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4 days ago

15 mile hike up to Mt. Wilson via Lower Winter creek and Mt. Zion. Returned via Upper Winter creek. Nice day but hot in the sun near the end. Best part was finally getting a pic of a Bobcat, seen 4 total but this was the first one I was actually able to get a pic of.

Great views in all directions! The trails are steep and narrow at times, but very well kept. Echo mountain is a cool historic site, but I chose to walk back to the junction about 50 yards and continue on to Inspiration point which added about an
hour, but certainly worth it. Prepare for little shade along the entire trail.
Parking is free from 6am-8pm on the street adjacent to the trailhead

The views from this trail are amazing! Like others have mentioned, the trail itself is quite narrow. When you pass other hikers, you have to stand to the side because of this, but it’s general hiking etiquette anyways. I passed almost 20 other people on the trail on a Friday morning, so I can imagine weekends get crowded. There were quite a few benches on the way up, and lots of picnic tables at the top of Echo Mountain.
Parking was manageable even though I came later on a Friday morning. There are no restrooms at the trailhead, so take care of that before you arrive. I’m a medium paced hiker and it took me about 2 hours to complete (including taking pictures and taking a short rest at the top). I’ll definitely be back with friends!

A large part is rocky and slippery

8 days ago

arrived at 7:15 on Saturday morning and entire parking lot was full so we had to park .5 miles away from the trail head at chantry flats along the street (adventure pass is required even for street parking $5). entire hike took us 15 miles including putzing around at the summit and the observatory as well as the trek back to the car. hike is mostly shaded but I still recommend a hat and sun protection. hike is definitely not a beginners hike. my friends and I are completing the 6 pack of peaks challenge and this hike has been our third summit of the series. we got back to the car at 4:30 so entire hike plus one hour eating lunch and smoking a bowl at the summit made it a 9 hour mission. I recommend bringing 2-3 liters of water and snacks because this is an ALL day trek :)

Good workout and some good views but hot if you don’t leave at the crack of dawn. I was the first one on the trail at a little past 6 am on a Saturday morning!! It was wonderful.

Very nice !!! Excellent views
Too busy in the weekends

Breathtaking views!!!!!!!

Beautiful hike with great views as a reward at the peak. Bring lots of water on hot days.

20 days ago

This trail took us just under 2 hours to get to the top (taking the longer route at the 2nd junction) The first 4.5 miles are pretty easy- it’s the last half mile that’s a scramble through the bush. View was beautiful and definitely worth spending some time.

Scenic views at the top of the trail.. 3.8 miles, 3.5 hrs round. perfect for kids

23 days ago

Beautiful hike, it was #dingsontribe 's first time on this trail and the beginning to our 6 pack challenge, turned out to be one of our favorite hikes so far! It's crowded, and I see why, absolutely beautiful hike. We dipped in the fresh stream, because of the rains the streams and falls are flowing strong. We have been used to hiking in blizzards and snow, and we found this mountain to be very warm. I didn't need to put my jacket on all evening. I found parts of the Sturtevant section very difficult as a person afraid of heights. Sections of that trail is extremely narrow and the drop immediate and steep. Ugh. We completed this hike with 2 of our trail doggies, even the narrow sections at Sturtvant was fine for them. One thing to pay attention to, in addition to the Adventure pass and getting there early because parking fills fast, the road closes at 8p. We took our sweet time to enjoy the mountain and started heading down the road to exit the mountain entrance and the gate was locked! We had to call the police station, whom both the dispatcher and officer were very nice, and wait for 30 mins for the gate to be unlocked. A minor inconvenience, but when you're tired it sucks. They come to the gate every hour, so just be aware of that. Don't forget to try and find the Mt. Wilson wood sign on top, somewhere on the observatory grounds and snap a picture, a camper told us we had to otherwise it didn't count. ha! by luck we did. Happy hiking!

