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Three generation family hiking trip with the youngest being 5. Some muddy spots and quite a few puddles across the trail and even a couple spots with running water flowing across the trail, had waterproof hiking boots and it was great. Some nice viewpoints and it was nice to hear the running water nearby. Enjoyed my time in nature!

easy, little muddy today

More of an easy trail out the water. Very peaceful walk but can be pretty busy depending when you go - the walk out to the water is mostly downhill but going back to your car is a slight incline. Otherwise this is my favorite hike!

Beautiful trail with a stunning view of the Sound. Pretty easy hike.

Great trail. Kid and dog friendly. Pretty easy hike with great views.

15 days ago

A bit confused at the rating of this one, perhaps we just tried to enter at the wrong spot,..The path down from the GPS marking, just past the single lane bridge, is incredibly steep and was not puppy friendly. Even on a dry day, people were having to scoot down the decline on their rear ends.

Perhaps we will revisit and try to decent on the other side of the bridge, though there are lots of other options in the area to visit first.

My kids loved it, my husband and I loved it, it was beautiful!

on Puget Park Trail

18 days ago

I didn’t know this hike had a name. I always called it “the gulch”. It’s part of my 4 mile loop run that leads out to commencement bay. I do sprint this mile because When female and running alone it can be kinda eerie at dusk; it would seem like a easy place for transients or other mischievous people to hang out. But cool (temp) and nice scenery. If you take it up past the steps that lead to Proctor, it will spit you out on Mason and 35th, I believe.

This was a quick and easy walk. Hardly any one else out on the trail so it was nice and peaceful.

22 days ago

The beach was beautiful. I saw a Heron, a Golden Eagle, and a Bald Eagle all within an hour. Saw the sun set too. The trail was easy to navigate and access to the beach area is clear. Well worth my evening. Headed to the Dash Point Pier next. I recommend both for an easy and enjoyable evening.

3/24. Snow on the ground. Make sure you have gloves to get down under the bridge, your hands will be very cold from the cable. Lots of people on bridge taking pictures, beautiful views looking down. Very muddy on the trails.

This was a beautiful hike/walk. Lots of small trails off the main trail. I got lost for a second trying to get back to the main trail but found my way back. I followed the trail map from here most of the way as not to end up on a different trail. All in all a great place to visit and i plan to go back again.

This was a great trail and I really enjoyed my walk/hike today on it! It’s is mostly unpaved with a paved section that follows downsize a running creek. The day was beautiful, but with the trail sort of going down, what I would call a crevasse between to higher sections filled with trees, it stayed a little chilly. It was totally worth the hike down and the beautiful sound waterfront end was a magnificent reward! It was lightly traveled today and I pretty much had the long stretch of beach to myself and my dog. I would say this more an easy trail and believe the intermediate rating is because your hike going back is all uphill. I would consider it a little strenuous for an older out of shape person but it is definitely easily doable and gives you that accomplished feeling. My tracker showed my walk at 3.10 miles from start to end. Trail starts at a weird location next to the building on the left.

Nice easy trail, relaxing with great views.

1 month ago

The trails at this park are in fantastic condition and very well maintained. Even on a nice Saturday, it was not super busy and I had plenty of peaceful alone time. It’s worth noting that there is not an actual trail called “Dash Point Trail”. The entire park is a series of small connected choose-your-own adventure trails. There were maps and signs throughout, making navigation quite simple. In total I was able to get in 5.6 miles pretty easily.

Wouldn’t rate as moderate. Very easy walk. 3 miles round trip. Pretty cool scenery. Nice little beach area.

Great hike today.

nature trips
1 month ago

It’s a decent trail. Mainly creeksode walking. Random sitting benches. One recommendation would be to put a honey bucket or some sort of restroom somewhere along the trail for those of us who like being hydrated... but at the end of the trail is a great view of sea life and the water. Sunset is beautiful on a nice day.

Really beautiful! The bridge is amazing in itself! Gorgeous out there today.

A nice trail for a short outing. About 3 miles round trip and not difficult. There are even a couple of benches along the way if you wanted to rest. It ends right on the Sound with beautiful views. It's definitely one we will do again. Great for families. We plan on going back in the summer.

Went here on 2/24/18 it was a chilly day with on and off snow. Firstly park close to the bridge, which is a one lane, secondly walk to the start of the bridge go over the side by guard rails. there is a little path down to the trail, it's a cable and can be slippery in snow if you're now wearing correct shoes. We went left and saw the car and some building structure, but it's a beautiful view of the river! Loved it!

It was ok there were some good view points

Love this trail but as the weather is improving so is the traffic. It's easy enough my 6 year old can do it with ease yet we still feel like we're getting a workout while enjoying a nicely maintained path. The restrooms are also nicely maintained. Definitely recommend if you're looking for a basic trail.

Loved walking this trail with my pup!

I was pleasantly surprised at the condition of the trails. Even with all of the rain/snow we've had they really weren't very muddy. Well maintained. Beautiful scenery. Wasn't super busy today but I imagine on a sunny weekend day it probably gets packed. Don't forget your Discover pass. When I was leaving a ranger was checking for them.

Nice wide trail beautiful trees , best part was getting to the water

Very few people here because of the light snow flurry coming down and the cold temperature. A nice quick quiet walk on the gravel path on the way home from doing errands.

The trail was very well maintained. The area around the trail head was a little run down but once you get past it the scenery was nice. Took my 6 year old for a 3 mile walk. Easy road.

1 month ago

A bit muddy, but I enjoyed the combination of forest and ocean. Perhaps a better place to camp out than hike.

Nice gravel trail around entire lake. State Park Discover Pass needed.

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