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Good, tough hike. Snow gets slippery!

2 days ago

The road to the campgrounds is closed due to the government shutdown, which made the hike longer and harder. But it was worth it. Once you hit the trail, the fun begins. We had an 8 year old boy and 6 yr old girl with us and they made it easily. You have to cross the creek a few times to get to the waterfall so expect to get a little wet. Dogs are allowed on this trail and we came across a number of people who let their dogs go leash-free...so be aware. I would definitely go back again. There is a bathroom at the campgrounds so plan accordingly. Bring some water because there weren’t any water fountains that we saw.

no shade
2 days ago

This was a cool mid day hike. Bit of a cold breeze but you are exposed to the sun for a majority of the hike which kept my fiancé and I warm. Wasn’t expecting to see so much water during the hike to the falls so I guess I have the week long spurt of rain to thank for that. The waterfall was pumping and made for some great photos! I’ll upload one here but you can check em out on my IG: ShotzByPonz Anyways it was definitely worth it but be prepared to watch where you are stepping with the amount of rocks and glass on the ground if you are bringing a pet. We will for sure be coming back after the next rain storm!

beautiful!! my 10 year old son did it with me and he loved it. micro spikes needed alot of snow and ice.

Great day out met plenty of good people on the way could not get to the top as the snow from the last saddle to the peak was icy so ice axe and crampons would be needed, will certainly go back to bag it either with the correct gear or in easier conditions

Due to government shutdown you have to park down the hill by the nursery. This adds 2 miles to the hike. Right now because of the heavy rain last week the water is really flowing and so beautiful! There are many stream crossings to get to the waterfall so be ready to get your feet and lower legs wet. We hiked with our dogs and children and it was a great time! Very beautiful hike and i highly recommend going soon to see this volume of water.

Great waterfall hike!! Easy 1 mile to Falls from camp ground. If u park in upper lot & take trail down it’s an extra 1.5 miles RT. Also lots of shade. Has options to add more miles on upper trailhead. Sunset Ridge can go on for miles...

So definitely heed the warning and bring microspikes or full-on crampons if you plan on summiting during the winter. hiking poles are a must for me as well. It is significantly more challenging in the winter.

Hiked on 1/19/2019. Ice and snow covered starting from about a mile in from the trail head. Deep snow covered the trail to Cucamonga peak, and we feel unsafe going on a slope covered with deep snow without ax and snow shoes so we decided to turn back. But it was an awesome day to enjoy the snow.

Snowy but passable for this visiting Wisconsinite. Nice summit views. Warm temps. I only needed a light jacket and headband. I started the route by passing through the ski area and finishing with Baldy Bowl. I only saw three other hikers before summiting. on the way down, I passed many hikers going the other way, easily numbering 50 or more. By the time I finished at 1pm, the parking lot was a mass of humanity, completely full with cars of hikers and skiers.

10 days ago

Definately a place to check off the list & a unique site as the 2nd tallest waterfall in the NF, but go with expectations. This is NOT a hiker's hike. You will encounter grafitti, trash, sewage, loud human noises, partiers & the trail inexperienced (read: don't know trail ettiquette). While it's rated moderate for the rocks & a short hill, it's fairly easy. Kids & small dogs could make it.

As of 1/13, there is tons of snow and ice on this trail. Bring poles and maybe spikes for the slippery ice on the second half. All in all, a great hike for snow hiking newcomers.

First winter hike on this trail. Snowed all day long. I like snow covered Mt. Baldy than dry/hot summer hike. Weather is mild even in January here but still need to drive carefully to the trail head when it snows.

Great trail for the family!!

Awesome hike, lots of snow.

Beautiful trail. First snow hike. Trekking poles are a must, if I didnt have them I would have probably slipped down the mountain. I got here earlier today at 8am and I was one of the first ones here, it was pretty empty. Keep in mind it's a weekday. It is pretty tough if you haven't hiked in a while, I contemplated giving up multiple times. The trail to the peak at some point was hidden in snow and I felt that it was best if I didnt continue, plus my crampons broke. I'll be sure to finish this trail in the summer.

