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The toadstool hoodoos are unreal. If you travel along highway 89 and pass by the place with an hour to spare, try to go to see this nature wonder. I went there in early PM in mid October. It was not hot, rather it was a bit cold.

I want to start off by saying this was the very first time I’ve ever gone to the Grand Canyon and the Bright Angel trail is definitely recommended. Either for shirt day hikes or an all day affair, it’s well maintained, there’s bathrooms/resthouses and water EVERY 1.5 miles down during the summer months. I went the last week in May 2018 and I started at 5am, returned at 3pm. I want to warn you that I consider myself an experienced hiker but half my group turned around at the 3 mile reststop and even that was enough for most of them. The other half of the group I was a part of made it to Indian Gardens by 9 and continued to Plateau Point. On the way back we hung out at Indian Gardens for lunch and decided to hike mid day....not the best decision. It’s about 10° hotter within the Canyon than the Rim so even tho it seemed to be 80° that day, it felt like over 90°. There was an a ranger telling us to wait til after 2pm to continue. Anyways, we were persistent and the hike up had little shade and was brutal. I believe the entire trail is almost 12 miles (there and back) and was the longest I have ever done up to that point.

Overall tho we survived to tell the tale and definitely earned some bragging rights! Anyone who’s done this hike can say the same!

Some things to consider:

-This is a good hike for somewhat experienced hikers IF and only IF they are smart about it.
-Don’t start any later than 6am, if you do don’t even try going past the 3 mile point or Indian gardens if your inexperienced
-I had hiking poles (bought specifically for this trail), hydration pack, electrolyte water, and another huge water bottle.
-I packed salty and sugary snacks, granola/energy bars, and a lunch with double the amount of carbs I would normally eat as a normal meal.
-This hike is INTENSE if you’re not prepared and inexperienced. DONT UNDERESTIMATE the hike down!!! It’s easy. For anyone. Hiking back up is the tough part and by then you’re already tired....remember that
-Bring layers and soak your clothes with water at every stop to keep cool

Other than that I truly enjoyed this and is an excellent hike for groups and experienced hikers! Just remember to hike smart and you’ll have the best time!

Fun trail, great views, a little challenging in some spots.

Super fun and short hike. We were the only ones there. Super special experience. Love the absolute quietness. The rings could be a challenge for some, but was fine for us.

5 days ago

Such an awesome trail! Cairns are going to be your best friend on this trail, they mark when to switch sides and levels throughout the canyon. Definitely be ready to get a little muddy. Incredible sights around every corner. The best parts, in my opinion, are after the 30 ft drop. There are anchors if you want to repel down...but it is doable to get down without ropes.

6 days ago

As good as it gets. Well worth the effort to the top. Strava clocked it at about 10.5 miles. Trail is well marked...it was covered in snow yesterday. Lots of it. Definitely wear sunblock. Drank about 2L of water. Bring salty snacks. Dress in layers... you'll go from cold to hot the entire hike. This hike won't disappoint...I'll be back again soon.

Beautiful hike with beautiful views! Took us a little over two hours round trip, with a lunch break at the bottom. Easy going down, so don't let that fool you. Coming up will have your heart pumping and your thighs burning!

Pretty epic climb! My friend and I summited two weeks ago. It took a lot of physical strength and endurance, took us about 6 hours to the top and then another 5 back down at a very leisurely pace. We saw lots of people along the way, no wild life to speak of, amazing views thou once we got out of the forest and up to the saddle. Felt a little light headed at the top from high altitude but it wasn’t bad. Bring a lot of snacks, layers and wear excellent ankle support- the trail especially after saddle is very rocky. My iphone health app said we did 14 miles, climbed 200 stories and did 30,000 steps, holy moly!

9 days ago

• the trail is completely covered with snow (on 10/10). I started the hike at 9am and most of the snow was icy and slippery. When I made it to the ridge, it was difficult to locate the trail (had to watch for trail marker poles). On the way back, from 1 to 2pm, the snow was slushy as it began quickly melting
• the wind at the ridge was no joke, especially the last few hundred feet, forecast says it picked up to around 30mph.
• I completed the hike in around 5hrs, but this one is not a joke and involves stamina and knowing your body limits.

Relatively easy hike. Climbed down a few rocks to get to a more secluded spot, but there are some great spots out on the ledge to sit and have lunch, very peaceful with nice views.

One of my favorite trails in the park! Hiked it multiple times while at the canyon. Please please if you pan to do it bring water! There is NO water access on this trail. Bring at least a liter per person, more if it’s during the summer. Beautiful views and once you get to the ridge it opens up and you can see all around the canyon. Difficult but doable if you take your time. Wear proper footwear, I don’t recommend sandals.

Really cool trail and definitely a good challenge. The stone markers are helpful and you should be able to get through without wading through any big puddles. A word of advice: if it starts raining, even a light drizzle, get out of the canyon as soon as you can. My wife and I pushed a little further in when it started to drizzle and had a hell of a time coming back out. Everything gets slippery and it floods quickly. If you do get stuck, there are a couple places to climb out of the canyon and walk out to the road.

Easy trail, well marked.
The trail wraps around one hill to the hanging garden, the other part you can climb the hill for more views

the best view in Grand Canyon!

13 days ago

My significant other and I don't hike. We also come from a city with an elevation of 350 feet. This was brutal. Gorgeous. But brutal. Started about 0820 and got back at 1610. You're going to see a scenic chair lift in the distance and hear the joy of those riding it. You will have several false summits. You must not cry, save that salt and water. People coming down the mountain will pass you with pure joy on their faces because they can finally breathe. Snacks, water (we had 2 liters and it was plenty), layers, good shoes, and change of socks isn't a bad idea. Just keep pushing. It's doable. Don't let it get you down if you have to stop every 30 feet towards the summits. You'll find new friends doing the same. Go early, don't do it on a cloudy day (it's a great view) treat yourself afterwards.

