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cross country skiing
14 days ago

A solid intro to back country skiing. Pretty easy-going. My dad and I did this about a month ago and there was just enough snow to ski, but plenty of snow-shoers and micro-spiked hikers did just fine out there.

I was able to summit on 2/17/2018. Snowshoes came in handy up to the tree line but I would not say they were needed, descended with just my micro spikes. Microspikes are a must if you don't have snow shoes. The winds were brutal, 40+ MPH. Manny of the groups ahead of me turned around due to the winds. This is a long day due to the added milage at the winter parking (you can only make it about 0.25 up the summer 2 track road). Views at the top are beautiful and you are the highest person in Colorado!

Lots of mountain goats

2 months ago

Very beautiful and very hard. You have to go over a 1,400 ft elevation gain ridge and then straight back down it before you even start to hike Holy Cross. Bring a TON of water and water filtration to refill at the stream crossing. I burned through 5L on summit day. My friend and I did it as the first backpacking trip of the Summer and it was tough over 3 days and 2 nights. Bring bug spray. Our temps got up to high 70's in the day and high 20's at night in July, reapplied sunscreen like 20 times in 3 days and still got some sun exhaustion. Once you get about 1 mile past the ridge a view opens up of Holy Cross that is the most beautiful view I've seen in Colorado.

I love this trail, we hiked it at the end of September and loved it. The wind had picked up to 30-40 mph at the summit. Beautiful

Tough hike with beautiful scenery!

5 months ago

A beautiful, but rigorous hike. It took me, a 54-year-old male in fairly good shape, roughly 10 hours. The younger guys were doing it faster, but be sure to give yourself enough time. Also, take lots of water. I went through 4 liters in September.

This was our first 14er, so it has a special place in my heart! Probably could have chosen an easier one, considering I live at sea level and only had three days to acclimate before setting out... This trail was a really challenging in-and-out for us. Between the elevation gain and struggling with the altitude, there were points where we were taking 20 steps and pausing to catch our breath!

But the path it winds offers unbelievable views of forests, other peaks, and small alpine lakes nearly the whole way, which means you're never just slogging. You're constantly being blown away by the scenery only a 14er provides, which we'd never experienced before!

There are some tight switchbacks less than halfway that were BRUTAL for us and the last couple miles are making your way along thick scree fields, which slow you down. But there's only a little easy bouldering to get to the summit, and holy hell that view is completely worth it.

If did it again, we'd camp along the way and wouldn't attempt 12+ miles in one day without being properly accustomed to the altitude. :)

6 months ago

We did this hike in two days on Labor Day weekend and it was quite the challenge. The initial hike with our packs to East Cross Creek took roughly 2.5 hours. We were able to share site #5 with a couple who was already there and found our own secluded spot with enough privacy. We started the ascent around 4am and the trail was easy to follow with headlamps and so beautiful to stop to admire the stars. We were about half way to the summit when the sun rose and summited around 9am. The last portion to the summit is all boulders but very doable if you stay to the left, as our small dog was able to climb with no problem. After descending back down to camp, we took a much needed power nap before hiking back UP (yes, it's not all downhill on the way back) to the car. Definitely a strenuous and long hike but safe and worth the feeling of accomplishment! As many people have said, pack way more than 2L of water. We filtered at least 6L for two people and our dog from the river near camp between the 2 days.

Starts with a beautiful hike through the woods, with a soundtrack of running water from the creek right along the trail. Above tree line, gorgeous views. A long and challenging hike that requires some endurance. We accidentally got off trail and did some precarious scrambling over boulders near the top - don't stray too far from the sandy trail. That said - the sandy trail/loose rock does get slippery and makes it tricky to keep your footing on the descent. We started at 9am which is too late for this 14er, especially at our slow pace - we finished at 8pm, just as it got dark! Lesson: start at sunrise.
Overall - this is a GORGEOUS and CHALLENGING hike.

This was my first 14er I really didn't know what I was in for. I packed plenty of food water and extra layers. I was definitely tested to my limits I've done 10 mile hikes and 25 mile ruck matches in the army, but nothing was as difficult as this. I didn't let it beat me and finished the whole hike in 10.5 hours including breaks to eat and change my socks. The last 1,000 feet up are very difficult I felt like Q*bert hopping from rock to rock.

Amazing! 2hr hike to campsite then all day up to summit and all the way back to parking lot. So beautiful!

6 months ago

This is a beautiful trail, though challenging. We did this as a backpack, Saturday to Sunday, making the summit on Saturday after dropping our weight at camp. Both of us are in good shape and this was a brutal hike. Like folks say, bring plenty of water & snacks!

My two sons and wife and I did this Trail on eclipse day August 21 2017. We started at 6 am from the trailhead and reached south Mt. Elbert (14,150 ft) at 11 am and trekked over to Mt Elbert (14,439 ft) summited at 12:15. Return took about 4 hours. This was a long good day. Our two Fitbits showed the total ROUND TRIP to be about 18 miles. Trust me, be prepared for a big day of cardio.

