip was much more populated, especially at the bluffs and alum cave. Whole trip took me about 5-5:30hrs including about an hour on the peak.

I’d suggest packing an extra layer, extra shirt, and 2.5-3.5 liters of water. I’d also highly suggest hiking boots, not tennis shoes.

I will definitely be coming back in to try and catch the sunrise on this one.

16 days ago

3 hours up. 3 hours down. Still sore. Don’t forget the sunscreen like this guy did. Totally worth it.

Excellent hike! Scenery is beautiful and the weather was perfect. The views from cliff tops are great. We started just before 7am and we were back at the parking lot about 12:45pm. Only saw two other people on the trail going up but by the time we were coming down it was like a highway with people hiking up. So if you want some peace and tranquillity I definitely recommend getting an early start.

beautiful but steep

Great Trail, started at 5:15am, a lot of parking at the trailhead on Labor Day weekend, hike is very easy, you will cross about 6-7 small bridges until you get to Alum Cave, from there the real ascent starts. There are some great views once you get close to LeConte Lodge Area. You have to go past the lodge area and you can actually summit 3 peaks up there. First one is Clifftop with great view of the valley, the second summit is actually Mount Levonte Peak which is covered in trees (You will see cairns at the summit), the 3rd and best is Myrtle Point which is further down the trail. We did trail in about 8hrs but definitely about 1.5hrs of taking pictures and resting up at summit. ENJOY THE BEAUTIFUL HIKE!! Used up 3Liters of water.

Great hike. Spent a night at the campsite near the top on one trip many years ago. Day hiked the summit many times over the years and never get tired of the scenery. One of the better hikes in the Southwest.

One of my first hikes since I moved here. Stunning views!

I’m a very avid hiker, and this is by far my favorite hike. It’s not the tallest, it’s not the longest, but it is the most beautiful. Views of mountains to the north and east, spectacular views of the Sonoran Desert to the south and west. When I went, the fog was barely touching the top, and it made for the most surreal and breathtaking views. Definitely on my list to do again!

Hiked this trail today and it was amazing! Beautiful views every few miles. Well worth it!

This is an extremely hard but rewarding hike. The views of the desert and of plants are gorgeous. Bring more water than you think you will need.

Wonderful hike, fantastic views and some challenging terrain...

Excellent hike. Very beautiful.

Awesome hike and amazing views at the top. It was out first time hiking and we would definitely recommend stopping at the ranger station for a map. During the hike, once you get to the fire road, turn right. Then, the sign for Conejos trail is a bit hidden and will be on your left after 10 min or so. Bring plenty of water; 2 of us brought 80 ounces and it was just enough.

Great trip, great lodging and scenery all around. Don't miss Cliff Tops and Myrtle Point.

hiked to the lodge for an overnight in April, 2017. snowed 8" overnight. one of the best experiences of my life. don't miss this.

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