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Started out with just leaves on the trail but surprised me with lots of snow the last 1.5 miles.

Great hike, getting to the parking lot feels like you’ve gone off the grid.
Steady incline, no switchbacks. Gorgeous views of the White Mountains from the lookout.
Not recommended after rainy weather as the trail was mushy at times several days after rain.
A very quiet trail, during our 2.5 hours we only saw 3 other parties and it was a gorgeous September Saturday

Great hike today. Trail crampons were not essential, though make the hike more enjoyable as you ascend to the summit of Mt. Morgan. There is a couple inches of snow and ice above 2000 feet. The views are fantastic.

An amazing tour with a lot of up-hills. It’s a chalenge for yourself. We loved the Gus Lookout, you have to walk to it even if the wheather wasn’t so good we really appreciate this lookout! Good indications and safe trail! We also appreciate the cascades on our road. A great trail to do when you are a little sporty.

11 days ago

Didn’t do the whole 5 miles. Just hiked out to eagles nest outlook for the stunning views overlooking Lake Sunapee. 10/10 views. Especially in the fall!

I've lived within a 30 min drive of Mt. Ascutney for years, and I wish I had tried hiking it sooner. Even in the sub-par weather today, it was a beautiful climb. Although there was a lot of fog, there were a few breaks for views at the summit. As of today, a lot of the snow and ice from the storm last weekend has melted, and the hike is doable without microspikes.

Really enjoyed the hike! We started following the Ted trail and ended with looping back with Carolyn. I was glad we went in this direction for the hike up Ted was more rocky than carolyn. Also, as you hike up the Ted trail you hike along side a bubbling brook most of the way, making for great back round sounds and quaintness. Some great views at the top. The trail was pretty easy with not too much steepness. Overall fun day!

Well marked and maintained trail. Has great views at the top in a couple of different spots looking North and South. Trails can lead you all the way to Miller Park! Will be back for sure!

26 days ago

This is definitely not a “moderate” trail in my estimation. Steep hike almost the whole way. The views of Lake Solitude however may make it worth the climb. Very poor footing on the way back down.

fun trail a moderate hike the view at pikes view worth the hike

great trail

I have hiked this trail several times now and really enjoy it. On this trip there was no view because of fog. There was about an inch of snow and more coming down as I reached the summit.

Wonderful loop on diverse forest paths culminating in a rocky summit. Start on Ted's trail to follow a stream uphill, leading to some boggy sections but worth it for the sound of water and impressive flume halfway up. Carolyn's trail is quieter, a manageable descent, though the ever-wet rocks and roots require careful footing. (I took one rough sliding fall.) Add a mile at the top to summit and explore the rocky Cliff trail.

We loved this trail. The waterfalls and view of the fall foliage were beautiful. I would definitely not suggest going on a rainy day or the day after unless you enjoy walking through water and mud in several areas. We went two days after and it was still quite muddy. I would say this hike isn’t for newbies and people looking for a flat trail. It has several rocky areas and 1500 ft of elevation over the 4.9 mile trail to the summit. The whole trip up Ted’s Trail and down Carolyn’s Trail took almost 4 hours with several brief stops for photos. It was about 8 miles total and we really loved it!

Started at the Jesus Valley trailhead. Took Snowmobile (red), then Main (blue) all the way up to Straightback Mountain. This trail well earns it's name. As soon as we started on the trail it was a mile straight up. The first 2 miles took us 2 hrs. At the top of Straightback we took Main (blue) over to Brook (yellow), then back to Snowmobile (red) to get back down to the trailhead. It was super foggy the day we went but I'm sure the views would have been pretty nice from the top. I will go back but I would not take the blue trail up again.

1 month ago

Great property, great trek. Parked at the Lyman St. trailhead then went as far north as I could. Turned back to the south and was surprised to see part of the trail was directly above the Wachusett Tunnel which carries all of Boston's water from the reservoir. Continued south on the Berlin Road Trail and took a break at the Howard's Ridge junction. The southern part of the property appears a bit more interesting compared to the northern section, the Howard Ridge specifically (but it's small, you can take it all in). Went to the South Overlook next then up Tyler to the summit then over to the ancient Pine Tree before looking out from Oberg's Vista. I took the wrong trail down then bushwacked back and found a cool, antique plow out in the middle of what was likely a pasture back in the day. Might call the Berlin Historical Society and let them know. I marked it on my map. Great property, just do it!

