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11 days ago

Really enjoyed each time we’ve visited

12 days ago

A nice little trail that overlooks 7 Falls. The scenery is perfect, overlooking Manitou and Colorado Springs in the distance.

The only thing was that the trail gets very gravelly at the top of one of the slopes. With no guard rail or anything, it could take a little miss-footing to send someone over the edge of the cliff. So be careful of that.

13 days ago

Just finished this trail today. After bridge 6 u need spikes on the shoes as it is really icy. We went 1 mile past bridge 7 and it was awesome. My hike today was 4.5 hours, 1,271 ascent and 4.7 miles total. Great day

One of our favorites in a sweet little town!

Beautiful shirt trail!

Frozen fall but still very cool

Had the pleasure of zip-lining through the canyon and hiking the remainder to the falls.

20 days ago

According to the trail signs it was actually .3 miles one way. The waterfall was iced over and trail very slick. Beautiful views tho

this is a great creek trail that fallows the valley up. we did this hike with show on the ground and several frozen spots in the creek loved it.

We love it. Very beautiful.

It was pretty, a little overrated. There are prettier hikes of that distance and difficulty at Cheyenne Canon.

Beautiful trail. Not as easy during winter due to no sun. snow takes longer to melt causing the trail to be muddy and icy in some places.

cool. nice views.
a lot people trail running, so might be good for that

1 month ago

Definitely hard finding the trail head. But what was a great hike even with the snow and ice.

1 month ago

Beautiful hike! The canyon looks like your in Jurassic Park! Not too difficult, down to the water hole is a bit treacherous because of loose rocks and gravel. Nice spot to hang out and have lunch or snack if it’s not overcrowded with swimmers. Nice hike to take out of town guests too.

I’ve been trying to find this stinking trail head for months and was so excited to finally hike it!!! Probably not the smartest in late November seeing as it was a ton of ice and we slid the whole way. I will come back to it in the spring but this time of year I don’t recommend for kids or older people or anyone who doesnt mind falling a lot. So exciting to find all 7 bridges though.

lots of incline. Out & back trail that can be slippery with ice. nice dirt trail. "waterfall" is a tiny dam overflow, underwhilming for sure. Beautiful area with many real waterfalls close by.

Loved it!!

2 months ago

Some pretty underwhelming bridges. I will say the middle of Cheyene Canon was very nice though. It was super windy, very quiet and peaceful, may as well just hang out around the center and views from the side and skip the bridges.

2 months ago

Beautiful view of the mountains. Hidden creek and beautiful aspen trees.

2 months ago

Nice trail!

A standard for a quick trail running workout in Boulder. Have encountered mud and wasps on the McClintock section in spring, but overall good conditions especially in summer and fall.

Great trail and very easy to hike

very nice trail run

nice and easy, you can bring the dog. Beautiful, easy.

This is a beautiful hike. The trailhead is about a mile from the parking lot on the right and is marked as 622. Above the last bridge, there’s a lot of loose gravel/rocks that can get a bit sketchy at times. The trail shifts to 622A, which will take you to the Apens. After the Aspens, you will come to a trail junction. To the far right you will see an unmarked trail that will take you to the top of Keneo. This hike is all up, but definitely worth it. Took us about 2 hours up and about and 1:15 to get down. We took lots of picture.

2 months ago

Beautiful trail. Very scenic with the running water, bridges and foliage. The only downside was the walk from the parking lot to the trailhead. It was littered with dog waste so you had to be careful where you walked. Pet owners need to pick up after their pets.

2 months ago

Trail is maintained very well, very calming hike next to the flowing stream. The entire trail is uphill, however the top is worth reaching for the view of the valley.

Great hike for families. Took our 5 year old and 1.5 year old (in carrier) up this trail and they loved it. Going up McClintock Upper is definitely the more challenging direction for this loop as it's pretty good incline until you reach the Enchanted Mesa trail junction. A few good views, but it's really a nice stroll through the forest and across the Enchanted Mesa. Many trail runners and people walking dogs.

Great place for a family hike.

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