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It's pretty long but finished with my daughter in about 3hrs. Saw gator and owl which was really cool. Do bring bug spray cuz you'll def need it....and maybe a walking stick because the cobwebs are INSANE. Would def do again and think moderate is an accurate rating due to length.

3 days ago

This loop was awesome not to difficult at all. weather was perfect mid to high 50s. blue skies.

An amazing spot with so many different routes you can truly explore the marshes of Florida and even get close to Tampa Bay waters as they allow you to sit on the coast.

4 days ago

Very icy conditions with considerable snowfall covering the large boulders. Mentally and physically challenging! Make it to the top and you’ll be greeted with a spectacular view.

4 days ago

Awesome scenery

Incredible payoff at the end. Easily one of my top 3 hikes ever.

Awesome hike.
Weather was perfect and it was really nice to be able to see the river while hiking.

8 days ago

Traveled on 10/12/18. Trails were pretty moderate until the boulder fields. Boulders were covered with several inches of snow which made it even more challenging. Cairns were extremely helpful in guiding. We were the first to travel this morning, so we actually followed a wolf’s footprints all the way to the top. Views were incredible, would love to try again when the lake is not frozen.

Very beautiful around the lake!

Love this trail! Have seen a 5 ft rattlesnake on trail, though, so beware!

12 days ago

One of the best hikes i've ever done, extremely tough but SO worth the effort!

on Delta Lake Trail

13 days ago

Our group did this hike on 10-5-18 right after an early snowfall. The first half of the trail was easy going, but as we approached the first large tree fall and entered the boulder fields, the ground became very muddy. While it was a little slow going through the boulders, the most difficult part was climbing the muddy trail at the end toward the lake. I highly recommend yak tracks and trekking poles to navigate this section if hiking in similar conditions. I’m not sure I’d attempt this hike with any more snowfall unless footwear is designed for the ice, mud, and/or snow. With that said, the lake was absolutely glorious and breathtaking. It was worth every step up and back to see it. It’s cold at the top, so bring layers to allow an enjoyable stay.

Good mix of boardwalks and sand trails. Lot of doubleback trails that lead to "lookout" points. Low bug factor, not crowded. Good for early morning hikes in warmer weather.

16 days ago

Took 2 hours to the lake edge, about the same going down. Hardest part was navigating the rock / boulder fields, but, after reading several other more detailed posts from AllTrails, it was not bad. The rock piles left by other hikers was most helpful!

17 days ago

Hike was tough, especially the steep bolder field to get to the lake. The view of the lake/tetons was worth it but definitely difficult.

mountain biking
20 days ago

Well marked and maintained trails. Multiple trails to choose from based on your experience. The green trails are easy enough for any beginner, and the blue and black trails are fun and challenging.

21 days ago

Great hike. 11/10. Took us about 2 hours to make it up, generally fast paced hikers, little to no breaks.
Not hard to find at all. The trail is pretty well marked and worn down. All you need is a general sense of direction and some common sense.
Follow the maps provided by AllTrails and your golden.
Parker Rangers/ workers at the information desk were a pain in the butt. We asked them where the trail head (parking areas) was to get to delta lake and they absolutely refused to tell us. I asked 2 separate rangers before I decided they all had sticks up their butts and that it was a lost cause. They both said something along the lines of “Delta lake is a social trail, which means it is not maintained by the park. We strongly suggest you attempt the amphitheater and surprise lake trails instead” and I said, yeah that’s fine, I’ve already hiked those is it the same place? And once again word for word Park Ranger Frank (that was his name) repeated word for word what he had told me refusing to give me any information. So I was quite astounded after I asked him why he isn’t telling me information about it because, it is your freakin job, he started with all bologna. And honestly on top of that, not even in the slightest regard communicating to me like a normal human being. I was pretty pissed. I’ve visited a ton of National Parks and it seems the only park where rangers are absolute a-hole degenerate losers is in Teton National Park. So In closing I have no idea why they were trying to deter us from going to delta lake.