I did a solo 2 day backpacking trip to climb this; hiked in and camped Friday, summited Saturday morning, packed up and hiked back out that afternoon. The hike in, with my camping pack at its heaviest, was brutal. It's an incline and elevation gain right from the trail head...finally going downhill felt nice. It only took me 2 hours and 40 minutes to summit from camp, about 1 hour 40 minutes to get back down to camp, and I went through about 2L of water (I needed an extra 1-2L for the whole hike in and out). The last hike up gets into some scrambling but pay attention to the rock tower markers and you should be able to stay on trail, for the most part. Bring snacks/energy food...you will need it. Great views everywhere.

This is a rewarding hike but not easily earned. The top section becomes semi- technical. The vertical gain was challenging but the views at the top were worth everything

Long but worth the effort! Amazing views on both sides of the ridge!

7 months ago

Excellent. This was my first 14er, and took me about 8 hours to do. Things I should've done: start earlier (plan to be on the trail 15-30 min before sunrise), and spend an extra day acclimating.

This was a great first 14er. It was a bit of a late start- I don't think we reached the trailhead until maybe even 8:30- but luckily the weather held. It is a very challenging hike if you're not used to the elevation, but is well worth it.

Went with my nephew on 08/03/17, amazing climb. As I have heard/read, it was the best trail for the views and it was amazing. I don't know if I'd suggest this trail as your 1st 14er though. It was certainly hard for the both of us, luckily we met some other guys from our home state of Texas, we all kind of fed off each other and got it done. One of them had done Elbert before on the North trail and said it is much easier.
Before you get to the ridgeline, the trail switch backs and is pretty steep. This part of the trail got a bit tiresome for us. Once on the ridge you get a bit of a boost of energy as it levels out at parts but still is a difficult last 1.5 miles or so. Careful going down as the steep trails you see going up are not too secure on your decent.

Spectacular hike, stunning open fields with wildflowers and open views. Steady approach to an open summit ridge that offered better views then Elbert. Coming from New York it was worth the huffing and puffing.

This is an intense hike. I did it in two days with my hiking buddy. On the first day, we hiked over Half Moon Pass and shared a campsite with a few other parties after crossing Cross Creek. The creek is pretty much the only source of water between the trail head and the summit of Mount of the Holy Cross. From camp, I took two liters of filtered creek water and a half-liter of Gatorade with me to the summit - not enough. From camp, it's a steep and challenging trail, and once you're up above treeline, you're walking on rock for a long time.

The views are some of the best I've ever seen. The only real signs of civilization are when an airplane flies overhead. It took us about four hours to summit from our campsite, and then another three hours to get back... and while the climb to the summit was pretty challenging, loading our gear and walking back up to Half Moon Pass after hiking to the summit was the real killer. That took another two to three hours. The hike took a lot longer than we anticipated. And it was exhausting.

Give yourself plenty of time and make sure you have a lot of water - I'd say to bring at least three liters from the camp. Also bring bug spray. Mosquitoes are out in full force in this wilderness. But if you're up for a challenging hike, this has to be one of the best in Colorado.

Great hike yesterday. Dry conditions. Trail is easy to follow until you get to the last 1500 feet then you need to look for the best route between rock cairns.

The trail was beautiful. The trail was also mighty. Very mighty. Just because this is one of the lowest 14er's in Colorado doesn't mean it's easy. Unfortunately, we had cloud coverage once we summited so we didn't get much of a view. Really was an experience though! I recommend you bring plenty of water. My boyfriend and I brought along about 9 liters and we ended up coming home with just over 2. Also, bring food and lots of it. We found it helped to sit and snack on protein dense foods before going up each ascent. Be warned that because you're sweaty, you'll get pretty chilly when stopping. On the last bit of the trail be prepared to really scramble (after the ridge). The trail gets pretty sparse, but keep up and you'll reach the summit. Most importantly, be safe and keep an eye on conditions. Stick to the trail!! Above all else, enjoy!!

Beautiful trail and much less traffic than the Belford / Oxford trails. Recent rain and snowmelt made some parts of the trail wet and two steam crossings challenging without waterproof boots from the standpoint of keeping your feet dry (I went barefoot).

I would not classify this trail as moderate. The combined steepness of the beginning and push to the summit along with the altitude make this a challenging hike.

Definitely a strenuous hike--the elevation gain is tough, but the scenery and views at the summit are unmatched.

7 months ago

I'm a moderately experienced hiker. I've done several longer Day hikes and was ready to attempt my first 14er. The trail was challenging and strenuous. Once you pass the tree line you are climbing rocks. The trail is well marked and the stone steps are helpful but it was difficult. I made it to 13K feet and knew that was the end for me. While I was there it started to hail. My husband continued in to summit and described the Rick scramble as another intense physical challenge (he's in excellent shape). I'm grateful for this experience and the views were spectacular but it was the most difficult physical challenge I've ever taken on. It was a day I won't forget.

7 months ago

Walked up the front side of Belford. Over to Oxford. Down into Elkhead pass trail and out. Great hike took our time. Well worth it.

This hike is a grueling journey. Yeah it's beautiful from the top of half moon pass looking at Mt.OTHC but this is not an easy day hike by Any means.

The bouldering and scramble required at the top is pretty challenging.

Hiking this all in one day is about as hard if not
Harder than Long's Peak.

Bring bug repellent! Especially near half moon creek.

I used a water filter on the way back from the summit at the creek. I tried to conserve water the whole way and still ended up using 4.25 liters.

7 months ago

We went on 7/15/17 and started a little later than we hoped around 7am. We went for the shorter distance trail and views on the way up were completely worth it!

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