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Lots of road walking, but there are lots of blackberries to munch on in late July so that made it nice

Having just made the long drive to move to Portland from LA, my dogs and I were in desperate need of some time outdoors. This trail was perfect to meet some friendly people and let my dogs get a taste of their new city. Lots of families, runners, bikers, and fellow dog owners out on this nice 80-degree day. The trail is paved and leads to a large park with tennis courts and a playground. Plenty of parking at the trailhead near the Garden Home Rec Center. Easy as it’s level throughout and very clearly defined. Will definitely be back at least once a week for some quick exercise with the pups!

Beautiful summer trail. Lush, few other people. Signage not good

7 days ago

It was beautiful by the playground area& everything to the right of it (coming down from parked car).
bridges are well maintained, pathways with signs, railing but then you walk past the play area&the mini stone bridge-
it's as if they stopped giving a damn.
especially after crossing the road.
For my first visit here I wish they had trail markers instead of a bunch of trails that go every other way.

Okay but it seems like this park is more for appearance rather than an 'urban nature walk'.
No Forest Park.

Half way through this trail, it just stops. Nothing is marked. There were enough spider webs to make a king size blanket. Seriously though, the trail just stopped as if it weren’t being kept up at all.

Easy hike, just be ready to be hiking in the outskirts of the city.

It was a good little hike for my first solo with both dogs. It was moderately trafficked, especially at "intersections" of the Wildwood trail. Lots of wildflowers & berries & butterflies. Elevation could be considered moderately difficult, but not an issue for experienced hikers. Over all a very pleasant day hike.

I took my dog here for a hike. I love all the different trails. You can spend hours here just exploring. Hoping the Owl Bridge opens back up soon!

Mostly paved. Good walk.

27 days ago

I have to admit that on a 85° day, 656 ft. elevation gain feels more like 1656 ft! Be that as it may, the trail is well maintained & has very few trip hazards. This day we found the sky at the top hazy so the view we were anticipating was somewhat subdued. Still, all 3 of us (2 humans, 1 dog) enjoyed the climb & felt satisfied we had accomplished something worthwhile. Not sure if we'll find a parking ticket on our car at Marquam Nature Park when we get back because we weren't able to complete the trek in 2 hrs with time for a rest & snack at the top. Council Crest is lovely & deserves sufficient time to enjoy.

1 month ago

I went there on the weekend with my dog. It wasn’t overcrowded. The paps were very beautiful with all of the different types of trees and greenery, streams everywhere. That being said the pups are really hard to follow being is that the majority of them are leading to people’s private yards or back to the road.

This year I'm exploring all the hidden hiking gems within Portland and the surrounding area. There are so many places I've never been though I've lived here all my life. This hike was one of those experiences, and I enjoyed it greatly. I chose a low traffic time, so I don't know how crowded the trail normally is. There were just a few others braving the steep climb up and quite a few more enjoying the park and view at Council Crest at the top.

1 month ago

Took my puppy here today for a little trail hike! It was very green and pretty and great for some fresh air and nature. The path was a little hard to follow/find if you’ve never done it before because many parts will lead up to streets, neighborhoods, or parking. We ended up making our way through the whole thing and stopped to play in the creek for a bit. Definitely recommend if you like moss, slugs and nature!

Great combo of nature, suburbs, and a nice park. Really enjoyed the loop

Great hike on a spring day when you want or need to stay close to town. We loved the various staircases and easements that popped up throughout the route

2 months ago

For a park in the middle of the city, I was thrilled to hike the trail, and I enjoyed the scenery. It put me in a youthful mood to explore every nook and cranny. If I lived near this park I would enjoy hanging out there and writing in my journal.

horseback riding
2 months ago

Anybody know if there's horse trailer parking off Skyline Blvd?

First time trail running down this path was thrilling!

After a year in Spokane exploring all the trails, even those inside the city limits, I decided I would do the same back in the Portland area. It's funny how you can live in a place your whole life and not bother to explore things practically in your backyard. Tryon Creek Natural Area is a pleasant place to visit when driving an hour out of town to a more remote trailhead isn't an option. I started from the south-most entrance on Andrews Road so I could hike the biggest loop possible. One down, many to go!

It was definitely a city hike, but it was fun. I would say it was an easy hike.

Pretty muddy, and difficult to navigate sometimes, but the river was beautiful!

Muddy this time of year, but a nice trail. Fun little bridges. There are paper maps at the trailhead and I was able to extend this trip quite a bit. There are several trails that connect to this one. Not too crowded. Occasional urban camper; no one bothered me.

Great trail, I wouldn't go as far to say it's "Moderate". It wasn't a difficult hike. nice scenery and once I got up to council crest for the first time, the views were great I soaked them up for a couple of hours before I decided to hike back down.

The trail itself was ok... nothing to right home about. The view from Council Crest was beautiful, but pretty crowded!

This convenient, but heavily used, trail in the West Hills near downtown Portland leads to the iconic Council Crest Peak. On a clear day there are great views not only of the city, but also Mt. Hood, Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Adams.

The trees are pretty up by terwilliger but under the freeway down to John’s landing. If you can’t get out of town and are desperate for a hike ok , otherwise get outta here!

I live in Hillsdale, so it’s pretty neat to be able to get down to the river on this trail. I also think it’s a special urban thrill to hike under I-5. Willamette Park is a nice destination, with bathrooms, water fountains, and a dog park.

5 months ago

my sister and I had a great time hiking here. it was a little muddy but I think it had rained the night before. overall, it was beautiful.

Was a great hike with a bit of a challenge I'm not a normal hiker but I would salmon shape. Had to avoid horse poop on some of the trails that was about the only downside

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