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Nice view of Camden

10 days ago

While this trail states 6.5 miles don’t let it fool you. There are ways—and I found them—to tag on at least an additional mile (accidentally perhaps). This is a great hike with many challenges. Plenty ascensions to keep one alert; a couple water crossings (is this where I went off trail?); and you might even come across some friendly hikers as I most certainly did over my 3 + hour hike. I will mark this one on the calendar: must do again!

Nice trail we went rock climbing too
Got off the trail a little. It was easy to find way back

11 days ago

I loved this hike. I am currently over 400 lbs, and I completed this in under three hours. If I can do it, you can too!

Very nice forest and I had a very enjoyable day hike! My hike along Tracy Ridge was very nice and well marked with white diamond trail markers. Scenic Trail was beautifully marked with freshly painted blue blaze and had some wonderful views through the trees to see the Allegheny Reservoir. But my hike on Johnny Cake trail was very brutal!!! Many of the trail markers were missing and had to depend on following the herd path from other hikers and pink ribbons placed by a trail angel. Lots of down trees to climb over or go around, and mini streams to forge from run off water from the top of the mountain which is expected this time of year. The only downfall going this trail head, was that there is a gate at the road which was closed and locked. So I had to park my car there at the gate instead of the parking lot at the trail head, because it also serves as a camp grounds, which is closed this time of year. So there is additional 1/2 mile hike from gate to trail head that I was not expecting, and did not have calculated during my planning stages of my hike.

It is a fine property but needs better trail markings.

Snowshoed to the summit from the George's Highland trail great hike get out there!

mountain biking
1 month ago

As others have noted, make sure you take the entrance at the right as you pull in. The hike was a bit difficult through several inches of snow; however it was well worth it.

Love the area. It may not have vistas and not overly difficult but the area is great to hike in. Plenty of trails to do 10 miles to 40 in a weekend. Very nice camping spots along most of the trails as well and established camp grounds, with privys, if you're not interested in backcountry camping.

as a new hiker it was hard to keep to the trail. I keep trying to do the loop but always end up turning back.

trail running
1 month ago

One of the best views in Maine! The last half mile is a pretty good hike uphill. The snow isn’t packed down in all the areas. Hiked up with my running shoes and spikes - worked fine enough! First part of the trail is as wide as a road and perfect for cross country skiing.

I think the only way to enjoy this hike is after either a several week drought in the summer or weeks of below freezing in the dead of winter. The mid was really awful and it took us forever to finish due to all of the slipping and slopping. The best parts were that it is well marked, good ups and downs and of course Blue Hen Falls in the beginning.

I will definitely do this again but I can tell why almost every review says you'll get lost. It is maybe one of the worst blazed trail I have ever been and is the worst around the baseball fields. But I loved the hike and the challenging hills. When the elevation says it's going to go up just be ready to climb.

We did a loop here a couple of days ago and enjoyed the hike but didn't actually make it to the falls. If you want to see the falls, take 8 all the way to the end and 7 to falls overlooks. You can (I think) take 2 along the riverbed to view the falls from below, but with dogs along we were worried about them hurting legs between the rocks. Trail 8 it easy after the initial climb up to the ridge. The other trails are more challenging with lots of stairs and climbs up and down. A fun area, but bring a trail map to keep track of where you are at the many trail junctions.

Last visited this area 25 years ago. Was much better then because you
could hike along the river gorge and walk right up to the falls. Trail map is poor and markers along the way are largely useless. Map shows Big Clifty visible from both trails 7 and 8,but there is no view from 8 at all. The view from 7 is largely obstructed by trees from the overlook, and the size of the falls can't really be appreciated from above. Very disappointing and there were no park employees around to ask questions of. No park fee though. Won't be back, it's been "improved" too much. Need distance markers to the attractions and not signage strung up on cables over the creeks.

1 month ago

Fun hike but trail not marked well, so when your hiking keep your eyes out the trail markers or you’ll get on the wrong trail fast.

Great section. Lots of ups and downs. Clearly marked blazes. Lots of great views.

Pretty easy hike, dirt road out to trail is pure ice this time of year

Very hard to follow correct trail. Poorly marked route. But great hiking otherwise.

Waterfall is beautiful frozen, favorite part of the trail!

The scenery is beautiful. Some areas were a little steep and along with the leaves it was a little slippery. There was one section that was full of thorn bushes and our coats and clothes snagged the whole way. Muddy as all hell but overall a great hike.

I have hiked this loop many times. If you have a park map, you have to patch the loop together; To acheive the outer loop, you hike 3,4, and 5. At the end of 5, in order to make it a loop, you have to do a water crossing and scramble up and bank to meet trail 6 (or you can do an additional 1 mile road walk to avoid the crossing). Continue on 6 to 7, then meet up with 8 at the north side of the park. Take 8 all the way along the west side then hook up with 2/3 at the southern end (water crossing). I have measure this to be a 7.5 mile loop. I like this hike because it is very scenic and I can do a quick 7 miles in 2.5 - 3 hours

Nice leisurely trail!

I have no idea why they call this the "loop trail". If you get the park map, which you should, youll realize this "loop" shown here is a combination of several separate trails. There is no trail called "loop trail" at the park. Basically there are three main trail segments. Trail 8 goes along the west side of the ravine, trail 2 goes up the middle of the ravine, and trail 7, in combination with other trials, covers the east side of the ravine. I know trail 2 is 5 miles so I dont see how going all the way around could be 5 miles, Im sure its more like 8 at least. These trails are rugged-moderate with several great things to see along the east side. I have not traveled trail 8 (west side) but all the main attractions are found on the east side of the ravine on trails 5-7.

Well balanced trail with a lot of easier parts but some challenging climbs/descents. There were a lot of downed trees when I went down making it a bit more challenging in some spots

5 months ago

Good trail. Some parts are poorly marked. Great for a day hike or an easy over night.

5 months ago

love this trail, easy to moderate, with some hill climbs. wonderful views, rock castles, etc. plenty of water near by

Beautiful view from the top! Great place to stay a while & enjoy the vista. I agree with the other poster about it being more than moderate. I hike regularly, but the trail was completely covered with leaves which hide rocks underneath. It was slippery even though dry. Also, the trail wasn’t blazed well in some areas. And as the other poster mentioned, there is a scramble up rocks. But lovely day and hike! Definitely worth seeing!!

great views at summit

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