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nice and easy trail. accompanied by the soothing sounds of the river. very level and good for all activities

great trail for walking or biking.

real nice mountain bike ride. two bridges, chance to see the Clydesdales out for a walk!

nice trail. no test rooms. small parking.

1 month ago

Nice flat trail. Saw lots of wildlife- frog, turtle, hawks, blue heron. There is an elevated bird watching station along the eastern edge of the trail

Flat trail, most parts are wide enough for 2-3 people side by side. Can be very muddy especially on the west of Newman’ Lane.

This trail is very well maintained and relatively flat. The majority of the connection points are pretty clear and easy to follow. Surface is mainly cinder and gravel and you can ride 2 bikes side by side the entire trail. If you want an easy ride to take with the kids this is it. The trail is also used by hikers, joggers, walkers, and horses.

There may or may not be cliff diving here and it may or may not be amazing. I want to be clear that I am NOT saying you should jump off any cliffs but you totally should...

fun hike and pretty easy

Heavily wooded moderate trail, one of the better ones in central jersey. Definitely a little rocky but the inclines aren’t anything difficult. Extremely muddy when wet but consists of about 5% wooden walkways, mostly over the muddiest portions.

Took the square trail to the red and back to the square with no connectors. Always a great afternoon hike — takes a little under 3 hours for the entire loop if you don’t stop often. Trails are well maintained but can get a little sloppy when wet.

A really great and easy bike trail- lovely views- but watch out for horses! (It's exciting but still.) a great bird watching trial as it passes through various terrains and habitats. (Grassland, farmland, woodland, and marshland.) common to see families, kids, all ages walking, jogging, and riding horses! My only qualm is when the horses pass through they often make the trail bumpy, and sometimes leave "trail apples."... just clean that up horse people please.

2 months ago

So this trail is not necessarily “easy” i day this because it is very easy to get lost and confused. The trails intertwine with one another and the orange markings look yellow so just remember there is no yellow trail! It’s long and beautiful and my dog loved it. Lots of bikers so if you’re walking with a dog keep that in mind. Also, WEAR BUG SPRAY!!!! Tick galore and spider webs every 2 steps. But beautiful, private and great workout. I recommend.

Great easy relaxing ride, flat , not demanding . Good for families with young children

Easy is NOT!

The NOT, is capitalized but is not meant as an angry expression.

To me Manasquan Reservoir trail is easy. Is mostly one flat, wide, trail there. Allaire is not easy. Bring a map or a good app to guide you. You can and will get lost otherwise.

I actually enjoyed my walk which felt more like hiking. First timers, be mindful of the terrain, you can easily twist an ankle. There is a lot of bike trails.

Tried to follow the supposedly “easy” orange trail which shows on the Trail app. Took a wrong turn somewhere and ended up doing 4.5 miles instead of the 5.7 intended. Didn’t mind at all! I was so tired of the many turns and ups and down.

At some point found a group of cyclists who were very mindful of the 54 years old coming at them in an up hill narrow trail. Thanks people for being so courteous!

I wouldn’t bring children unless I was clear of the trail to follow and that it’s an easy one.

Give it a tried. You might like it!

Hiked with a Cub Scout pack, 6 scouts of varying ages. Took us 2.5 hrs, took tons of breaks and ate lunch on the trail. Much drier than we expected since it was early spring. Loved the bridges. Want to try it again late spring to see some wild flowers.

Beautiful trails with diverse terrain. Moderate hiking with some steep inclines and declines but adds to the challenge. Few good places to stop and rest and have some snacks. Muddy and rocky in a few areas but nothing too messy as long as you miss the muddy season. Overall a lot of fun and good exercise.

mountain biking
3 months ago

Not requiring too much physical condition.

Did a good portion of the orange trail. Was a good work-out, with rocky trails, and good amount of ups and downs. Takes you high above the one waterfall. I was curious, as a new hiker and someone new to this park, how the orange trail compares to the others.

Wet, but the rocks add to the strategy. Beautiful creek, and well marked

I've done this a couple of times. It is really more of a walk than a hike in my opinion. Also, it is not as secluded as I would prefer.

Great hike. Was here the Saturday after the nor'easter storm. Could not complete the red loop to many downed trees. But, there was evidence that the trail was being cleared - to many trees down for a quick fix. Will be back to try again!

simple and easy but still a nice trail through a marshy swamp.

Trail currently closed due to construction

ABSOLULTY lovely trails with beautiful scenery and everyone comes with their dogs and its just the best

Nice wooded trail. Many unmarked trails cross this trail. Make sure you check the GOS frequently to stay the course.

Nice well marked trails- closer to easy than moderate

mountain biking
8 months ago

Not sure why this hike is rated as moderate unless it's based on distance. This is a relatively flat trail, either paved or of crushed cinder, with few wooded areas. It's a nice walk but not what I would consider hiking.

8 months ago

A little wet from the rain but otherwise trails were good. Controlled burn on white rock side is complete.

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