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Very nice. Pretty populated while I was there, unfortunately.

Loved it! It was nice and serene. It wasn’t too busy at 8:30 am but coming down I noticed it started to get a bit more populated. Once back to my car the lot was full (both top and lower). I had a good hike and will come back again.

I took my 7 and 10yr old on this trail. It was a nice shaded trail, the girls enjoyed playing in the water along the way. Lots of traffic

Fabulous little hike! The stream that flows along the trail was beautiful! Loved the shade and clean, well maintained trails!

This was a great trail. I loved the challenge of it and how you could climb up around the stream and then connect back in with the trail further up.

Beautiful views. Good hike.

5 days ago

This trail is super pretty! When you drive up to Helen Hunt Falls, the very top parking lot is pretty crazy. I parked at the lower one and hiking up the road about 1/2 a mile. A really nice gradual incline hike.

6 days ago

Get into the parking lot early! You need to walk a little over a 1/2 mile to get to the trail. The trail is NOT marked as 7 Bridges Trail, It is marked as Trail 622. Beautiful hike along a beautiful river with waterfalls throughout. It is uphill all the way, bridges clearly marked. Starts off fairly easy and gets more rigorous as you progress.

7 days ago

I will agree with folks on the downer of the road walking required, but honestly it wasn’t too bad. Never really ran in to cars. Hitting both waterfalls was a plus...so pretty. It was nice to sit on the rocks and enjoy a snack while listening to the water. I would do this one again!

We came hiking here with two five year olds and two out of towners not fully adjusted to elevation. Hike was a lot in the first bit of the trail but we made it up in a little more than an hour with down in close to 45 mins. Very doable for all types of hikers.

Fun trail, starts fairly easy but then can get a little dicey once you go higher into the rock sections. More challenging than I thought but lots of cool views.

Easy to follow the trail and a relatively stable hike and for the most part it’s in the shade. Get there early though because it does get crowded.

9 days ago

Great family hike!

Absolutely gorgeous trail. would recommend bringing a jacket, on the way down it gets kinda chilly from the breeze off Pikes.

I have done this trail many times and it is one of my absolute favorites! Great stop for anyone from out of town as it takes you back into the mountains and is relatively easy. Just a reminder to follow the signs for trail 622 (which is seven bridges) as I have seen a ton of people going the wrong way, this is especially important if you’re hiking past the 7th bridge.

Please understand this is a HEAVILY trafficked trail it is very important park correctly (in the right direction) in the lot and do NOT block people in. You need to be there EARLY to park up there, as the lot WILL be full by 10am most days. For everyone’s sake please don’t park like an idiot. I have seen SO much of it lately. It’s no ones fault but yours if you don’t make it up there in time to park in the top lot, so please plan accordingly and be courteous to your fellow hikers.

Just had an impromptu hike while driving to Cripple Creek. Was easy and fun for 5 year old and 6.5 year old boys.

Hiked this back in April. It was beautiful, and an easy hike with plenty of places to stop and take in the beauty surrounding you.

Took my pup with and took us about two hours with play time in the river and photo opportunities. Great little spots along the trail to hang out by the creek and to relax in the shade and grab a snack/water and enjoy the vistas.

11 days ago

Loved this trail, beautiful scenery. I am a Colorado Native and just hiked it for the first time, boy have I been missing out!!

11 days ago

Kid and dog friendly just below moderate trail. Lots of little kids playing in the low flow creek. The 7th bridge is .3mi and 300feet of elevation from the end of the trail.

1 hr 45 mins ish. nice drive thru the canyon there

One of my favorites! Parking always a challenge, best to go early on the weekends. Trail can be heavily populated as well. Beautiful scenery

Should be listed as an Easy trail. my 6 year old had no problem with it. Great for the family.

15 days ago

This trail was fun and beautiful, but it is definitely a tough “moderate” for people who don’t do much hiking. It was just a bit more than we were expecting!
We decided to go backwards (west>east) on the trail because the finishing point was right by our cabin, but that was not the best choice. We started with a long road just straight uphill, rather than having a steady incline across the mountain. Also, not sure if we missed markers because we were going the wrong way, but it seemed like a good portion of the trail was not marked well.

18 days ago

beautiful hike but it kicked this florida girl’s butt. definitely wait till you’re fully acclimated or take breaks often when doing this hike

Went this past weekend and the trail was pretty nice, especially through the field and past the stream, up to the opening of Guffey Gorge. The trail down to Paradise Cove was a bit difficult; uneven footing and unstable rocks, so make sure you wear proper shoes and watch your footing on the way down and back up. The swimming hole was nice, and although other reviews said there were too many people down there and it was crowded - yes, that's true - but the people were all very friendly and everyone was having fun together. Recommend on a hot day when you want to cool off in the water!

Beautiful hike. Best one so far in the Front Range.

Positives: Gorgeous trail with diverse views and lots of options to make it shorter or longer. Kids enjoyed climbing the rocks and trees, which were plentiful. The “enchanted” name is well-earned, with curved trees, riots of wildflowers, tall green grass, and a magical feel in some spots. Several options for shade along the way. No mountain bikers to avoid. Would be a great trail for inexperienced hikers, or a quick option for showing visitors how beautiful the Flatirons are. If you’re looking to walk along more of a hiking path and less road, make sure to take McClintock Lower Trail vice Enchanted Mesa Trail (though they both meet at McClintock Upper).

Negatives: *Extremely* limited parking, fairly busy on the weekends with lots of foot traffic. Recommend parking along 12th street, or catching the trail from another point other than Chautauqua Park, if possible, like Bellevue Drive or Green Mountain Memorial Park. We got there at 9am and found a curb spot on 12th near the northernmost end of the McClintock Lower trailhead, just down the street from the auditorium.

Loved the hike. You get kids have no problem.

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