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1 day ago

Drove up squaw peak road and started from there which cut out a good chunk of the hike. Ended up being only about 2 miles each way for us, but a brutal two miles. Not the prettiest but definitely worth it!

Fun hike! The trail gets a little difficult to follow descending into slide canyon, so make sure you have the map downloaded. Coming down the face of y mountain can be tough on the knees and pretty hot. About 70 oz of water was perfect for me and it took about three hours. Watch out for moose!

Great scenery with changing terrain from Forrest to meadows and beautiful views. Great for cardio. If you don‘t have much time, but need a great workout, this is the trail to hit. I have done it both ways. Only downer is the very busy “Y” trail section.

28 days ago

Whew that was a doozy! I started at the Hike the Y Parking Lot. Took Slide Canyon up and connected with Squaw Peak Road. Despite reading the reviews I STILL missed the damn cairn! Keep a careful eye for it lest you will have to resort to backtracking or bushwhacking straight up the mountain like I did! Definitely arduous and a good test of endurance, but well worth it!

Ascent : 4 Hours 45 Minutes

Descent : 2 Hours

Definitely difficult, the trail can be hard to see behind the mountain and the area right before reaching the Y is a bit difficult, steep sides, narrow trail..we came down the face of the y and it was way too hot. My dad ended up with heat stroke so I would definitely suggest starting there and ending in slate canyon. The view behind that mountain is INCREDIBLE.

It took my buddy and I almost six hours to complete the whole thing. It was 100% with it. Beautiful views. And, you get to see a great view of Provo. I recommend it.

2 months ago

We went up via Slate Canyon and it was gorgeous! It adds an extra mile or so but well worth it. The final ascent is about 2500 ft of elevation gain over the last mile and a half so prepare yourself! Drink lots of water the day before to avoid cramping like I did! I’ve done around 15 peaks in Utah and this is by far the hardest. That being said it was absolutely gorgeous and worth the effort

2 months ago

The wildflowers were beautiful as was the view. As previous people have said, don't miss the carin. My friend and I did and we ended up bush wacking up the side. Stay on the right side of the edge. We also did it from Slate Canyon. That was the prettier overall part of the hike though the views were better from Provo summit. If you have a vehicle that could drive up Squaw peak road, that would be the recommended route.

Holy moly this hike should have an extra hard rating. Squaw Peak and Big Baldy are rated hard and those are not as hard as this one.
This trail takes no time getting steep. I drove up the Squaw Peak Rd and started there (high clearance highly recommended). Hike over some rolling hills up a dirt road then there is a cairn that points you up a narrow trail to your right - don’t miss it. You’ll hike through heavy brush and straight sun before it gets to rock trail that’s pretty much a stair climber. Then it’s scree. Lots of loose scree. And all in exposed sun. Only tender mercy is a good wind blows once you get out of the heavy shrubs.
There are 3 false summits which was mentally taxing for me.
Bring PLENTY of water and mentally prepare yourself for a no mercy uphill grind.
Took the dogs up - don’t take yours if they aren’t used to loose scree and don’t handle heat/straight sun well.
Outstanding views overall though and tons of wildflowers! No snow (6/22/18)

2 months ago

It was so beautiful! The trail is definitely a bit overgrown on the back side of the mountain. Great hike overall.

Very steep hike with not amazing views. Going up from Slate Canyon it is very steep and rocky. I also was confused where to start (I started going towards Y mountain before turning around). The trail gets even more steep after the fork towards the very top of the hike. While hiking down the trail it is overgrown with vegetation so it is difficult to see the trail. Watch out for snakes and bring lots of water!! Above the Y trail was beautiful and the start of the canyon was also beautiful. Lots of vegetation on the back side of the canyon. Difficult hike with very little traffic.

3 months ago

hiked from the Y trailhead. the trails are easy to fallow and well marked. the stack of rocks that marks the way up to the summit was a big help and I got that from another review thanks. I went in a Sunday and only saw 5 people. I loved that hike in June.

Slate Canyon is a great hike. I go up the canyon about 3 miles everyday. It's quite the workout. The first 3 miles are almost entirely uphill. There is long steep hills, one after the other. I've lost 30lbs making this hike everyday.

Good times!!!

4 months ago

This hike was one that more people should do. I started from Rock Canyon to the top. Snow and mud started about half way up Rd. 60. Took the west ridge which had snow up to my wasit when post holded happened randomly. Half way up the ridge I was beginning to think this was a bad idea until the snow started to turn into more ice. Was the first one of this yr according to the log book. The views we're just as good as Timp if not better. This hike will break you off if you do the whole thing and not cheat by starting from Rd 60.

Steadily steep coming up the Slate canyon access road, loose shale in some parts, and breaks partially into pines near and after the fork. Pretty views of the backside mountains.

March 24th - hiked the loop today with my husband and 20 month old. It was a challenging hike but the views are worth it! We chose to park at Slate, walk the Bonneville Shoreline then up the Y then back down Slate. We were very happy to have snowshoes.
Also, we were grateful for this app and being able to see the map because part of the trail was covered with snow.

It's difficult but the views and experience are worth it. In the summer the sky is incredibly blue and in the winter it's so silent you can hear your heartbeat.

