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Great workout for such a short hike. Nice views, too.
Directions in description are inaccurate! (They lead you to someone’s private residence.) Park at Sanctuary Cove instead, but begin your hike along Scenic Road. The Scenic trailhead is at the end of the road, just passed Star Dance. (No parking is permitted at the dead end/trailhead or Star Dance.)

7 days ago

This is one of the most beautiful trails in Tucson. It goes on and on and on and unveils more and more of the beautiful Sonoran desert.. it really should be done before 1 April. Really really gorgeous enjoyable hike steady uphill not overly challenging.

This easy hike had some surprising, beautiful rock formations, including some places to scramble around and explore. It pretty easy, too, for our older dog to manage. I would definitely go again.

19 days ago

The first 3 miles of the trail is awesome ! great scenery, tons of petrified wood and a moderately challenging hike. The rest was kinda lame... Hiking through the resort and along the road. Next time I'll turn around half way and enjoy the best part twice.

We found the water tank and continued on the west side of the fence to a new house site; but never saw petroglyphs. Without GPS what should we look for?

21 days ago

First time on this trail. Very nice, good hike. Kids were on the trail and had no trouble climbing the "rock" stairs. (what we call them). We were fortunate to see Big Horn Sheep. Beautiful site

Really nice views, fun steep hike. Probably best classified as Difficult for the reasons people explain below.

I enjoy this hike when at The Ritz-Carlton. Not at all strenuous and minimal elevation.

This trail is HARD. Not MODERATE. lots of VERY loose rock and trail is not marked well. Great views from the top and multiple routes to use but be very careful.

Rough trail! Need lots of water and trekking poles are a must! Bring a first aid kit and some snacks! Pretty challenging for me and my 14yr old son!

Beautiful hike with a well maintained and marked trail. Loved this hike!

Unless you are a billy goat or do this type of climbing often you will have trouble getting to the summit. We got so close but did not have the courage to do the last 200 feet of climbing like Spider-Man. The views are definitely beautiful. As others have mentioned the trail is only marked by cairns which were such a comfort to see as we lost the trail numerous times. Descent was extremely tricky with the loose rocks but we lived with only minor scrapes and scratches. Poles were a must for us...50 + year old knees. Excellent day but super challenging. Also nice extra to have a Porto John at the Sanctuary.

They call it “Upper” Javelina for a reason! I’m a seasoned hiker, yet I struggled on the steep and continuous climb! At one point, I was scaling boulders—something for which I was not prepared. Consequently, I cut my hike short by taking the Hotel Spur Trail, which offers a shortcut back to the hotel. Tip: Grab a map at the trailhead and study it. The trails are color-coordinated. Once you figure that out, you’re good to go! Such a beautiful trail and a great workout!

I hiked both the North and South trails.

South trail is where the stone bridge (seen in the photos) is located. The ramadas and toilets are also located here. The toilets are in piss-poor condition (pun intended), and the actual trail is not clearly marked. These are the reasons for my low rating.

North trail is where the petroglyphs are located. You must hike through the wash and under the overpass. The petroglyphs are on a low rock face, on the left, near the end of the wash.

Great small hike in beautiful country!

Good elevation and views, very rocky makes a little more challenging.

Was nice hike through the low clouds .

Great trail. Did it in the rain today and it was beautiful with the low clouds.

An easy-to-access trail that is easy to moderate in parts. Some loose rocks as would be typical in this area. However, no huge steps up or leaps down requiring those of us with shorter legs to have to use all fours.

2 months ago

Nice, short hike. Completed the loop in about an hour at a brisk pace. Would have liked to go all the way to the top of the peak, but the trail didn’t go there.

on Pima Canyon Trail

2 months ago

Perfect trail for a fairly quick out and back . It is kinda anticlimactic when you reach the end to turn around. The trail is well maintained and well trafficked.

This trail was pretty good but no shade mid day so bring water if you're not use to the AZ heat. Locals were on a mission walk without much problem.

relatively easy. beautiful scenery. great morning hike

2 months ago

Rocky, especially at first. Beautiful scenery that changes throughout the hike. Beautiful views as you get higher in the mountains.

A good third of the trail is in a wash. Didn’t care for trudging through it.

Great hike with our pooch! Beautiful trail and views. So much petrified wood. Must have been an ancient forest. Interesting rock formations. Will hike this trail again.

Nice hike but a little overgrown. Long pants recommended

good exercise!

this quite an adventures rout, the scinery us amazing.

3 months ago

Great views. Rocky, but so doable. Thought out would be difficult but it was easy going.

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