Great hike! Don't let those false peaks deter you, you'll know once you've made it to the summit. Like many have said, it's well worth the views! Not a novice hikers, still a beginner and I did it with my pack (which might have been overkill - weight-wise). I took my sweet time to avoid injury, brought poles, plenty of water, salty snacks... and took plenty of quick stops along the way. I'm used to cooler (30-40deg f) temps and didn't need all the layers. Instead of a 40l pack, I'd bring a smaller day pack or camel back.

Great short trail. Great views

Awesome hike! Incredible views and a leg and lung burner!

14 days ago

Great hike. Well worth the effort to get down to the river. Thanks for the markers.

on Cathedral Wash Trail

14 days ago

Wonderful trail. Great scenery. Thank you to people who left stone markers. Truly enjoyed the walk. A few spots where you need to find your way around puddles left by the rain. Would do it again.

Loved this hike! We did it in March, and got up early to do it so it was pretty cool for our whole hike. We did down and back to Cedar Ridge in 2 hours, but it was a challenge! Getting up early to beat the spring break crowds was definitely worth it, and we were able to catch views of some mountain goat hiking the trail next to us!

16 days ago

A hard, strenuous hike that is definitely worth it. Data on this trail says it’s 4.8 miles one way, but like others on here said, it seems longer. My fitness tracker clocked the entire up and down as 11 miles plus. You must be prepared for this strenuous hike with at least 3 liters of water and plenty of snacks. From the trail head through the forest, up to the saddle is moderate to difficult due to elevation gain, and uneven terrain. From the saddle, over 4 false summits and up to the peak is difficult and strenuous due to even more increased elevation, giant step ups and cold temperatures plus high winds. ( Our group hiked it the last week of September to avoid Summer monsoon storms) Least to say, for the average person, this is not a casual hike. That said, it is well worth the effort and the end payoff is the view and the sense of accomplishment you summited the highest point in Arizona and traversed one of the hardest trails in the state. Go prepared with layered clothing, ( you will put on, then take off, then put on layers again) plenty of water, food, good, sturdy hiking shoes and trekking poles. The right equipment will definitely help you tackle this monster trail and summit.

Every hike in the Grand Canyon is utterly fabulous. This one ranks in my top 3, along with the S. Kaibab Trail to Skeleton Point and the Hermit Trail to Dripping Springs. All three show you different aspects of the GC and are stunningly beautiful.

This trail is probably the widest and best maintained trail of the three, with water stations and restrooms every 1.5 miles or so. This makes it easier to hike with less water. The hike is strenuous, but it is not as steep as the S. Kaibab trail. If you intend to hike only once into the Canyon, this is the one I'd recommend the most. Absolutely stunning and gorgeous.

19 days ago

this is one of the more enjoyable short Trails I've done in awhile. I know there was a lot of comments about difficulty finding the way down but it's fairly well marked if you take your time to look. That being said I did go by myself, which I wouldn't recommend. There was nobody else on the trail untill I actually reached the Colorado River. And then we all hiked out together, and got caught in a little bit of rain/wind right at the very end. I had gone ti Antelope before this to see that amazing canyon, but this "wash" was a more enjoyable hike.

Take snacks, layer up, hiking sticks were helpful.

we didn't go all the way down because many said would take much longer to go back up. I do suggest planning it to take longer, but only took my wife and I about 2 minutes per mile longer. the 7 miles we did (turned around after the 3 mile hut) took just under 4 hours. was an amazing hike. we both wish we had gone all the way to the plateau. maybe next time.

21 days ago

It was a wonderful but very challenging hike. I would estimate it's closer to 10-11miles long. The elevation can easily tire you out, and you're exposed to a lot of freezing wind and burnimg sun so be prepared. Sunscreen is 100% needed. Start as early as you can! I did 7am and I wish I went earlier. DRESS IN LAYERS! Started at 35° and by the end I was sweating. I thought I packed enough water but I ran out on my way down. Basically do not take this hike lightly, it is a challenge, but it is very worth it. The view was incredible!

22 days ago

Great out and back. Took a little longer than expected from the saddle to the peak but it was still a good hike with my wife. Make sure you bring plenty of water, snacks and sunscreen. Ran into a few people that were out of water by the time they reached the saddle going up, not too smart on their part. Great views once you get above the tree line.

Utterly fabulous. Borderline spiritual. Immensely satisfying.
The hike itself is certainly challenging, but - for those in good shape and blessed with good sense - it's a 7 to 8 hour tour de force. Be prepared (appropriate footwear, sunscreen, 2 to 3 liters of water, snacks on snacks on snacks), be sensible (start early, stay hydrated and properly fueled) and be reasonably cautious (take breaks, mind the terrain, yield to mules). The degree of difficulty will obviously vary from section to section, but no portion of the trail (in my humble hiker's estimation) qualifies as insidiously difficult.
Be sure to give yourself time to pause and be awed. The variety of landscapes, lightscapes, vegetation and vistas will take your breath away. (Assuming you've stopped to catch it... Ha, ha)
You'll be hard pressed to find a more majestic hike. Your topside victory beer will taste like ambrosia. Bright Angel to Plateau Point is an absolute gem. The World's Biggest Hole straight up delivers.
Get out there!

This was an epic little trail, so much fun! Gotta climb a little bit here and there. Something unique and different !

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