This was my first hike at this location and hiking in the snow. Great workout...crampons and trekking poles helped. Completed in 9 hours. Since it was supposed to rain later that day it was super windy and began snowing on the way back down. Hiking in the snow was awesome and the scenery was beautiful. Can’t wait to do this one again in better weather conditions to be able to absorb more of the scenery.

Very fun and interesting trail. Really cute waterfall and something really nice to see during the winter!

hiked on 12/19/18

absolutely amazing. micro spikes were a must. hiking poles are extremely helpful, i don't summit without them!

started at 8:30. got to the top by 1. ate lunch for about an hour. got back down by 5. next time I will start an hour early because the sun had set by the time we got back to the parking lot.

this hike can be dangerous for those who don't come prepared. we ran into someone who slid 100 feet because they were in Nikes and no micro spikes. luckily they weren't alone. not sure what the current conditions are, i would call the ranger station a day in advance to make sure.

anyways, had a total blast doing this. i definitely recommend getting some miles in before doing this one because it is mighty strenuous. can't wait to train properly and do it again!

Hiked to the peak without micro-spikes, worst mistake ive ever made. Almost fell off a slope but thanks to someone near by helped me up, very dangerous without spikes at the moment.

best wire of entire ie!!...by far!

Kind of anti-climactic at the end just going to the saddle, but overall a really great hike and lovely views along the way.

it was fun!!

22 days ago

I’m not a speed hiker, but on a continuous walk up, it only took 45 minutes. This is so easy! The trail itself wasn’t a bad trail, and the views were nice for the atmosphere we have in LA, but it was so short I don’t know that it’s worth the drive up to go at it a second time. If you’re looking for an easy hike with a nice view, this is it. If you’re looking for a nice good day hike, perhaps combine this with the Lowe Railroad hike and Mt. Disappointment because it’s really short on its own.

my wife and I did this with our infant and dog. the road was closed so we parked by the nursery at the bottom of the hill and made a nice 5 mile round trip. once you get to the camp site it's only half a mile to a really beautiful little spot. don't forget to be prepared to carry out your trash, there are only trash cans by the camp site!

Easy start with great views of the LA basin, then climbing a bit, then steep at the end. Clouds blocked the southern views at the top, but great view of the mountains to the north and east. It was a bit chilly in the shady parts, but pretty warm otherwise. We took 1.5 hours to go up and 1 to come back down.

Such an awesome climb to the Baldy summit today. The views were incredible. Crampons AND Poles are a MUST and that is the minimum. I would’ve felt safer with an ice axe. The temperature was freezing and my hydration pack froze while I was climbing the backbone. Kind of annoying, but that’s why I came hydrated.
I took the fire road route up to the Baldy Notch which lead to the Devils Backbone and up to the summit. I got lost on the way down when the fog set in HEAVILY. I ended up taking a wrong turn and ended up on Register Ridge which was SKETCHY (I loved that).
Come prepared, have patients, and be safe.

“Mountains are not Stadiums where I satisfy my ambition to achieve, they are the cathedrals where I practice my religion”
-Anatoli Boukreev

IG: @TheSoCalHiker94

Probably better in summer. Cold and windy near the ski lift. Bar was closed. Took about 30 minutes hiking down to thaw my face and hands. Pretty views and steady incline. Watch for ice

Started the hiking going up the Baldy bowl trail. Good amounts of snow once you get to the ski hut. Micro spikes and trekking poles helped a lot and were necessary for me in most of the snow and icy sections but there were some hikers who didn’t have spikes and or poles. I think if you had crampons they’re fine but might have been over kill. Reached the summit and then decided to do devils backbone on the way down. Not for the front hearted but definitely worth it. It says 9 miles or something but my strava got me at 12 miles. This is my second hike and I loved it. Can’t wait to do it again.

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