Not difficult endurance-wise, but technically challenging! Really fun if you like climbing up and down boulders, going up ladders (awesome but definitely a little adrenaline-inducing), and squeezing through rocks into caves!! Went with a group of 8 friends and we all loved it!

I found this to be a pretty strenuous hike, fairly steep all the way to the top. I agree with others that it’s on the harder side of moderate, because there are some tricky spots. I definitely felt that I got a good workout! Today was a pretty cloudy day, so there weren’t really views to enjoy. I imagine that it would be spectacular in better weather. If you enjoy waterfalls, this is the hike for you.

1 month ago

Great hike! Amazing Rocks & Boulder climbing Mecca! Not much of a lookout, trees blocking view.

This hike has the most beautiful views I’ve seen. With that said....it was “Terrifying”! Definitely go up Morgan and down Percival. If you have the slightest fear of heights, avoid the ladders and caves. I personally don’t recommend this hike for young children.

Gorgeous views. Highly recommend the direction of Morgan then Percival, by way of the ladders/cliff on Morgan and caves coming down from Percival. I'm prone to anxiety attacks with height and this was just enough to challenge me without being unachievable. Simply fun and beautiful for most hikers! We took our time on the trail and spent significant time in the summits. 5 hour loop from the Mt Morgan Trailhead parking lot.

Took Ted’s up and Carolyn’s back down. Well marked in both directions; just pause and check when you aren’t sure, you’ll see the markers ahead. While the hike is tagged as 4.7 miles, it doesn’t take into account the approximately 1 mile round trip on the summit trail. It was a beautiful day and very serene and private hike.

Unreal views! Accidentally took the Mount Morgan trail instead of the initial loop we noticed on the map for this hike...ended up doing a total of 5.5 miles with the 4th mile being the toughest uphill ! Yellow path was a good workout for sure.

Great hike took about 3.5 hours round trip...we did stop at the top for some time enjoying the views. I would definitely recommend going to mount Morgan first and come down Percival so you can go up the ladders rather than down. Going down was a challenge.

Great hike. I would rate as moderate-hard due to steepness in sections and need to scramble over rocks at times. But very easy to follow and lots of variety of terrain-soft forest floor, rocks, tree roots, etc. I agree that Gus’ Lookout and West View the best places for views but Observation Tower also worth it. Overall I really liked this hike and would do it again. But I would say to expect a good workout. It took me and my husband about 5 hours but we took it easy going up, making frequent stops ;and going down, although taking less time, requires attention to footing and I always find down harder.

Ascent of Mount Morgan is pretty moderate, and there is an optional ladder/cave route near the top, which is fun. The ridgeline traverse to Mount Percival is mostly easy, with a few short, steep sections. I would recommmend taking the Cliff Trail down from Mount Percival (second trail on the right), as the Cave Trail (first trail on the right) is ranked as one of the toughest in New England. It is fun if you are very fit and agile, but it requires good bouldering skills, as well as the ability and comfort to squeeze through tight spaces. After that, the trail gradually becomes easier. Unfortunately, we went on a misty day, so there was little to see in terms of views. However, the trail offered several fun scrambling opportunities, and I hear the views are great on clear days.

1 month ago

loved this hike. some tough, steep spots but it was worth it when you got to the top! The trail was marked really well, and it was so easy to follow! SO many cool things to see on the way up, lots of good photo ops! The only thing that put a damper on the hike was the mud, lots of muddy spots!

This was the third time I have hiked this trail. The lower section is moderate with some really neat rock ledges and the cascade falls is definitely worth going to see. There are a couple of waterfalls in this section. The falls are mostly runoff so if the season is dry there may be no water running. As the trail climbs the mountain it gets more rocky and root covered. As you near the top the lookouts to the west as well as Gus' Lookout are worthwhile stops. The observation tower at the top offers 360 degree views and there are plaques that show the distant peaks and towns nestled in among them. The descent is tougher than the ascent for me and careful footing is key. Overall I really like this trail. It is well marked and easy to navigate.

Great trail. Very well marked and maintained. Steady ascent to summit. Observation tower at top offers good views. Some traffic noise on a stretch of lower middle of the hike, but otherwise quiet. I’m 51 and in reasonably good shape and got to summit in 2.4 hours, skipping the waterfall via the bypass. It took 1.5 hours from summit back to car on same route.

this trail is gorgeous! it was definitely tough, I feel on the very high end of moderate. (which we weren't entirely prepared for) the summit was very much worth the work to climb this steep mountain! We will be back, when we're better prepared for trails on this end of the moderate spectrum.

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