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trail running
1 day ago

Great for trail running!
First half is a bit loose and rocky so watch your step if you’re running through. Great little climb up the granite ridge in the middle with a perfect spot to take a break, have a snack, enjoy the view. Back half is gorgeous to run through and connects to another trail if you want to take it further.
First bit and top of the ridge can be busy on weekends.
Parking is limited so get there early.

This hike was enjoyable. Long, challenging, and good views from the top.

Piestewa however is not a place I see myself returning to very often. There are so many people that hike it and a lot of those people lack etiquette.

With that being said, it is very well maintained.

I enjoyed Camelback. It was challenging, and had good views. I liked climbing up the rocks!

To be completely honest, I don’t think it is super special that I’d want to drive out there often and around so many people of different skill levels. It is a good hike, but to me, it’s a little overrated.

What a challenge! very steep climb and I kept thinking going down would be more difficult, and it was. Had to remove the tri-focals to have better depth perception. I'm and avid hiker in the Rockies and this was tough for me. But I did it! I envy those that can do it quickly and are steady on their feet. I've got a new workout plan for the gym to help with that. 65 and feeling alive! rock on☺️

2 days ago

Short hike with a gradual climb and 360 view at the top

Nice views from the top. Stairs pretty much the whole way there. I would prefer the loop if you want to see scenery but the peak if you want to see far.

Short hike but good workout! lots of rock scaling.. good hiking shoes and water a must. Took 1 hour going moderate speed to get to top and 25 minutes to go down going fast. No problem with parking mid week at 10 am. This hike wouldn't be fun in the heat. Very steep sections.

no shade
3 days ago

It’s a nice short hike, pretty busy and lots of tourists. Great view. Pretty steep but not that long.

Bring a pair of gloves! I brought my fingerless weightlifting gloves and cut up my finger tips. Amazing hike! Take it easy going up there and listen to your body. I thought it would be extremely difficult, but this felt like a moderate hike for me. 3/4ths of the way up was rock scrambling. Also bring good sturdy shoes for traction. Gym shoes won't cut it.

Loved the challenge and the views from the top! Good traction on your shoes and a backpack with 2 liters of water are going to help you here! This trail is very crowded even on weekdays, so not the hike for you if you want solitude or don’t like lots of moving out of the way for other hikers (uphill has the right of way!) Other hikers are very friendly and encouraging.

The descent is incredibly dangerous. I slipped on a boulder and was an inch away from bashing my skull into another boulder. Easily the most difficult trail in Phoenix, so be careful!

The top is amazing. Because the peak is so steep the trail is very windy so it takes quite awhile to get there, but definitely worth it. There are a lot of lookout points along the way.

Was a awesome climb and beautiful day with my

Fun hike for the whole family and it was beautiful.

Pretty hike! Unlike another trail I was on the last time I visited, it’s got good elevation changes to make it interesting and some really lovely views. The summits are both doable (in one of the duplicate listings for the summits on AllTrails, they’re listed as hard. They’re not hard.)

I always end up registering more mileage than AllTrails lists. I think it had 6.9 miles when I got back to my car. Beware of loose rock. There’s plenty. My poor boots and their wearing soles can attest to that.

i'm a beginner, with a height fear, and i'm about 35lbs overweight, we did trail (C) which was 6.1 miles total. it was a bit rough, but only because I'm out of shape. I loved the scenery and the trail wasn't to difficult. id do it again.

This hike will bring you so many beautiful views! Totally worth the climb to the top!

My favorite hike in the valley! It is definitely a climb, but so much fun! I highly recommend taking an Uber to the trail head due to limited parking.

This is a trail with great views around most turns. It is rocky and fairly steep in places but it also levels off occasionally which I found helpful. Hard to believe it’s as crowded as it is with the elevation gain but it is right IN a large metropolitan area so I’m not terribly surprised. Coming from MT I didn’t struggle as much as my mother who came from sea level did but it’s definitely a bring plenty of water and be ready to be in the full sun hike. The views at the top are worth it.

A well-marked, super challenging trail. Very heavily trafficked by hikers and trail runners of all skill levels.

Tougher than expected and way better than I thought going in. I prefer Echo Canyon over Cholla Trail personally, we did both on our trip. Make sure to arrive early if you want to park in their lot. It’s not very big and fills up fast. We got there at 10am on a Friday and got one of the last spots. When we left, the lot was full. I recommend a camelback (or knock off) backpack and good hiking boots. Saw a lot of people without either but honestly, it made it easier.

It was gorgeous, but definitely not well marked so don't go alone and don't go if you've never hiked in AZ before. The views at the peaks were unbelievable, and even the sides of the mountains are something else. I highly recommend this trail in early spring months.

Did this hike to check it off my Phoenix bucket list but was fairly underwhelmed. For the hype and popularity, especially as a tourist attraction, I would NOT recommend this hike to most. I saw many older individuals, young children, or just tourists in non-athletic clothing (think: skinny jeans and flat-bottom sneakers) who seemed to be struggling or were at risk for falling/injuring themselves. The hike itself isn't difficult in terms of length or even elevation (although I am an avid hiker), but more the scrambling and climbing over rocks. The views at the top were definitely nice but at the cost of feeling more "urban" than a hike out in nature. If you were looking for amazing views, I would recommend South Mountain or even Tonto/the Superstitions area.

I went on a Saturday so there was no parking. Also saw some firefighters doing a rescue, which I later learned happens quite frequently - another reason why I would not recommend this hike to the "average person," per se.

I had only done a couple of moderate trails before hitting this trail. It kicked my butt going up and going down. I understand now why it's called "stairmaster trail". It was a great workout, the trail is heavy used but that helps with motivation. I'm looking forward to doing it again when I'm in a little better shape.

Nice hike with dogs !

8 days ago

The 1st half mile of the "trail" is a paved sidewalk. If you prefer a trail, best to take "Black Rock" trail to a short connector to the 2nd part of "Waterfall" trail. From there a nice hike to the waterfall area. As noted, waterfall only runs after a heavy rain, but there is a small pool of water at the bottom of the falls area.

This hike was absolutely beautiful! It was very difficult at parts, but it wasn’t vertical the entire hike so we stopped at a couple scenic overlooks to take breaks and drink water. Even if you don’t make it to the top (which is totally worth the burn though) the view of Phoenix is amazing everywhere you stop and look. You can see for miles. The mountain itself is super cool too, making it an enjoyable, not bland, trail. There are railings when you get closer to the top because it’s much steeper up there. Took us around 2 hours total including stops. Such a great workout- totally recommend!

This was definitely challenging but so fun and worth it!!! There are railings to help you move along when the trail gets steep and even steps carved out at one of the inclines. There are also plenty of "rest stops" where you can hang and enjoy the view from above. However, watch out for the boulders because every time you think you're close to the top, there's another mountain of rocks you must overcome! I recommend the song "The Strong Will Continue" by Nas & Damian Marley to help you persevere to the top (and for the hike back down)! The view from the summit was breath-taking! I highly recommend Camelback Mt and will be going back and perhaps try the Cholla trail next time I'm in Scottsdale!

Great hike with beautiful views!

Great morning hike. We went early to avoid crowds and the reviews don’t lie. By 9 the parking lot is filling up. We were approximately 1.5 hours. There were many tail runners and people of all ages and physical abilities. A long rock scramble up that will get your legs working but worth the mile to half mile climb for the amazing 360 views at the top. Many people including us carrying their kids up in front or back carriers. A must do if you are in the city.

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