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Fun trail. Good for kids

4 days ago

Easy, clean, and peaceful.

Fun and quick

Paved trail with much of it in shade. I really enjoyed the Dewey Short Visitor Center by the dam. I parked at Showboat Branson Belle parking lot and walked toward the dam. .8 miles then back. I also went the other direction toward another state park area which is also .8 miles. This trail is in sections with many benches to sit and enjoy the view. I use the restrooms at showboat park area but there are outhouse type restrooms at each of the Missouri state park areas. I love this trail and will do the entire beautiful walk He next time I am in town.

The view is nice, but getting there is something else. The gravel road up to the trail is in poor condition. There were some rocky trenches in the road making it inaccessible to some vehicles. There is currently no parking area. There are a couple giant piles of gravel on each side of the road, one before and one after the trail. The trailhead is not distinguishable by vehicle. Just park near the trailhead (GPS) and locate on foot. Most of the path is also becoming overgrown with poison ivy, which may be a problem for some. I think taking the rest of the trail up there would have been better. I prefer hiking up difficult and rocky inclines over driving up them.

The hike there and back is not easy but the falls!!!! What a spectacular bluff. So much larger than I’d imagined. It was like walking into a cathedral, it creates a magical space to be in. There was only a trickle, but it was still beautiful. There is poison ivy around on most of the trail, but also so many lizards and butterflies. The way back up is serious with large rock steps and large rocks to climb on the way.

Beautiful fall !!

Using the directions from this app we found the trail with no issues, although it is in the middle of nowhere haha we were thinking we had gone the wrong way before we finally ran into a local on the narrow dirt road and he told us we were right around the corner.
The trail was easy for the most part and the end result is def worth all of the time it took to find and hike the trail. Beautiful rock, waterfall, and water! Would love to go back during rainy season as the water flow wasn’t as much as I expected. Our 6 year old twins absolutely loved it!

21 days ago

My wife and I along with another couple backpacked Sneed's Creek and then back to the Compton trailhead by way of Hemmed in Hollow. Very beautiful! Even though the waterfall was merely just a sprinkling of water it was still amazing to see the size of the wall! Hiking back to the trailhead with our backpacks on was extremely difficult, but exceptionally beautiful. Definitely a hard trail on the uphill hike to the trailhead. Would love to see the waterfall during the wet season. Next time may use this trail as a starting point and not an ending point.

Great little, short trail. It's a nice trail for a quick walk and fairly easy for older and younger hikers.

Good easy hike. Kids and pet friendly. Unfortunately the falls were pretty dry at this time of the year.

Great trail for the whole family!

Cool breeze coming off the lake while we walked on the paved trail. Very easy .

Beautiful and well maintained trail. Access from 6 am to 10 pm. Very enjoyable!

2 months ago

Fun hiking trail! It's well kept, and marked good enough to reach the end and back with no issue. Waterfall is AMAZING, but more for its structure than anything else. Highly recommended if you can appreciate an aggressive hike from the Compton Trailhead. River was dry so no human traffic from river. We saw more wildlife than humans which is the kind of trail we like. Ran across 2 primitive camp sites, but no camping near the fall. A few pointers...remember, it's down and back (which is up) from the Compton Trailhead. If you can't walk or run 5k on flat ground, then this trail is not for you. Watch for rattlesnakes. We saw 3-4 ft rattler on the rock steps. If you use the post office as a landmark to find the trailhead, it's gone...looks burned down. Overall, a fantastic hiking experience!

2 months ago

This was fun! Minus the fact that we were the first on the trail and dealt with ALL the morning spiderwebs, it was a very unique hike. The reviews are all correct - bomb down and hike up. We actually found that it took us longer going down however bc we were being so cautious with footing.

While the waterfall was barely flowing, it was still nice to get underneath and cool off. We took lunch and ate down at the falls. Really beautiful and worth the hike down.

The hike up was a challenge but not crazy. Just about an hour of uphill hiking and lots of stairs. We took a few water breaks and heart rate breaks and had a great time!

Enjoyed seeing the water throughout the whole trail. Perfect place to stretch your legs and spend a lunch break getting some fresh air. This trail is easily overlooked with all the activities available in Eureka Springs, but it is definitely worth a visit!

Beautiful scenery. If you hike from the Compton trailhead, it is a heck of a climb coming back up. If you just want to see the fall, I’d recommend starting from the river. It’s short and sweet. However, I don’t know if there is any way to access the trailhead from the river unless you’re floating. Anyways, beautiful scenery and a truly great hike! Try not to do it in the extreme heat. I’d say basically anytime except for July-mid September would be the best time to go.

absolutely beautiful hike, take plenty of water with you.

Great trail to hike with family. It has a wonderful view and a few water- falls. There were tons of poison-Ivey. Please be aware of this.

2 months ago

This hike is difficult, pack plenty of water and a snack. It took us a minimum of three hours and the hike back up felt very daunting. Be warned that it’s definitely not easy.

Beautiful scenery on this small trail. My only complaint is how short it was, but it would be the perfect trail if you want to do a quick hike.

Nice paved easy trail.

2 months ago

nice little hike not much elevation change decent scenery

Cool rock formations and pretty lake!

2 months ago

It gets pretty crowded as a lot of canoers from the Buffalo make the hike from down there. The hike back up to the Compton trailhead can be pretty brutal too. Instead of hiking in from the top, you’re better off taking a day to float the river and making a quick hike up to the waterfall from there. That hike would be pretty short, so it would be well worth it.

A very easy all paved trail from the Table Rock lake dam to the state park marina. 4.4 miles round trip. It has several access points to the lake and lots of places to stop and rest or reflect along the way. Hikers of all levels will enjoy this easy route.

3 months ago

The waterfall was neat, but the trails could have been more clearly marked (or marked at all).

I hiked this trail Sunday May 7th 2018. It was very well marked and cleared well. It was a few days after a good rain and the falls were running great. I was surprised to see the parking lot very crowded and I passed several large groups of people on my hike. The views were great and the big falls were amazing. I'm definitely going back. It took me about 45 minutes to get to the falls with a few stops for pictures and a little over an hour to get back up the mountain. If you are not fit enough for this hike and just want to see the falls, it's much easier to access the falls from the river by canoe, kayak or raft. From the river to the falls is a short hike that is much easier than the trail up and down to the Compton trail head. I highly recommend this hike!

3 months ago

TRAIL IS NOT WELL MARKED. THE COMMENT THAT SAYS IT IS, IS VERY MISLEADING. Look for a SMALL, THIN BROWN SIGN, stuck into ground. IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TO MISS. Parking is not marked and is practically non-existent. There are like 3 individual spaces that you would believe are supposed to be used for parking. Basically, there's a dirt road you take to cut through the loop trail to a very short hike, to an incredibly scenic spot called Spy Rock. Fantastic view. Worth the drive. Only had around 40 minutes of time on the rock, because we spent 20 minutes searching for the trail. TRAIL IS EXACTLY WHERE GPS SAYS IT IS. JUST LOOK FOR BROWN SIGN. Since it takes only around 10 minutes to hike to the rock, it's perfect if you only have like an hour or so to actually be hiking and being outdoors in nature (not including travel time), but want to go somewhere very remote with a comparably better view than Yellow Rock. There is almost no difference in elevation. This is an insanely easy hike. Not good for children as the bluff is rather small. Could not tell if they were Eagles, Hawks, or Falcons but there was a couple large birds flying around in the horizon and it was gorgeous. Could be an excellent spot for birding if you get lucky like we did. I wish I had more time just to watch the birds majestically fly around the top of the vast landscape.

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