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17 days ago

Did this trail because original planned trail Tolmie was closed. You basically walk hike through a forest, so there is not really a view. But this it was nice to do a nice 5 miles hike on a Sunday.

Nice trail, well packed. Not the best trail out there but a good quick hike when the roads closed up further.

Really enjoyed this moderate, well groomed climb. No one else on the trail today. Nice views and just hard enough to regret running for a bit.

Today I have to give this hike all 5 stars. I started out at the trailhead 9:45 and arrived upper crystal lakes 12:00 I’m kind of slow but strong! I couldn’t believe the weather! 60, warm, no wind, unbelievable. Some fall colors were still out. Blue sky, sun and the lake glistened with ducks resting themselves. I was up there by myself, serene! This trail is up and up but I have a method that works for me. I take a small rest at each switchback and it worked! This trail is mostly smooth surface so if your a runner, try this out! 2,500 elevation gain your legs will grow much stronger then a track!

We hike a ton, but this was definitely a challenge. The first 2 miles were relentless switchbacks with no downhill or even flat relief. Needless to say, our legs are sore.

Did this hike last Wednesday under beautiful clear skies. Got to Sunrise around 8 and encountered stiff winds along the ridge to 1st and 2nd Burroughs. The descent into the valley connecting the 2nd and 3rd mountains loses around 350 feet, leaving a long, tough slog of 800+ feet in a mile up to the summit of the 3rd. The elevation plays a role as the approach is in the 7.5k ft. range so pace yourself. Views from the 3rd summit are stupid-good and humbling in their scope. I’ve living in the PNW for 30+ years and hiked at Rainier before; this hike made me feel guilty I hadn’t done more in this area before. Bring layers as most of this trail is completely exposed. Made it back to the Trailhead by noon just as the trail traffic was picking up heading back up the mountain.

This is one of my favorite waterfalls with absolutely stunning wildflowers and a great view of the mountain.

Great hike! Perfect weather. Love the different terrain. Forest, meadows, rocks, waterfalls. Saw marmots & mountain goats. Pretty green lake. View of Mount Adams & Mount Hood from Panhandle Gap.

Great hike with amazing weather today. This trail is a new favorite of mine on Mt. Rainier. Totally worth the extra effort to go to Third Burroughs.

hiking today and I had a great time perfect weather had to know before the session closed

One of my favorite hikes at Sunrise! Spectacular views.. definitely a hike I will never forget. Bring lots of water if hiking in the summer!

We were here on 09/13 which was a overcast day. I felt like this hike took a lot of work and time up for very little payoff. To start the road was under construction so within the first few miles we were stopped at a sign saying road closed for an hour. Talked to some previously waiting cars and sounded like awhile had already elapsed. Waited maybe 20 min to continue. Then you have this unpaved road that is just so rough the whole way and has a speed limit of 25 mph. Takes about 40 minutes with lots and lots of moments you swear you will have a flat tire. The hike itself was not overly strenuous or technical but is definitely a workout at times. We only went to the falls and turned around since we knew we weren’t going to get any Mountain View’s with the weather so in total was a 4 mile trip. Then back down the rough road to wait another 30 minutes at the construction zone to leave. I think if it had been a clearer visibility day so that the hike itself had more visual payoff I wouldn’t have cared so much about the time and the travel etc but for us it was just a pretty standard forest hike with a lot of obstacles.

On a clear day this is an amazing hike. We were lucky enough to have great weather and the views of mount rainier were spectacular! It definitely has some elevation so be prepared! We got there @ 9am on a weekday and only saw a few ppl on the trail .

left pre-dawn, complete down pour of rain!! Rain turned to snow just before Summerland shelter. Within the next 1/2 mile, trail turned into its own waterfall (water mixed with slush). turned around shy of Pan Handle, wet/slushy/freezing rocks way to slick (I was running). Beautiful day!! Snow mixed with fall color and hazy skies, awesome!!!

We hiked this for the first time a few weeks ago and it was BEAUTIFUL. I mean breathtaking. Not a tough hike and any spots that were a little tough were made worth it by the views. Watch out for the wasps nest at the beginning of the hike though, I got stung. Not fun. Trail is well kept up. Not a ton of bugs. A little chilly if it’s not sunny.

2 months ago


Ran the trail CCW. Started in the trees and worked up to a gradual ascent towards spray park. Beautiful alpine meadows and views of Mt. Rainier. The trail takes a steeper decent down to carbon river where it flattens out for a bit. The last 5 miles on the way back to Mowich were tough and steep.

Great hike and way to get up close and personal with Rainier! Great photo ops at the top. Burroughs 1 &2 we’re moderate but by the time you get to the 3rd it felt a bit more strenuous. We took about 6.5 hours total with plenty of breaks, lunch at the top and lots of photo ops.

