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2 days ago

Helpful info: go early! At 5:30 am there was a locked gate 1.2 miles before the parking lot. Not sure what time they open it every day but I still got to the trailhead by 5:50 and the walk was spectacular in August. You’ll be in the shade of the mountain the whole way up. Views are awesome.

6 days ago

Nice, quick hike.

Very nice walk!

I had an enjoyable time out on the trail, but found that it really doesnt skirt along the lake as much as I wanted. The lake is so beautiful that I couldnt help but walk off the trail up to the lake for more photos. I set out to do the entire loop, but managed instead to have zig zagged about 6 miles and was barely a third of the way around the lake, so I ended up having to turn back and walked another 2.5 miles back to my starting point because my water wouldnt have made the whole loop at the rate I went. The dots get hard to follow, Im not sure if maybe the trail is more obvious to others, but I found myself frustrated at a few points when I couldn't figure out which way I should go and it was another 15 feet to the next dot. Particularly by the bottom of the dam where it gets really grassy and green, I did a lot of circling and back tracking. I did have to get on all 4s to climb up and down several times, which isn't usually what I expect on a moderate trail. That being said, I guess if you stick exclusively to the trail and dont zig zag on and off the trail or end up on the side trails, it'll be the hike it says it is, but I found this trail to be at the upper limits of my physical ability as a 24 year old female who is by no means a couch potato, but doesnt exactly make it to the gym all 3 times per week.

Stayed at Yavapai Campground and started trail from there. It was gorgeous and the fragrance of the pines was intoxicating. We only saw 1 other person on the entire 11 mile hike — perhaps because the temps got above 90. It was a bit eerie to walk through the portion where fire had burned several years ago. One thing to watch out for trail is not marked in certain areas, and you can very easily confuse a wash for portions of the trail. Luckily our GPS worked so we could access AllTrails map. I would love to come back in the springtime when everything is in bloom.

19 days ago

I begin up the steep side to the left for cardio a workout.
Elevation is roughly 680.
40 minute loop.
Jog up the left and circle back down to the trail head, on the right.

If you have small children I strongly suggest you begin the path on the RIGHT SIDE at the trail head, as it is less of a physical challenge and easier hike.

Easy path to follow.
Snake sighting. Always wear proper hiking boots.
Memorial at the top of the mountain for the 19 HOT SHOTS.

19 days ago

Solid hike of 4 miles from east end to west end and back. Enjoyed the trail. Due to sporadic view of homes and sounds of the city along the hike, this trail lacked that out-in-the-wilderness feel. Others may prefer this aspect.

One of our absolute favorite hikes in the Prescott Area!

Wonderful hike. Lots to look at and plenty to keep you engaged! I will be sure to do it again!

Great trail for beginners or seasoned hikers. Great scenery and away from the city heat of Phoenix.

Good workout. Went counterclock-wise to the right. Nice incline for cardio. Talked with a local hiker who told us the descent on the backside was steep and slick. We chose to return the same way as we went up.

I did this loop clockwise. The first 5ish miles were not my favorite. It was wide open and could see for a few miles, but overall I found it kind of boring. There were areas that you could still see the devastation from the fire which was sad and scary. The second half of the hike was much better and would do that again, I just don’t recommend the first half. My other hiking app logged this loop at 11.4 mi.

Had lunch at the Cafe today and then a leisurely walk around the lake. It was 94 degrees so it was a little hotter than usual, but it was just as beautiful as it always is. Love this hike every time

It was about 5 miles for us.. but switched off to Peavine trail on the backside and skipped the last lakeshore trail

You do need good shoes and water.

White Dots very helpful but hard to see in places and easy to get off on an Ad Hoc trail if distracted. Some of the white dots are obscured and in other places a bit inconsistent ..i.e a bunch in one pace then spaced out a bit too far in other places. Map is good. GPS is good. Better in morning - cool ....er ... we did rock stuff first than flat trail out...

Good hike. Rocky but slick loose gravel. Nice photo ops.

Came here on a whim. It's a good trail with a mix of forest and desert, some great views and quiet :)

Took us 3 hours for three, fit adults. Got off the trail a few times, a bit confusing how they all connect and harder than moderate for sure

1 month ago

This is a nice mostly flat trail. We are training our young dog for hiking so we decided to try it even though the PV end is being encroached on by Granville development. So just for information to share here we noted the distance before you come into anything resembling a nature trail. From the dog park at Granville where you can park, it is now 2 miles before you get to enjoy any reasonable nature. Once there it is a wonderful and beautiful trail. I would rate this trail as easy and best suited for bicycling and running.

Easy trail to follow and nice walk

1 month ago

West half of the trail is paved - so easy for all ages. Bald eagles almost always on dead tree snags to the east and can be seen across the lake. Benches along trail on west side of lake. Lake is beautiful - picnic tables and bbq’s on south. Flush toilets on north side of lake. East side of trail is more rugged and rocky.

This is an okay trail when dry but the ground is filled with burrs and isn't too dog foot friendly. Evening hikes are very buggy.

Great hike, easy and beautiful. Great weather and awesome place to beat the heat during June. Can easily go around the whole lake a couple of times if you want more excercise.

Great trails surrounding the lake. Was there yesterday and loved our visit there! Great photo opportunities when the Eagles roost. Perfect for kayaking and fishing.

Definitely not an easy hike! Very challenging, but so worth it! The views are awesome :)

We loved this trail. It was moderate. Some real pretty areas. The view of Watson lake was fabulous. We went on down and kayaked for a while. I am not sure if there is always rentals. We got lucky.

Incredible beauty around ever turn. I camped and hike the next morning.

2 months ago

Not sure I would call this trail easy. Certainly there were some flat portions of the trail. There we also a lot of steep and rocky parts to the trail. Beautiful scenic views all around the trail.

Great trail. Well marked. Definitely need good footwear. Awesome views at the top.

Beautiful views at the bluffs, nice rocks to climb on. Beautiful waterfall below dam. Not hard, definitely moderate unless not in shape. Areas away from bluffs are flat and wide. My only complaint is that in some areas the white dots are hard to find, and used for multiple paths, so very difficult to find the way. Bring water - I saw so many people who were wishing they had brought more. I didn’t park by the humane society, but parked up at the Park - faster access to the really beautiful areas.

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