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It was a nice trail. Shaded parts and also parts in the sun. Nice views way up high. Fun hike overall.

5 days ago

Loved this hike. Most of it was just a slightly uphill walk. It got steeper/more rocky towards the top. Got off trail once by mistake where it starts to get iffy, but found our way back fairly easily. Pretty good views at the peak, but a few trees in the way.

Saturday morning parking was completely full—just be aware of that.

Nice secluded trail with great views! Went on a Saturday afternoon and only saw 3 other hikers. Decent elevation gain and steepness towards the summit. Sat on the peak having lunch for about an hour just taking in the views and sunshine.

Not the most spectacular falls by any means, but an average hike with some elevation gain. Heavy traffic with familes and dogs on a narrow trail most of the way. If you're up for the challenge and more miles I highly suggest continuing up to Mt. Rosa for some beautiful views.

9/9/18. If you're looking for a shortish challenging hike this is great. I have a labrador and had him off leash pretty much the whole time. There aren't any scramblers but there are a couple spots that are close. My girlfriend and I are around 30 years old and had no problem completing it in a half day. I wouldn't recommend using hiking poles unless you don't feel your physically up to a challenging hike. There are plenty of rocks and small trees to balance with, poles would have just gotten in the way. NOW, here's the part that wasn't great, once you get to the dirt road the crystal trail technically ends, it doesn't go all the way to the reservoir. luckily I downloaded the area map via google and used it as a compass and made our own trail until we found pikes peak tollway, once you find that you can find the reservoir. I recommend NOT stopping at the dirt road! keep toughing it to the reservoir, totally worth it!

A great hike through lots of terrain to get some miles in without a lot of elevation.

Lovely trail and challenging.

Great hike. Cool waterfalls and great views from the top.

As of two weeks ago the lake side of the loop was closed. There are signs at the beginning that note that. We trekked on and took the advice of others and went up the steep portion first. Not easy to find so definitely download the map and have it open and hunt for the river and a low point to cross. If you follow the easily marked trail at the beginning you are on the wrong path. Once headed up, it’s definitely nearly straight up for about 1.5 miles. I’d recommend trekking poles for support. Up you can manage without them, down they are nearly a must have. It’s a good workout on the way up. Towards the top there are lots of large “balanced” rocks you can climb on. We decided to chance it and kept going down the lake side hoping it wasn’t closed to hikers but just cars. Saw a few campers and evidences of rock slides they have been repairing. Eventually you get to a locked gate when that portion is closed. Was able to go around the side (steep and some barbed wire but passable) and get back to the beginning where we parked. Definitely enjoyed the loop more than an out and back. Hopefully it’s open now after repairs have been firmed up.

You need a 4x4 , wrangler, SUV or truck to get to this trailhead. I am sure this is a 5-Star hike but we had to turn around since we were driving a hybrid rental car. The trail description does not mention this very important fact (about getting to the trailhead on a very rutted, narrow and rocky road). Travel safe!

19 days ago

Dog friendly lots of flowers!

Beautiful hike saw a lil black bear down in the lower off trails which was rather exciting and very awesome, the hike was rather difficult coming up to the summit for myself but I'm still getting the hang of the altitude change, went off trail when my phone died and ended up 1hr off trail I highly recommend staying on trail and not wander lol!

Great trail- loved the diverse terrain. Well marked. Even spotted some Ute sacred trees. Beautiful views of Piles Peak. Easy to access and not crowded.

20 days ago

One of the best trails. Great time

Great trail! Would rate easy instead of moderate most of the time.

20 days ago

Falls are nice once you get there. The length of the hike is a bit much for a half-day outing. The initial portion on the forest road is exposed and hot, pretty forgettable. The trail itself is mostly covered, but a pretty consistent, significant uphill grade.

Really enjoyed this hike. Starts out easy on a old road with gradual gain. Then comes to a more typical much narrower trail through the trees with a more intense elevation gain. Views from the top were great. Be prepared to share the trail with mountain bikers and dirt bikes

This is a great workout. The rapid elevation gain is more so if you take the path straight/right, continue past the Eagle Pass Trl and UP the service road. You can add time/distance with the hike to the cemetery (more like a seeded fenced area,) and then adding the 1 mike loop at the top (sorry forgot the name)
Beautiful views!
A bit easier hike is starting to the left, but still uphill, just slower gain.

good hike short and sweet.

Beautiful trail, lots of shade. It's fun walking the perimeter of the summit for a view on all sides.

26 days ago

Nice trail with a lot of shade. The views are worth the trip to the top.

well we were shooting for the Thomas trail and ended up on the Crystal trail. Beautiful trail but much harder

Great hike. I went up 7/8ths of the trail with a kid carrier. We enjoyed the views and it was definately challenging with the extra weight. Good workout. Proper shoes for the lose gravel.

28 days ago

Great hike with a little ice around the falls today.

It was not moderate; it was difficult. We went to check out the seven bridges trail... and ended on this trail. It was ok. The water was low but ok.

It’s a very easy hike. Easy to find and get to. My lab and I hiked it today and had a great time. Lots of other trail cross cross so you could expand the hike

1 month ago

Great hike surrounded with beauty!

Worth checking out! Hike starts pretty slow/uneventful up an old road, however beautiful views of surrounding mountains/valleys, trail picks up before the actual start of the trail, watch out for signs, if you aren’t experienced as the trail isn’t all that well marked. The last .2 mile is the steepest but well worth it! Falls were slow as others have mentioned but still gorgeous and a great place to stop for lunch or to just recharge for the decent. Garmin tracked the trail around 6.8ish miles.

Just did this as two day overnight hike for the second time packing about 40 lbs.. You will see various areas where others have camped also. The area we picked towards the top had views of the mountains across the canyon. When you want to get away from the crowds this is the place to go. Witnessed a couple meteor showers too. Bonus. Like mentioned by others, watch your footing. Especially with a pack on.

1 month ago

Perfect moderate trail for just enough challenge and beautiful views at the top. The trail is well marked and features minimal obstacles besides the greater difficulty from the steepness near the top. I went on a Saturday morning (summited before 9am) and only saw a few other people on the way up. I had a good 10-15 mins to myself before seeing one runner at the summit but that's it. Highly recommend!

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