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one of my favorite hikes. great workout.

I underestimated how cold it was going to be. I would bring crampons if you have them.

Nice short hike with incline.

This is a good hike. Challenging and not many areas to stop and take a break. There aren’t too many people on the trail, which is great since the trails is pretty narrow in some spots. Seems like the rain has washed lots of smaller boulders onto the trail, so be ready to step over those. Shoes with good tread are a must on the rocky trail.

20 days ago

Fun hike! I started this trail right at dawn and had the sun peaking over the east hills. There were spectacular views from Escondido to the east, Catalina Island and Carlsbad to the west, and all of San Marcos to the south. It would be fun to time the end of this hike at sunset as you'd be returning west to the trail head as the sun drops behind the ocean.
The lake in the satellite imagery near the trail head is dried up, so hopefully it's not the feature you're there to see. I took this trail all the way to the P, turning it into a 5.4 mile out and back. There are a couple of very steep hills with loose gravel that can be avoided by going around a longer way.

oh yeah we found small pools of water knee high. but it's up river through a rough climb. and a 1/2 inch layer of ice on top of the water. freeeezing cooooold....

Not the greatest for outdoors feel. You can hear the freeway and nearby cars passing by and not really anything to look forward to at the end.

it's the second time I hike on this trail. it's beautiful and a great place to find peace. just pace yourself especially if you have little ones, my kid struggles on the last climb getting back to the car. I'll be honest, I don't look forward to it, but it's always in the back of my head when I plan to go. but I love a good challenge, if you do too, enjoy....

As advertised: a steep rugged trail with an unspoiled summit. The views are 360° with all the peaks of San Diego gathered round you like a host of witnesses.

You might consider hiking boots as my ankles took a beating in trail runners. I highly recommend this hike. Took me 2 hrs.

December 31, New Year’s Eve Hike to end the year! 7.7 miles of uphill and downhill with snow, mud, and rocky road. We didn’t get a chance to see the view on Cuyamaca Peak due to fog and windy weather, but it was definitely the toughest hiking trail when it is snowy and muddy!

31Dec2018, this is an awesome trail, it's actually a hard trail if your dealing with snow and sometimes a strong wind....challenging but doable... we didnt get any good views at the top due to foggy weather... i did get a picture of a frozen plants

Great little hike with the dogs- unfortunately, there is still no water as of 12.30.18

Did this hike on December 30th and from the beginning there was lots of frost and patches of light snow. As we hike for about 1 hr we started seeing the trail covered in snow then it stayed all the way to the top. With the snow it made the hike harder, but also was really enjoyable. Be careful once you get to the fire road, my brother and I both fell on the way down. We were wearing hiking boots and using treking poles.

Azalea Glen Loop is what makes this hike enjoyable. As we went down the fire road on the way down we both thought we would be disappointed if that was the route to the top we took.

Parking at the bottom campground is $10 and the adventure pass is not accepted.

Love this place!!!

Beautiful hike this morning! I loved this route via Azalea Glen and then through Conejos Trail. Very peaceful, and great views throughout the hike. A good amount of mud early along the trail today, and then snow as I got further along (dec 28). Not too icy though—didn’t need microspikes or anything in today’s conditions.

Perfect hike to select on Christmas Eve!

Great hike . The view of the whole region from the top would be worth it. We went on Christmas Eve 2018 . So clear we could see Big Bear, Palomar, Salton Sea, Mt San Miguel, ... It’s painful to see how much was burned on the mountain a few years ago , but also good to see how the area is recovering. different areas had grasses, bushes and thousands of young pine trees.

The trail is well maintained and fallen trees I had read about in reviews from a couple of weeks earlier were already cleared.

Awesome, Lots of great views!

1 month ago

Strenuous hike. They're not kidding when they say no shade! There's a fun scramble at the top.

Whew, that was one helluva glute workout going up and my knees and feet took a pounding on the way down. It was a bit of a tease going along several ridges to get to the main climb. The rock scrambling towards the end made it totally worth while with an excellent panoramic view up top! Mother nature made you work for that view.
Make sure you have shoes with good grip and watch your footing on loose gravel.
I don’t suggest it for elderly, crazy children or just people with bad balance.

Really pretty, but too desolate for a single female hiker. There was only one car in the parking lot when I reached the location. I’ve been on lots of hikes, almost all alone, but this one was rather eerie. I’ve been to 3rd world countries all around Central America and walked alone with no issue. I decided it was best to turn back after one mile, which I’ve never done before. I rather be smart than be a statistic, or worse. I will try this one again when I’m with another hiker. The land permit warning is old. If you look it up, it’s waived now, but the big sign that states otherwise, makes a statement. There was a 3rd car in the lot when I returned. A guy that was just idling for some reason. I got turned around on my way back and a truck was in the field, doing something strange in front. Okay, this place had me spooked. I’m not sure what all the fur along the trail was all about either.

1 month ago

Overall this hike kicked my butt. Not sure if it was from hiking the day before or if the incline is that steep.

Parking is on residential street not too far from the trail head. Took my pup and felt safe as most of the trail was wide. Make sure to bring plenty of water, there is not much shade.

When you get to the top there is some views. When i finished the hike i felt accomplished. Overall i won’t travel far to do this hike, but maybe again if i am in the area.

Awesome hike. Bring sunscreen. Also there are no trail markers. So download the map and use your GPS when coming off the peak.

We love this gorgeous hike! New fave and we hike a lot!!
We did the 5 additional miles at the top- out and back and then finished the hike for a total of 7 miles. So pretty through the oak grove in the first mile or so then the climb up. Stunning views the whole way. We never hiked in Jamal before and we will be back!

The first mile of this was intense! You are rewarded with beautiful views.

Lots of coyote scat and mountain bikers detracted from the overall experience but it was a wonderful hike.

Fun hike, no water as of 12/09/18 even with the rain earlier in the week.

So much better than just taking the fire road. I'd actually suggest doing an out and back on the recommended start to the route so you only do the paved part at the end. Be prepared for some very narrow trails that get pretty rocky (loose in some areas).

1 month ago

Awesome trail to walk my dog! Don't see allot of ppl. Really enjoy this trail

Great trail. Highly recommend hiking poles as the ups and downs are pretty tough. Went in early December, weather was cool and overcast and even got some rain at the end. Start early! Almost lost the trail recorded here near the top, but we made our way to the top by scrambling up some gently sloping boulders. Wear good treaded sneakers. Excellent, wonderful colorful views of the surrounding mountainside. Bring some snacks, enough water, and help for your knees and a change of clothes for the end of the trip and you'll make it!

Such a great hike with an amazing view at the top. Easy to follow, but challenging incline. And almost nobody on the trail - which is always a bonus!

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