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-Hiked it on the 14th: weather and views were beautiful. Wore shorts and running shoes.
-Took my kids with me, the youngest hiker being 3. We had no issues hiking the entire route.
-No snow on the trail, just a little mud where it had melted.

The line into the Mt Rainier Park was long between 1200-1400. We waited an hour to get into the park.

Very pretty trail, nice waterfalls

Amazing!!! Absolutely wonderful views! Waterfalls and rivers the whole way up

Great views of Mt. Rainer at the peak. Turn around look down into valley with some binoculars and you can see Seattle and surrounding cities. Pretty cool prospective. Bring swim suit and swim in Eunice lake after you reach peak on way down. Highly recommend.

The views were absolutely amazing and definitely an accomplishment when you reach the top. I am glad to have hiked this trail.

Moderate to difficult. Plenty of places to filter water. Last .9 Miles is straight uphill. All worth it, even Took a swim in frigid Eunice lake.

I agree with Cade, trail was not hard but the last 1/4 mile or so was steep but easy with the built in steps (I’m 62 btw). Hiked on July 3, 2018 and a few snow patches remaining but easy to see the trail. Marmots and views rocked! A really great gradual uphill trail otherwise. I highly recommend! Poles not really needed.

Perfect sunrise hike. Started the hike at 4am and made it to the lookout just before the sunrise. We had the place to ourselves. So glad we got there early. There was a crazy long line to get into the park entrance when we left around 9am. Definitely a few difficult spots that we had to stop and catch our breathe for but overall it’s a hike most skill levels can do.

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2 days ago

snow by Eunice lake but otherwise clear. moderate hike if normal hiker easy if experienced hiker.

Amazing views—waterfall took my breath away

2 days ago

Fifteen miles of gravel road to the trailhead but the views are astonishing along the trail, and worth the trek to the top.


Went June 2018. We arrived at Paradise with all paths covered in several feet of snow. This definitely made the hike through Sunrise much more difficult. The All Trails Pro app was a lifesaver as we needed GPS to safely navigate the path as they were snow covered and not well marked. The cloud cover was pretty intense so visibility was only about 20 feet for a good part of the hike.
In terms of materials needed, hiking sticks, micro spikes or snowshoes a must and a Camelback and snacks. Bring a trashbag for the decent!! It is the amazingly fun way to get down the mountain. Dress in layers because the temp changes as you move up the mountain but you'll be sweating from the work.
It is not an easy hike but the views are amazing. Not a lot of traffic, but enough to encourage you to keep going.
We did it in a day hike but if you can stay the night at camp Muir so you can relax a bit and just enjoy the peace at the top of the mountain.

If you are a beginning hiker, like myself, this hike is not something i would consider easy. It’s 3 miles mostly uphill. But SO rewarding when you finish. The views are amazing throughout the entire hike which makes it easy to not give up. The gravel road going in is about 30 minutes long and there will most likely be people there already parked. Don’t forget to bring snacks, BUG SPRAY and lots of water.

Trail was a great challenge, unfortunately bad weather brought my hike to an end.

5 days ago

Trail is moderately difficult, but nature gives the motivation to move on. After 2miles of the trail one might face powdery crisp ice which is slippery , better to wear spike shoes and have a hiking stick. Get lots of water to be hydrated and a snack pack to treat yourself once you reach the tolmie peak lookout. I went in July which seemed like the perfect timing with clear skies to watch the beautiful, magnificent, stunning Mount Rainier covered to snow like a white carpet. Loved it❤️.

Amazing hike and views!!! Got their early and with clear blue skies. Sunscreen and bug spray is a good idea on a hot sunny day.

This hike completely exceeded my expectations! (The cover photo isn’t accurate at all). In order to get to this hike, you do have to pass through a station where you can buy a day pass or an annual pass. My sister and I went 7/8 (Sunday) and there was a long line on the road getting to that station area because a lot of people were buying day passes. There really should be a line for people who already have an annual pass, but it’s okay. There’s a large parking lot and a gravel area at the top, which is where the visiting center is located. If that parking lot is full, it’s unlikely you’ll find a spot to park since the road is very narrow and doesn’t offer parking on the side. The Fremont trail features a cliffside trail covered in rocks, which is truly awesome! You won’t regret going on this hike. Enjoy! :)

6 days ago

Not a hard one to worry about. Please pick Sunny day because view will stun you out. This is getting really famous so make sure you reach early.

Aware of gravel road. Stop washing your car if you r planning to go on this hike because when you will come back you have to clean it.

This is absolutely my new favorite hike with breathtaking views. The hike itself is moderate and relatively short, but the altitude makes it a tough one on your lungs. Park at Sunrise (make sure to get there early before the parking lot is full of tour groups. Got there by 7:15 am and had it to ourselves, but coming down at noon, it was a zoo. Spectacular views at the lookout, just bring your bug spray (lots of flies) and be careful with your food, a squirrel grabbed my bag of nuts from my pack and ran!

It was an amazing experience last year when I hiked on it, little tough of a hike but the view was worth the hike

Beautiful day and great hike! No snow on this particular trail. You will see larger patches on the hike to the trail but none of them will be in your way.

Cool trail, wouldn't rate it as hard, maybe a high moderate. Our group got on the trail around 10:30 and got back just after 3 with a huge break at the top. Saw a deer with her fawn and some marmots near the top, pretty decent trail.

Hiked today at Paradise and chose this and others trails for the views, which were spectacular. Part of this trail is still covered in enough snow that it makes it difficult if you don’t have poles or the right boots. It was also a little icy in spots.

Absolutely breathtaking sunset hike!

This trail is at the Sunrise side of Rainier NP and the views are incredible! Rangers had to make extra spots just because the trailhead starts at the visitors center and it was a very busy day. The first incline had a lot of people stopping to catch their breath for a second and then it flattens out for a little until frozen lake. Once you hit frozen lake it's about 30-35 minutes until the lookout. The trail is very narrow on the second portion, so be careful! Make sure you pick a clear day too, I had beautiful weather but it was allllll clouds at the lookout so there was no views.

Hiked July 2,2018- took us about six hours with a forty five minute break at the top. Weather was not ideal with most of the trip being in white out conditions but with the snowfield well tracked and the trail markers relatively easy to find, we were able to follow the trail relatively easily. Would recommend to bring a GPS as a backup just in case. Worth every bit of the hard work for the views. Stopped along the way and saw some marmots. Pro tip- Utilize the glissades to help get down the mountain but don’t get carried away and go in the wrong direction, have a lot of fun!

I did it as a day hike this morning and it took me 3 hours to get to the campground. Beautiful views and there is so mucha snow. I like to avoid the crowds so started hiking around 6:00 am.

Great hike. Plan to get to the top before 2 pm for the best views of Rainier. Substantial snow near Eunice lake, about 2/3 of the way up, but it is well packed and no microspikes are needed.

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