Fairly steep climb, but fairly low traffic.

Jan 28th - I hiked from the Slate Canyon side with microspikes all the way up to the saddle that spills over into Slide (~3.5 miles). At that point, I would have needed snowshoes (north facing slope) to continue, so I walked back down Slate.

Aside from the face of Y mountain and then the beginning of slate canyon this hike is very scenic. From the backside of maple mountain until the face of Y mountain is incredible green and in some places has foliage that grows over the trail at 7 feet tall. Very secluded and has little traffic. Definitely worth it, especially if you’ve already done the bigger hikes in the area.

Great trail for a quick afternoon outing! Beware in the summer lots of sun and some homeless people have set up camps at the base. Nothing to be worried about but it’s always a surprise to see a little shanty down there.

Friday, September 08, 2017

This was an amazing hike. We live in Spanish Fork area, and drove out Dodge Durango up to where the trail crosses the squaw peak road. Through Hobble creek canyon and around. The road was bit sketchy in some points lots of big rocks and huge washouts. A standard car I don't think would make it. Starting in Spanish Fork and driving up Hobble creek it took us about 1.5 hours, to get to where trail crosses the Squaw Peak Road. There is a loop around and it is fairly obvious the Jeep / ATV trail heads up on the East, which is the trail.

If you travelled in a Razr or ATV you could cut some distance and time off. We parked on the Squaw Peak road. We hiked up the double track and thanks to Matt Faraday's comments we didn't miss the trail heading off to the right. There is a descent sized cairn there now. The trail to the right is about 300 yards beyond the large Quaking Aspen grove the double track heads through. I posted a picture of the cairn.

We are not in extreme physical fitness, just moved here from Missouri. It took us 3 hrs to get to the top with lots of rests to breathe. The top was great, though vision limited by smoke from fires all around. Took us 1.75 hrs to descend. Folks who are in good shape will likely be much faster.

After we drove the Durango on the squaw peak road towards Provo canyon which took about an hour. I can see how a low clearance vehicle would have difficulties. Overall a great day.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Loved it! The only downside is the road to get to the trailhead, if you want to skip hiking the Y and Slide Canyon first. I took my VW Passat up the road and nearly got stuck. We made it, however, and really enjoyed the hike. The road was such slow going though, in a car, that it took us two hours from the mouth of Provo Canyon up Squaw Peak Road to the trailhead. If you have a car with some decent clearance you could do it much more quickly.

The trailhead to Provo Peak has a turn-around and a place to park your car. You'll see a sign on the west side of the turn-around for Slide Canyon and Slate Canyon. Hike up the small road directly east across Squaw Peak Road for about a quarter mile before the narrow, steep trail to the summit takes off up the hill to the right. It's easy to miss. If the double-track road turns to single-track you've missed the trail to the summit. If you have a GPS I'd suggest downloading the route GPX file in advance so you don't miss the trail.

It's really steep, and the 1.76 miles took much longer than anticipated to get to the summit (3.5 hours, with a little detour and pretty regular rest. 1.5 hours down), but was well worth the effort. To the north the summit of Timpanogos is a similar elevation, to the northeast Midway (I think) is visible in the distance, to the west you can see Provo and Utah Lake over Y Mountain, to the south you can follow Squaw Peak Road to Springville and Spanish Fork, with Mount Nebo in clear view as well. To the east is just spectacular mountain scenery. I was surprised by how comparable this Peak is to Timpanogos and Nebo in elevation. And now having hiked Provo Peak I can call myself a real Provoan!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Provo Peak fits well in the difficult category as it is very steep and a moderate distance. The wild flowers were fantastic and the view to the East was amazing. I would recommend this hike to anyone willing to put in the effort to enjoy the beauty of the place.

Monday, July 17, 2017

Lightly used trail. I used this trail to summit Y Mountain and Lion Head. It also forks and takes you to the Provo Peak Trailhead. Not a lot of shade.

Wednesday, July 05, 2017

Amazing view from the summit. I started at the Y mountain trailhead and it was a little over 7 miles to the summit. The first 5 miles are beautiful and not too hard. After you get passed Squaw Peak road it gets pretty brutal. I am in very good shape and I had to take a lot of breaks. It also gets technical due to loose rocks and the steepness grade. It took me five hours from the Y mountain trailhead to get to the summit.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Starting from the trail head, this is a fairly wide yet steep trail. At roughly 2.5 mile the trail forks & I stayed left. I was unsure at first because it almost immediately turns into a narrow, single track trial that almost looks like a game trail instead of a hiking trail. From this point to about the top of the Y was the most beautiful section as far as fauna goes. The trail from the Y back to the trail head was not scenic or shaded at all, but there are great views of the valley beyond. The Bonneville Shoreline section was extremely dusty.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Nice if you don't want to see many hikers. A pretty dusty trail, with views that are pretty good. If you are deciding between this and Rock Canyon, I'd say the views in Rock Canyon are better.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Good trail, lots of trees to provide shade for most of the trail. There was a nice little stream adjacent to the trail. Too many motorcyclists on the trail.

Sunday, June 18, 2017

Nice loop. Fairly quick ascend. I would categorize it more as moderate. Beautiful views from the top just before descending down to the "Y".

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