2 months ago

Beautiful hike. Got to the trail around 9:30 am on a clear beautiful day. Visibility was excellent. Trail is a constant climb but in good shape and not too high a grade. The views are spectacular and well worth the effort. Note that there are no water sources on the trail and it is quite exposed in the upper 2/3 due to the fire last year so bring lots of water.

2 months ago

Stunning waterfall and great views of Rainier.

This hike is amazing! Stunning views the whole way! The trailhead is located at the mowich lake campground. Just keep walking past the Tolmie peak trailhead. Enjoy!

Really enjoyed this hike, but we only ended up going up the falls (due to a previous day injury). They were gorgeous and worth the hike. There was a yellow jacket nest in the ground on the left side of the path about halfway up the falls. We were warned and were able to quietly pass by both ways but quite a lot of people weren't so lucky.

2 months ago

This is my 5th time on this trail. Great workout and beautiful in many ways. Went there on a Friday morning not too many trekkers so that was great. Visibility was on the foggy side so.. not much to admire as the clouds move into the open space and meadows but it is mystical inside the switchback trail. Mt. Rainier hid and did not show her majesty, however a few beauty Marmots gracefully entertained us as we lunched and headed back down.

This is my first hike at Mt. Rainer National Park since moving to Washington and let me say it was worth it. My boyfriend and I decided to hike this moderate hike about two weeks ago. The sunrise trails starts off a little steep but nothing too hard, and that leads you to the frozen lake. If you continue to the Burroughs that’s when the elevation gets a little harder, but not too hard if you’re an avid hiker. It’s steep for a good amount of the hike, then you hit flat land with Mt. Rainer in sight, then you hit the steepness again, and soon enough you’re at the Burroughs and it’s absolutely breathtaking. We went when it was a little cloudy and even then it was beautiful. However you can closer than the second Burroughs and hit the third Burroughs but that’s when it gets tough. The whole up to the third Burroughs is steep, so be prepared. The view is amazing and worth the struggle though, it’s like you can literally touch Mt. Rainer. I’ve done this hike twice now, definitely worth the struggle for the third Burrough!

Fairly easy hike that gives some impressive views after the initial climb from the parking lot. The hike up each burrough is a steady uphill but not long and the views will keep you occupied (I also had a fox walking 40’ ahead of me for a while around Frozen Lake). I stopped for a bit on the first “peak” to admire the views over Wonderland/Huckleberry/ Fremont trials and wait for the impending clouds to roll through. As I started up the second burrough the skies opened and Rainier loomed above the trail, it looks so close you feel the trail might take you right to it! I didn’t do the 3rd peak, I ended up talking to some other hikers and we admired the view for a while and started back as a group. We lucked out with a fantastic sunset and no smoke! Definitely worth the effort, especially if the skies are clear.

on Spray Park Trail

2 months ago

It has been many years since I have done this hike and I'd forgotten how lovely it is. Today was misty and we had a limited view of Mt Ranier but the trail is in great shape and the meadows are gorgeous. We saw a VERY large bear (about 100 meters from the trail). One of the best things about this hike is that the trail wasn't overrun which is too often the case in the Pacific Northwest. The 17 mile very rutted dirt road leading to Lake Mowich likely deters some folks.

We loved this hike!! We were visiting when the smoke was heavy and it actually came in more as the day went on. We were a bit sore from our other days hiking and we only did the Crystal Lake Trail. This trail is ALL UP HILL. We stopped a few times to catch our breath and stretch. Once we got to the top it was beautiful! We went to both the upper and lower lakes. The smoke made it difficult to see far and we were not able to see Mt. Rainier but the lakes were beautiful. Would highly recommend!

This is a beautiful hike, the kind you take out-of-town friends on. You have a well maintained trail that starts off in old growth forest that transitions to subalpine meadows and then to a glacial moraine. All of that in 6 miles (one way) and 3k elevation gain.

2 months ago

Long drive to the top on a sketchy gravel road but worth the drive. The hike is gorgeous and no wildlife spotted along the way. The waterfall is majestic and pictures don’t do it justice. After the waterfalls, continue the trail to see gorgeous mountains and a meadow. Light traffic on trail on the way back down.

The waterfall is about a mile and a half into the trail, and it did not disappoint. Pictures don’t do it justice to how massive it is. We thought that would be the highlight of the hike, but the meadows up in Spray Park itself were unbelievably beautiful. Even with the haze, Mt. Rainier still showed through and acted as the perfect backdrop to our time in the meadows. We didn’t see any wildlife, save for the absurd amount of mosquitos! The road leading up to this hike (and Tolmie Peak) has a few rough spots but overall is pretty darn passable for a gravel road.

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