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Definitely need snow shoes for the last bit. Got there super early and didn’t see anyone until I was almost down- tons of skiers. I went on a Sunday morning. Bring GPS as ski trails can be mistaken as actual trail.

Nice trail if not crowded. Fun to do with a little snow. Amazing view of the reservoir.

Is this trail accessible/recommended in the winter for snowshoeing?

Just hiked the Staunton Ranch trail toward Elk Falls past Sunday afternoon. Clear, well marked trail. Great views.

great trail - went yesterday and still didn't need crampons or yak tracks

This is my favorite close by hike ❤️

Beautiful views by the reservoir

This was a fantastic hike. Excellent trail, beautiful scenery and not too difficult. It could be hot in the summer but it would be perfect any other time. We followed the SR to BE up to the lake and took Marmot Passage (MP) out and it was almost exactly 10 miles. The MP part had the best views and connected back to SR. One of our favorite new hikes.

We went on a sunny day four days after the snow. We could see snow had been melted in most the places. Trail was muddy in some places. Lot of houses are there nearby! Restroom was clean.

17 days ago

Started off around 9:30 today. Beautiful day for a perfect snowshoeing trail! Honestly I used my micro spikes up until about 1/2 miles from the lake. The snow was perfectly packed. Only saw about 6 people all day, two skiers as well.

Solid climbs/workout, but really close to civilization. You can see houses for a lot of the hike.

20 days ago

Great trail for snowshoeing right now! Went on 1/1/19 and saw maybe 6 people (mostly skiers) on the way up, spent 30 minutes alone at the first lake, then passed lots of people on the way down. Would recommend getting to the trail head before 9 a.m. to avoid the crowds.

One of my favorite hikes. IPW is fantastic.

Great trail. No snowshoes needed yet. Easy to follow and nice views.

Easy hike! Only some patches of ice but I was fine without crampons. Super clean trail & easy trail to follow thats offleash for the pups!

22 days ago

This is a great winter hike. The trail is well marked, is a mix of forest and sunshine, has several bridge crossings (all well maintained) and a small view of snow capped mountains toward the end of the hike (if you’re doing the loop counterclockwise). We brought our boot spikes but never needed them. It was very quiet on a cold Saturday, we never heard hunting activity and the trail has good uphill without being exhausting.

Loved it. Great hike from beginning to end. Some icy patches, glad I had crampons on my bag. Next time, I’ll pack a lunch to enjoy along with the view from the top.

Awesome trail for hiking running or nature walking with your dog. Yesterday was very cold, came back with freezing hands and face. hand warmer and a scarf would it helped. Beautiful views specially when you get to the dam.

Love the creek and all the rocks!

Good hike to miss some of the crowds at Staunton. After fighting the traffic on Staunton Ranch for a couple of miles you turn on to Scout Line Trail. Scout Line and Marmot stay fairly quiet and no bikes allowed on much of the trail. Some very nice views along the way to the lake. The lake/pond is a great place to stop for lunch. It is frozen solid at this time. Only a few snowy spots at this time. No need for extra traction. Very quiet on Christmas Eve.

One of my favorites, can’t go wrong in the Brainard Lake area really :) one thing I learned this year: Lake Isabelle serves as a reservoir, and at the beginning of September if gets largely drained. Still a beautiful hike with long lake, a waterfall, and happy doggos. Always see moose up in this area, and marmots and pika often chirp alongside the lake.

30 days ago

I’ve done this trail both in the summer and winter now. Absolutely beautiful! As most trails, significantly less busy during the winter. Snowshoes are pretty much necessary this year after the second bridge (because we’ve had so much snow already this season!). The trail can be difficult to follow when you’re about 1/2 mile from the first lake, especially in new snow and with misleading tracks. Make sure to have your gps up, and if you’re able, make it to the second lake!

Great place to hike with the dog off leash. Crampons would have been useful today (mid December) at the higher elevation but we were okay without them. Recommend to dog owners.

Hiked today 12/16 and the trail is still very, very icy. Definately recommend spikes.

I live nearby in castle rock. This is one of my favorite hikes in the area. I last hiked this in mid October. I would caution anyone considering this hike to watch out for rattlesnakes. 2 of the 3 times I’ve hiked this I found fairly large rattle snakes sunning themselves on side of trail. If I wasn’t specifically looking for them I probably would have walked right by without noticing. I always bring hiking poles just in case.

1 month ago

I love this place

It was a warm day (60!) but most of Plymouth Creek between Meadowlark and and the upper loop was icy and muddy. If you bring your dog, be prepared to give a bath! Meadowlark was dry and clear, but no views - just trees.

Beautiful and secluded. Need spikes for the upper loop part.

1 month ago

East Canyon Preservation Trail was temporarily closed, so decided to do this one instead. This trail was more like 6.5 miles. This was the best trail out of all the trails at Castlewood Canyon I've done. The entrance fee is more than $6 now, as of Nov 24.2018, unless you have an annual pass for the state park. Some part of trails were muddy and wet, also icy. Have fun! x

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