This trailhead was pretty easy to find. The path was straightforward, there wasn’t anywhere to get confused...all options had signage. It was a beautiful day and didn’t seem too crowded...at first. The number of people grew as the day progressed. There were a lot of runners to move over for and dogs on leashes...all nice things for a more social type of walk. If you are looking for solitude this might not be THAT hike, but if you need to practice for THAT hike, this one’s perfect. The hike had a gradual but steady incline...it wasn’t horrible. I enjoyed my day outside and the views over Los Angeles.

Nice Hike, mostly in shade, today was mostly Kool about 60 to 70 maybe a little Kooler at top

Nice day started at 630 finished about 2 pm

I really enjoyed this hike, it was a great workout. Warning though to those who bring their dogs, it is a very dry, strenuous hike and the weather can feel 10-15 degrees hotter than it actually is; bring lots of water and take lots of breaks for your babies to prevent heat stroke. Stay safe

26 days ago

Lost big toe nail going down hill. Really beautiful hike.

1 month ago

one of my favorite hikes in LA. the start of the trail takes you through green terrain with a creek and a few waterfalls. then the intensity kicks in with the multiple switchbacks but once you’re at the top and take in the views above the clouds you’ll feel one with nature and soak in your accomplishment. Then it’s back down through a parking lot and to the beginning. I also love it because it’s a loop. Enjoy. Bring lots of water and snack. You need to make sure you have an adventure pass.

Fun hike, lots of history... nice lil picnic area at the top.

Great hike. Shirt and sweet. Good training hike for Wilson.

1 month ago

Fun hike. The cool weather helped us keep a brisk pace, completing the loop in 7 1/2 hours. Disappointed that there wasn't much snow, which was only at the top. Winter Creek was pretty full though, which we crossed 6 times. The mule deer enjoyed watching us trek by.

1 month ago

Great hike this weekend. Right before the storm. After Echo MT. We decided to continue on up to Inspiration Point. What a great decision. Amazing view. But was freezing cold up there. Will definitely do both hikes again.

I don’t know why this trail is so highly rated. The waterfall (if you can call it that) is a mere trickle. This section of the trail (to the waterfall) is overgrown and poorly maintained.

About a mile up the main trail, there are a couple benches with some lovely views of the city. But the rest of the hike is a real calf-buster—a brutal ascent with switchbacks that never seem to end. Unless you’re just in it for a good workout, I’d skip this one. There are no trees, no shade on this trail. I hiked it in the summertime, and it was almost unbearable.

The peak does have some great views. But so does nearby Echo Mountain, and that trail has an interesting end point with resort and railroad ruins. If you’d like a good workout on a trail that is easily accessible, I’d recommend Echo Mountain over this.

1 month ago

Awesome place especially at the top. Great view, I’ll definitely come back. I’m surprised it wasn’t crowded at all. Sandwiches at the candy store were quite delicious. The owner was really nice too.

This is a great training trail. It's long enough and difficult enough for a good workout. Very nice views as well. Just be sure to start early when it's hot because there's not much cover from the sun.

Awesome Trail with a great view of all of Southern California. As other reviews say, its 3 miles straight up but there are plenty of switchbacks to help with the ascent. My garmin said it was about 2023 vertical feet. There is gravel for about 75% of the hike so be sure to wear comfortable shoes with good traction. Bring plenty of water and maybe a little snack to fuel up after your climb. I'm defiantly planning on coming back and doing this one again.

Side note: We brought our dog (which this trail is dog friendly) but maybe have your dog wear boots cause the gravel can be a lot of a dogs paws.

Sadly our group wasn’t able to get to the top but i enjoyed this hike.. great workout and beautiful views! Can’t wait to go back! We also took a different trail starting the hike, that had a type of water fountain and also felt spooky.

Didn’t make it all the way to Echo Mountain, but will be going back tomorrow, so another review to come soon.

So far, this place is pretty cool. The views are amazing all around, and the bits of history about the old railway is delightful. Can’t wait to go back!

best hike I've been on so far beautiful scenery

1 month ago

Did the loop but ended up adding the the Rim Trail so total distance was 17.6 miles of hiking. Definitely would do it again since I felt it’s good training for the distance aspect,since elevation wasn’t much of a factor. Definitely recommend it since it’s a good training hike.

once u get to the top. is amazing

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