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This trail was fun, you can stand behind the waterfalls! Well maintained trail, moderate hike. Will come back for sure!

hiked this on news yrs day.. crossed the bridge we(bchw) built 5 yrs ago ..looks great.. saw the washed out bridges that have come to our attention..not sure when they will get addressed... loved the waterfalls
.a decent work out for us long passed young adults..had some moments on the ice covered rocks, logs and trail footing..but really enjoyed this lowland hike in winter..

Very beautiful. Loved the waterfalls.

Steady climb to the top. Ground was frozen from about 4000’. Some ice along the way so micro spikes were good to have.

Very peaceful walk, hearing the sound of the river on the way out and a drop over a ridgeline into the quiet zone the way back. With the campgrounds closed and early start we were the only ones on the trail until we got back to the start. The falls make for a worthwhile destination. I look forward to coming back to see spring run off.

Extra cotton.

Hiked this trail on Saturday, October 20. We had beautiful, clear weather and could see everything, including Mt. Adams. Trail is in good condition. Steady, consistent elevation gain as we climbed. BRING PLENTY OF WATER to drink. There is no water up along this trail at this time. It starts off in the woods with a steady climb that is somewhat steep at times. After about 3 miles you come over a hill where you can see incredible views of Mt Rainier. Continue up and around some big rocky areas then back into some forest. The last mile to the top is tough but the views are awesome.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike! The falls are amazing. We look forward to spending time camping here next summer!

Such a great hike, but it’s more like 5.5 miles one way...total 11 miles when you’re done...there’s a great side trail where you can view Mt Rainier peak and it is captivating! Hard because of elevation gain so bring plenty of water...And invest in some good walking sticks to save your knees on the way down...great trail!!! Definitely one to do several times throughout the year to see all the color changes in the wildflowers! Loved it and felt accomplished when it was completed!

started the trail late than we wanted to, so we were racing against the sun. trail is pretty scenic and you get different views of your surroundings the higher you go — spirit lake, mt adam, mt rainier. saw two deer throughout the whole hike.

we took a wrong turn and made a left at the split towards the top of the trail. there was signage (from 2017) saying that the trail to the right was closed because of washouts, but we should’ve ignored it and continued on to get the full view of mount st. helens. the trail we took (to the left) sort of just... ends — with only a partial view of mount st. helens.

i’d go back to explore trail right next time i’m in the PNW

2 months ago

It was beautiful and really great views! The trails are kinda confusing, there are a lot intersections and no signs until you get to the caves. Caves are really cool!

beautiful hike. My friend and I went and we were the only ones on the trail, so peaceful.

An amazing hike, you will feel it in your legs. Lookout still under construction but should be done in a few more days.

I loved these views!! Went yesterday and arrived at 3pm and made it to the campsites by 430 or so. It’s an easy hike that goes through tons of beautiful fall foliage, and at this time all the leaves are smelling and crisp and like autumn rain! The sun was out and I got amazing views of Spirit Lake, St. helens, Rainier, Adams, and Mt Hood. It was crazy!!! Wish I could’ve made it to the top. Planned to camp there and completely forgot drinking water and discovered it was a dry trail. Had to turn around once I ran out. So pack a ton of water, and wear sunscreen! I’m definitely coming back to this hike. I loved that we didn’t go through many trees, because that meant open sky and views pretty much the whole way. I used directions from the WTA website and they helped so much. There’s a lot of junctions and sometimes it can be confusing. Print something out beforehand and make sure you know where you’re headed.
Forest roads along the way were paved for the most part with some random yet kinda common cracks and potholes. like really bad ones. They’re not gravel roads, but it looks like the road split in half, maybe due to the eruption of St. helens? Some of the paved roads are cracked and caved in so just drive slow. All vehicles should be good.

lovely trail with gorgeous trees, creek and waterfalls. loved it!

Beautiful. Just long enough for a short family hike. Easy as far as terrain and trail with a mild uphill. Water is blue and gorgeous. Definitely a do again I Warner weather when you can dip into water.

3 months ago

Great hike. The trail is consistent in regards to the slope and condition. The trail had maintenance done recently, clearing out the trenches for water etc. The lookout tower on top is still Under construction. The stairs are not yet secured in place. You can start seeing Rainer around mile 2 and then once you get to the top the view of Rainer is amazing. There is also a few camping spots on top along with a bathroom. Goin up isn’t too tough and the way down is pretty quick since the trail is in good condition.

on Silver Falls Trail

3 months ago

What a beautiful hike!

Random dude sleeping in cave, easy hike and quite interpretive!

Off of this loop trail you can also get to Grove of the Patriarchs and Ohanapecosh Springs. They are all interconnected trails. There is day use parking and toilets at the visitor center near Ohanapecosh Springs if you want facilities.

Perfect trail to stroll with the family. There's so many fun features like the little wood bridges, rock overhangs, hot springs, the waterfall itself with the neat rock formations that you can climb to get close to the water, etc. It was not busy at all at 10am, Labor Day.

4 months ago

The waterfall is so gorgeous! The trail is am easy loop but provides a decent workout, winding and going up and down, making the hike exciting. It insects with several other trails, so you can combine this hike with another. The is a convenient bridge overlooking the waterfalls. An unforgettable experience overall.

Beautiful and shaded hike. Not too hard or steep. The falls were stunning! Enjoyed climbing closer to them and sitting in the cool mist on a hot day.

4 months ago

So beautiful and peaceful! The perfect length and difficulty. If you go on a cloudy day be prepared to not see Mt. Saint Helens in all its glory.

4 months ago

Perfect for a quick, easy hike for all skill levels. Trail is easily accessible and well marked. Arrived at 10:30am, so the trail was already active with other hikers on a Wednesday in late August. Falls and the water are beautiful, and the other parts of the trail are lush and serene. Nice areas on the rocks to sit and enjoy the views but expect other hikers and families.

I loved this hike! every step was beautiful. Clearly, based on how low the lake was, and the dry (or low) creek beds along the trail, it had been a dry summer. Otherwise it would be too treacherous for me to enjoy the hike. The first leg (~1 mile) is up & down, but ~2/3 is UP. Definitely helpful to have hiking poles (unfortunately I did not bring poles, but made good use of a fallen limb aka walking stick).
As you near the lake there are boulders to climb over and I lost the trail here, but found it at the end of rock climb--and was able to find/follow on return trek.

4 months ago

Great family hike. The real gem about it is that if you access the trail from the nature loop trail behind the Ohanapecosh Visitor Center, you are rewarded with hot springs similar to ones at Yellowstone. There's more waterfalls than just Silver Falls, Laughingwater Creek was particularly beautiful. Silver Falls was gorgeous, I had never seen so much blue in a waterfall before, and the gorge that follows holds deep blue, crystal clear water. This trail also has a connector trail to the PCT and the Three Lakes Trail.

Beautiful and worth it with plenty of breathtaking moments and wood bridges over smaller waterfalls along the way! *Bring a backpack with water and snacks for the trek and there is a lunch spot on the waterfall once you arrive! Also partially kid friendly lol

Such a beautiful hike! My husband and I climbed to the top of the waterfall and just soaked in the view. The water is a pretty blue green color. The trail is fairly easy. I highly suggest this hike.

Great hike...good workout...decent elevation gain! The signage could be better!

5 months ago

This is always an amazing hike. Added on the grove of the patriarches hike.

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