I will add, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THE HIKE. It’s not difficult until you get to the unkept part, but even then, if you’ve ever hiked anything somewhat strenuous before it isn’t a problem. Absolutely breath taking views. Well worth it.

Oh and save yourself the headache and just don’t mention to the poop sniffing park rangers your headed to delta lake.

I love AllTrails. Thank you.

21 days ago

What a beautiful trail! We hiked it for the first time today and had a wonderful time. The huge majority of it is shaded, which really helps keep the temperature down. We will definitely be back!

Hard but totally worth it

23 days ago

Hiked this trail with my wife and 2 teenage sons on September 26. Beautiful hike. It's rough getting there but well worth it. Unbelievable views of the lake and the valley.

Great early fall day. This trail is beautiful and very accessible as well. We did the full seven mile loop around the lake without straining. The 700 foot elevation change is mostly in the first mile or so. The rest was just a great walk in the woods. Saw what we believe was a mink, a ptarmigan and even a bear. Fantastic trail!

26 days ago

Beautiful hike! BRING BEAR SPRAY! We were growled at as we switchbacked down the lake. You can read more about it here: https://practicalvagabonds.com/caution-bears-in-the-area/

Did this hike 2 days ago with my girlfriend. It is challenging, especially if you don’t choose the right path. If you follow the rockpiles, you end up passing the last boulder field on the left side which is steep and sandy, which makes it easy to slip, especially on the way down. I fell once on the way down, no injuries. However, we saw a woman that broke her arm due to tripping on the boulders and a teenage girl whose bear spray went off in her face when tripping. So go straight across the last boulder field, or even better: by bypassing underneath it. Delta lake is truly amazing, the colours are extraordinarily beautiful and it’s only lightly trafficked. The water was frozen on the side, so swimming was not an option for us. We reached the lake after 2.5 hours. Start with this lake and spend a good amount of time at it, before heading to Surprise and Amphitheater. Hiking those 2 lakes is a piece of cake although the switchbacks get rather boring. When you reach those lakes around 4 or 5-ish, most of the people will be gone so you have the lakes to yourself. Don’t bring too much water, a filter will do the job on this hike. On the way down we saw a brown bear eating berries and passing us at a distance of 1 meter which was scary and amazing at the same time. The elevation can be tough, especially if you’re from a flat country like ours (The Netherlands).

Great day hike trail! Good mix of shell paths and boardwalks to keep you interested. Several loops you can take which is great if you have to cut your walk short for any reason. My only criticism would be to have better markings on the shorter loops on how to access the perimeter waterside trail. Also it isn't marked clearly on the map, but the middle boardwalk DOES connect with the back perimeter trail!

29 days ago

Easy warm up trail with a preview from the rangers in the Rockefeller Center. Reminds you of the great legacy the family left for the public to enjoy

1 month ago

This hike was amazing. It was challenging especially if you’re not an avid hiker or used tot the elevation change.

Beware of the 3 boulder fields making sure you follow the cairns. Be careful and make sure you have more water than you think you will need.

We got a late start at 11am and made it up around 4:30pm with members in our group needing to stop to breathe every five minutes or so closer to the top.
The length of this hike is highly dependent on the fitness level of your weakest member.

1 month ago

Loved it was worth it when I got there!

1 month ago

This is an incredible hike. Challenging, with uphill almost the entire way up, but SO beyond worth it. Finishing the last switchback and moving on to the unmaintained trail was a pretty obvious choice on the path. The unmaintained trail over the boulders was difficult. There is a mini boulder field, a bigger one with the cairns to guide, then the largest one. We messed up on the largest boulder field....followed a group up to the top toward the left side of the mountain. Do not make this mistake!!!! Head across the boulders to the right and you will reconnect with the path to the lake.

We loved this hike. We are not avid hikers, and we definitely could feel the pain, but we still made it to the lake and had an amazing experience. Great views all the way to your destination!

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