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Great hike when you're itching to go out, but don't have time to leave the city. Head on up see the famous view of Portland from Council Crest.

trail running
12 days ago

beautiful view. uphill, downhill, and flat terrain. easy to get to if you're in Portland. trail, stair, or road options. very dog friendly. usually occupied by a lot of other people. not a secluded area at all. great for all levels.

Great city park. Good for trail running.

nice and well marked simple and relaxing break from the city

one way small trails part of the way with a couple cross streets. overall wonderful with good incline!

Great for trail running! I run here almost daily. Perfect amount of incline and plenty of shade/ cover from rain or sun. Love it.

Easy hike, just be ready to be hiking in the outskirts of the city.

Nice city trail walk. Westside of the trail near Sellwood bridge is blocked in places due to construction.

1 month ago

Nice place for a relaxing walk.

Really great trail. It’s all flat, so fairly easy to walk. Amazing wildlife too!! There were bald eagles the flew literally feet in front of us. Super beautiful. And the beach at the end is more or less your own private beach. The only reason I gave it 4 stars instead of 5 are the MOSQUITOS!!! They were awful!! I had 10 bites on just one hand. If I got that many on my hand, imagine what the rest of me looked like!!! Will definitely be going again, but not before I douse my body in bug spray.

1 month ago

Super familiar park for me. It's not a place to get solitude, but it is a great place to hang out or get exercise. The trails are varied, and some are less populated. There's often some kind of event going on, and there are many areas for kids to enjoy as well as adults. Though I've probably hiked every trail over the years, now that I have a GPS, I guess I'll do it all again while painting cyan lines on the map.

Nice easy trail and I’m thankful that other reviewers mentioned the bugs. We came equipped so enjoyed the walk as we looked for birds and watched a variety of water vessels go by. Cute little lighthouse so worth the drive out there.

Great mountain bike trail for beginners.

I'm rather embarrassed to say I haven't hiked in Forest Park before this. Hiking in years past has always meant driving to a trailhead outside the city. When there is a park with 70 combined miles of trails inside the city, it's about time to figure what that's all about! I hope to do many more hikes in the park in the future. I enjoyed this particular loop.

Hiked this on June 13. Well marked trail, make sure i purchase a day pass to park. Beautiful scenic that follows the Columbia. The mosquitoes were insane but we found if just kept moving it was harder for them to bite us.

Did this hike about two weeks ago. SUPER muddy, trudged through water numerous times, ruined my shoes, and I came home littered with some gnarly bug bites, but fun regardless! Really nice hike, pretty easy 6 miles, not too many people on the trail, and just a nice little escape for a couple hours through a different area of Sauvies than what you would normally go to with some cool little scenery transitions (woods, small meadows, beach, right along the river, etc).

Of the forty something hikes mentioned in Falcon Guides’ Best Dog Hikes in Oregon, this trail made the list. It is definitely off-leash friendly (regardless of the leash-only sign posted at the parking lot by the trailhead). Not a really spectacular trail but it was cool to see the lighthouse and hang out at the beach. Easy 6 miles hike.

went in the afternoon. parking lot was packed. seen people heading out to their cars as we were heading in. Very little traffic on the trail and nobody at the lighthouse when we arrived. Walked out watching the sun set. Beautiful easy hike.

Do NOT do right now! Did this hike on Sunday 6/3/18 and I have over 20 bites on my body. They are not normal mosquito bites, some are about the size of a quarter and feel like they are on fire! I was wearing long tight workout leggings and a hoody to cover my face during this hike because of all the bugs. Just wait till it’s warm and not so damp!

Easy to follow, year round, dog friendly, can be steep in certain areas but very family friendly. Nice view of Portland at the summit, along with a basketball court, playgrounds and restrooms.

This year I'm exploring all the hidden hiking gems within Portland and the surrounding area. There are so many places I've never been though I've lived here all my life. This hike was one of those experiences, and I enjoyed it greatly. I chose a low traffic time, so I don't know how crowded the trail normally is. There were just a few others braving the steep climb up and quite a few more enjoying the park and view at Council Crest at the top.

My second visit, walking the loop around Oaks Bottom Lake, this time with Mom. We saw tons of wildlife, and it was a perfect weather day.

Flooded out today.

We parked at Sellwood Park and started from there. The beginning was ok - saw lots of birds - got a good pic of geese with their goslings. However, it ends up on a paved road (Spring Water Corridor) and we walked that back with bikers blazing by us....very boring and even though it was maybe 3 miles, it felt like 10 because of the walk back. I think though this would be a good beginner, introductory hike for someone new to it...better than sitting indoors!

Wide easy trail to walk. Half sun half shade.

beautiful view of downtown Portland.

This was a great walk, a little harder since I took my toddler in a stroller. Saw a sea lion catching fish by the lighthouse that was pretty cool to watch for awhile. Only encountered 2 other people the entire time. Also, wasted a lot of time in the morning trying to buy a parking permit. If you’re going, make sure to pick one up before you get there.

First time trail running down this path was thrilling!

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