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Great day hike trail! Goid mix of shell paths and boardwalks to keep you interested. Several loops you can take which is great if you have to cut your walk short for any reason. My only criticism would be to have better markings on the shorter loops on how to access the perimeter waterside trail. Also it isn't marked clearly on the map, but the middle boardwalk DOES connect with the back perimeter trail!

12 hours ago

Easy warm up trail with a preview from the rangers in the Rockefeller Center. Reminds you of the great legacy the family left for the public to enjoy

1 day ago

This hike was amazing. It was challenging especially if you’re not an avid hiker or used tot the elevation change.

Beware of the 3 boulder fields making sure you follow the cairns. Be careful and make sure you have more water than you think you will need.

We got a late start at 11am and made it up around 4:30pm with members in our group needing to stop to breathe every five minutes or so closer to the top.
The length of this hike is highly dependent on the fitness level of your weakest member.

3 days ago

Loved it was worth it when I got there!

4 days ago

This is an incredible hike. Challenging, with uphill almost the entire way up, but SO beyond worth it. Finishing the last switchback and moving on to the unmaintained trail was a pretty obvious choice on the path. The unmaintained trail over the boulders was difficult. There is a mini boulder field, a bigger one with the cairns to guide, then the largest one. We messed up on the largest boulder field....followed a group up to the top toward the left side of the mountain. Do not make this mistake!!!! Head across the boulders to the right and you will reconnect with the path to the lake.

We loved this hike. We are not avid hikers, and we definitely could feel the pain, but we still made it to the lake and had an amazing experience. Great views all the way to your destination!

Left the trailhead at 7:15 am, first one at the lake. Difficult, but well worth it. 2.5 hours up

5 days ago

Loved this hike and the view is well worth the difficulty. We are from Oregon so while we do lots of long hikes with good amounts of elevation gain this was still challenging. The last mile is the most difficult part. Lots of loose dirt and crossing boulder fields. Most boulder fields are well marked except the last one we came upon and hiked up a good amount in the wrong direction only to see two hikers come down from another area. We knocked down the inaccurate cairns and headed back down. It looks like the distance has been updated from 7 to 9 miles which is accurate according to our trackers. We heard a few other hikers had turned back on our way down because they couldn’t find the trail/it was too challenging. So basically it’s difficult but WORTH IT!

This... this is why we hike. Worth the effort. More simple to find than some reviews say. At the first switchback after the sign for 1.8 and 1.6 miles to Surprise and Amphitheater, take the trail on the right that descends a bit. You’ll have to climb under a downed tree, but then it’s smooth sailing from there. For the most part, there’s a clearly defined dirt path. On the boulder sections, there are cairns marking the way. Be sure to get an early start!

The beauty is amazing and I did see a big black bear about 50 yards away.

I’m not sure why they would call this moderate difficulty as it has no vertical movement at all.

The views are a must. Highly recommended.


9 days ago

This is an excellent hike, but this is not a short hike as another reported, this is 3-6hr both ways, maybe even 7hr, depending on your speed. I'm not a seasoned hiker, but have hiked other hard trails, compared to those I would really categorize this as extra hard. No negative marks, just pointing out this is not for beginners. A hard hike but Awesome view at the end. Recommend committing half day for this hike if you plan staying and really enjoying the prize at the end of the trail.

9 days ago

The view at the lake when you first arrive is spectacular, perhaps the best in the park. Hike around the lake is easy. Total trip from parking lot is 7.5 miles. Moderate for distance, easy otherwise.

11 days ago

Such a nice short hike! Did it to fill the day, along with amphitheater lake. Delta lake is the nicest, but steep. Green lake, wonderful background mountains.

This is always the best trail in Central Florida. I hike with my dogs in every direction and every trail. Thankfully it’s so close to my house and I can enjoy it everyday.

12 days ago

This hike is difficult for the last mile. Went up with an off duty park ranger who was very helpful but mentioned that they have had to rescue 3 people this summer. Some from injury and one from lack of physical ability. He also said that there are black bears about 50% of the time. We did not see any however. If you are somewhat active and are willing to take your time you can do this hike. The pictures do not do the views justice. It is absolutely gorgeous at the top. Pack a light lunch and eat it at the top and enjoy God’s beauty.

Beautiful hike along the river. Trail was very well marked.

Currently closed for flooding

15 days ago

Truly an awesome hike both ways. Took me about 2:20 to get to the top, stopping along the way to take in the views and catch a breather. Started at 8:30 am and was back at the car around 2. The transition to the Delta Lake trail isn’t hard to spot, as you just continue on straight and down instead of turning on the next switchback. This is where the trail gets difficult, but also where it’s most exciting. Climbing over and under fallen trees, navigating boulder fields (follow the dirty boulders from other hikers’ boots!), and that last steep incline up the waterfall. All worth it once you see the lake. I veered off the trail a few times in the boulder fields, but a quick look at the All Trails app helped me get back on track. Spent an hour at the top laying on a rock taking it all in. Still hard to believe really how beautiful it was! 11/10 would recommend.

This get five stars mostly for Jump Rock, which was a blast (though the nearby area up the hillside that is used for changing is gross - people crapped up there!). We saw a snake and some mule deer along the path. The views are stupendous. Mostly level and shaded trail.

Amazing trail! Not too many people. Jumping rock adds so much excitement

I was pretty worried about this trail, but the extremely difficult parts are very short. Definitely doable. You have service most of the way, so I recommend keeping this app opening to follow the trail.

Challenging, and very rewarding view of Delta Lake at the top. Poles recommended.

Easy but scenic- good one if you don’t have much time.

Beautiful trail , nice place for caping and painting .

26 days ago

I did this hike a little over a week ago and it was one of my favorites to date. It is very well marked until it splits off from the main trail and is no longer a maintained trail. I counted the switchbacks so I would know when to look for the split off. It is not obvious and you have to walk down slightly and then you pick up the trail. After that split it is fairly obvious where the trail is.

There is a first bolder field and after getting through it, stay to the right of the next section of boulders. I ended up scrambling up the rock face and missed the obvious trail to the right. It’s not the end of the world if you miss it, but would have been an easier way had I stayed in trail.

The lake itself is unbelievable. It truly looks as amazing as the photos. It took me an 1:40 to hike up and I stayed up there for about an hour. And then about 1:20 or less down.


1 month ago

Tough hike as you get closer to the lake with beautiful views. As you approach the trail sign for surprise Lake and Amphitheater Lake you basically walk back past it and begin the most difficult part of the hike, under fallen trees and climbing up boulder fields. Arriving at Delta Lake makes it all worth it though, the views are amazing!

1 month ago

Very difficult hike, be prepared for the challenge. The view is amazing and totally worth the climb.

1 month ago

Longer than 6.8 miles and filled with tourists but worth the journey.

on Delta Lake Trail

1 month ago

I have to disagree with some of the reviews after experiencing this hike. First, there are no signs on the trail that say which direction is Delta Lake. The calculations for trip out and trip back are off. I am guesstimating 10 miles total. There are boulders in a few areas out to the lake that prove to be challenging. Be prepared for rough terrain just passed the beginning of the trail, there’s quite a bit of large rocks. It’s quite the steep incline as well. There is wildlife present, so bring bear spray or something. We ran into a giant moose on our way out. And passed a couple that warned us about a grizzly bear and other significant animals in their short hike. Honestly, if you are an inexperience hiker or do not work out somewhat regularly, this is not your trail.

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