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10 hours ago

My wife and I made it to the top on 9/14/18. Very inexperienced hikers but made it up and down in 3 1/2 hours. A few stops on the way up we’re needed, but it gave us a chance to take in the beautiful views. Windy on top of the peak, but the views made it 100% worth the work. Mt Tallac will be the target next trip out!

Great views of lake tahoe starting about halfway through the hike most of the way to the top. The jeep trail towards the towers is the way to snow valley peak. Not very many people on the trail. If you go straight past the jeep trail you get a good view of Lake Marlette, with the option to hike an extra mile down to it. Would do it again

Great hike with amazing views! Going down was a little tough/slippery... bring gloves!

2 days ago

Great hike!! Steep but well worth the views!

2 days ago

Steep and soft dirt in the first half. Flattens out when you see the peak. Easy climb to the top. Worth hiking.

3 days ago

I have done castle Peak at least 5 times. I have completely circled it and spent a night at Warren lake. I have also done Andesite and Basin Peaks.This is an amazing area. It is loose and steep up the final ridge. Bring poles. Also you can park closer if you have a high clearance vehicle. We mad a video of our last ascent it can be found on YouTube at Chris and Bobs adventure channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cpJF3zCamY0

4 days ago

Beautiful views. I hiked in mid September and barely saw any other people on trail, granted it was a very windy day. The alltrails map just kind of ends, but the Tunnel Creek Trail continues. If you wanted to do the 4.7 round trip than you will have to just turn around mid trail. The trail is at a continuous mild to moderate incline...nothing intense.

View is to die for, and if the climb up doesn’t kill you the climb down might

Great day hike. Poles would've been a smart idea since it is rocky and slippery in spots. Beautiful views ❤️

Only saw one other person hiking in on this gorgeous September Sunday morning--very light traffic, especially compared to the much busier Five Lakes Trail at Alpine Meadows yesterday. Meeks Bay Trail is uphill and flat, uphill and flat. Five miles later you are sitting at a gorgeous alpine lake that we pretty much had all to ourselves. Lush, fern-lined paths interspersed with rocky steps made for maybe my new favorite hike! Ten miles round trip from where you park.

absolutely beautiful

Took this trail today, and despite the haze from the North Fire, it was great as usual. No cell service at the Spooner Summit /TRT parking area, so couldn’t track the hike using the All Trails app.. oh well. After hitting Snow Valley peak, I took the Jeep road down to where it meets the road leading north to Marlette Lake. Went and looked around, and then headed back south on the dirt road towards Spooner. One tip: this was a thirsty hiking day, and 3l in hydration bladder wasn’t gonna do. Where the Jeep road down from the TRT meets with the Marlette Creek dirt road, there is a very clean, fast flowing spring fed creek to refill bottles/hydration bladder. I didn’t die drinking it. You probably won’t either. ;-)
All together this “loop” was 24km. Enjoy!

Had a great time hiking the trail to salmon lake with our kids (7 and 9). Definitely an easy trail that we could do again sometime with the grandparents too or as a first backpacking trip. We opted to go off trail and hike around the lake, totaling about 4 Miles on the GPS there, around, and back. We spent 5 hours total including lots of sitting, playing, wading and swimming. A perfect afternoon!

It’s easy to lose the trail for a little bit around the first big rock outcrop. Just look around and you’ll pick it right back up again, it’s a well travelled path.

Driving directions are not correct. After the point where the directions leave off drive another 1.5 miles forward, over a pretty big rut that will get your attention. Trail is obvious, wide and on the left. We made the trip easily but carefully in our minivan.

Lower section is open to high clearance vehicles in summer. Suggest taking Pacific Crest Trail to the junction near Castle Ridge. Also note short extension on PCT to Peter Grubb Hut at Round Meadow.

15 days ago

Stopped at this overlook on my way to Warren’s lake! Great little spot to take in some beautiful views of Frog Lake and the surrounding areas. Sat on the rocks and ate some lunch. Went about 730am on Saturday. Only person on the trail. Mostly shaded by trees all the way up. Great work out.

I love scrambles and steep hikes but the trail was so slippery it wasn’t fun. Constantly trying not to fall. The views were pretty good but there are certainly much better hikes in the area

This trail is great for overnight backpacking. Permits required. It climbs at a steady pace. Some parts are strenuous, for me at least. It was the boulder steps that got me huffing and puffing. I have little legs. I’m not all that athletic, 5’1”, and hiked with a 20lb pack. The scenery is absolutely gorgeous!! Lime green moss cover the trees, as well as lime green berry leaves cover the ground. Several running water sitings. Wild flowers. And of course, the lakes are stunning and peaceful! Great for swimming, if you can stand the chilly water. It feels great after a tough hike.

It was gorgeous and well worth it. We never found one trail sign though and asked other hikers along the way. There are several other trails to other destinations so it is too bad it has no signage. The only one we saw was the PCT marker.

Walked with 3 kids (7, 6 and 3) 3 year old in ergo. Definitely dusty so plan on cleaning feet afterward! The view was worth the whining on the way up - the kids even agreed and were in much better spirits on the way back

Really liked this hike. Easy slope to start and a tougher climb towards the end, but the views at the end are worth it. The trail links up with PCT and Summit lake trails too if you're looking for something a little longer. Only downside was having highway 80 right below you, it can be heard during most of the hike.

This was a phenomenal trail!! The first half was fairly steep but it lightens up in the second half. (We also wore nikes so no professionals here! haha) 100% worth the hike to the very top- the view was stunning! We went on 05/27/18 and it was somewhat snowy up top but pretty warm at the peak on the rocks.

*bring lots of water.
*be mindful of many, many mountain bikers.
*very picturesque.

25 days ago

Amazing views and well maintained...not sure about the mile markers because we never saw any.

Great hike 8/23/18. Two 60+ year old women did the hike no problem. Not as rocky or slippery despite my fears after reading some of the reviews. That being said, I left my dogs (2 Border Collies) at home. Would not recommend bringing a dog. Hard on their feet and they could literally fall off a cliff if you’re going to the very tippy top. Plus it’s very sun exposed. Made it all the way up to the top Castle Peak and then continued on the the ridge over to Basin Peak and back down on the PCT past Peter Grub Hut (very interesting). Total miles probably close to 9.5. Unfortunately my phone died toward the end of recording the hike. Would do this again. Incredible views.

Great hike for day trip. Easily doable with my mom (who is 60). She did great.

1 month ago

Lovely hike with beautiful views. Limited parking, so better to get there early. We didn’t think the mountain bikers were obnoxious, but it was nice to know we would encounter them along the way. Entire way there is uphill. We are averagely fit people, and it was a moderate hike for us. We’ll be coming back again!

Fun hike! Kind of exposed in some parts but overall very enjoyable.

The lake is beautiful... the hike is not. The last half mile and the walk around the lake is pretty. Hiking on a gravel road is not nice. The bikes have made the trail a mess in places. Lots of road noise

1 month ago

Lost the trail a bit on the way up, but was a pretty lake

Very nice part of the TRT. I started at Spooner Summit and went south. Adding the Kingsbury North to Kingsbury South connector on at the end was a large task due to the incline and by that point my energy had been spent. I took the time to go to the peak of Genoa and also climb around Castle Rock for a great overlook of South Lake Tahoe.

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