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Beautiful day yesterday. The rivers are flowing and the waterfall looks full. It is a bit harder to navigate through the river with so much water, but it was definitely a fun adventure. Recommend going soon! Have never seen it with so much water. And it is greener than it has been in a while. Thank you rain

3 days ago

A great hike, with hard terrain and amazing views of LA at the top. Gets crowded on weekends, but there’s always street parking on Sunset. A local staple.

3 days ago

Loved the amazing waterfall! Wear good hiking shoes. We had to cross the stream a few times over slippery rocks and our feet got a little wet, but we still loved every minute of it!

Nice hike to start the day. Gets crowded around 8a on weekends. Go earlier if you want more alone time. I’d recommend this hike and will definitely do it again soon.

relaxing and fun trail.

It was a pretty walk along a creek. I wish it was a little better marked as we hit a few forks in the trail and I didn’t know which way to go or how much farther. I wish we would have hiked on higher grounds with views.

10 days ago

LOST kid's retainer. If seen/found, please post to let us know here. Otherwise, it was a great hike - beautiful views in all directions, especially of los angeles and ocean. Some puddles but nothing you can't easily step over/around.

on Temescal Canyon Trail

12 days ago

Nice local hike in LA with good views.

13 days ago

We couldn’t get to the parking lot because the area was blocked off, so we parked in the residential neighborhood 3 miles below the trailhead and hiked up. Sturtevant falls was beautiful! It’s only about 2 miles from the trailhead. Would be great to visit in spring after it’s rained a little bit. We combined this hike with a visit to Hermit Falls (which was another 1.5 miles or so from the trailhead). Total round trip was about 13 miles. Nice and shady hike at this time of year, but be careful when visiting the falls because the rocks are slippery.

We deviated from the trail (shortened the distance) as we planned on doing multiple hikes. We started at the Angeles Crest Highway at the base of Winston Peak. We took the PCT trail to the left of the dirt road and hiked on it until we rejoined the dirt road about a mile down the tail and then proceeded on the road to Cooper Canyon Campground. We then rejoined the PCT hiking towards Winston Ridge and continued on the PCT until it returned to our starting point. This route is about 5.5 miles and has an elevation gain of about 1300 feet. I would estimate that about half of the trail was snow covered. It was a very enjoyable hike. I gave it four stars only because there was only one spot that gave a good vista view.

I did this hike before the fires and really loved it

Nothing to write home about but nice for an afternoon

My favorite trail because of all the trees and waterfalls.

Nice easy trail with a few moderately steep climbs. Lots of green at the moment! It was overgrown in some areas and you have to cross a tiny stream quite a bit but it wasn’t a big deal. Not much water and the trail just kind of comes to an end where the waterfall is supposed to be. Found some cool ruins of a fireplace along the way too.

Great trail and very remote. will definitely come back and use it as a jumping off point for ascending the upper peaks on the front range.

Beautiful path that offers variety of scenery! This one will become a regular hike!

Great accessible hikes with many options

Easy access. Great quick walk with amazing views of the Pacific Ocean and LA.

Love that hike. Just did it with my 3 and my 4 year old. Took us three hours. Very diverse hike with beautiful scenery.

Closed due to government shutdown and water contamination. Come on Democrats, it's only pocket change. Love this trail

Such a beautiful adventure Nice beautiful very friendly environment

there is a massive hill u walk down that winds down to a area that leads down to where they have the cutest somewhat underground cabins. the trail is super easy. the areas with the trail with the cabins looks like something you would see out of a movie. it was a small trickle of a waterfall. technically not even a waterfall. it's like only a run of water down the side of the rockwall. prepare yourself for that hill back up. you will def be huffing and puffing..

Incredible that this year-round waterfall is only 30 minutes away from the home I grew up in and didn't discover it until years after. This is a beautiful adventure on the mostly paved road. Getting to the lower section of the falls is a breeze, just follow the paved road up until you get to the first viewpoint of the falls then take the flat dirt path down to the lower section of the falls.

If you are up for a little bit of "canyoneering" you can bear right at the dirt road and head up the rocks to the upper levels of the falls. If you have never seen it or cannot see it, I got some sick drone footage of the waterfall in its entirety here:

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Y59ftztT7mU (towards the end)

It’s closed today- super bummed. Drove long way to get here. Been before and it’s awesome

I love this area you feel like you and some other country is such a beautiful beautiful lovely

25 days ago

Tried to go here yesterday late morning, gate was closed. We did she some people open, but then close it behind them so we were unsure if we could do the same. The walk from the bottom to the trail entrance would have been a little less than 3 miles, so we opted for another location :( was looking forward to check this place out.

I’ll keep looking on this page to see if for any updates if anyone has an idea why it was like that?? Thanks in advance !

25 days ago

The hike down and up were wonderful! Less trafficked compared to Sturtevant Falls. The one draw back was the amount of gravity found in the area.... Heavily graffitied especially at the boulders where the water falls!

The waterfall was worth visiting! The hike was short, so I managed to combine this and Hermit Falls hike in a day! I went on a Tuesday morning and there was a lot of people.

Hike is nice except for the 2 miles on the road. No shade on the road, so pretty harsh in the summer.

We do this hike about once a month due to the convenience, it can get a little busy at times. The views are lovely and its worth it.

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