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Great place to walk the dog or take the family. Views of Portland and and ocean surround the island. There are a couple of little beaches which are fun at low tide. Parking is often an issue. Get there early or risk not being able to park.

As of recent with all the rain a lot of the trail at the bottom side of the falls is all flooded out so you cant walk very far. But still very enjoyable to go and check the falls out!

28 days ago

Pleasant, easy walk. Elevated all along the edge of the shoreline, but still within the woods. Very picturesque.

easy trail with great views! no bikes allowed.

Lots of improvements to this preserve since I last visited it. Hawkes Trail has been modified to include a change in the midsection. A section has been close (marked) and a new route created. Improvements include new catwalks and information stations. A few new trails too. Watch out for the poison ivy which is prevalent throughout.

anticlimactic and small...so even one other group makes it feel crowded

beautiful heath, technically no dogs allowed.

beautiful and serene. you forget you're in an urban hub

1 month ago

Beautiful perched water table bog!

It’s a nice little loop. Great for kids as there is a follow along picture story posted on the trees that they can read. Nicely marked, a little bit buggy.

Nice trail and well cared for. Very easy and pretty flat. I just wish the trail was a bit wider so you can walk side by side with someone

This is a wonderful walk around a small island. Easy footing. Swings and benches follow this trail with a tiny fairy village and beaches along the way.

Will be back! :)

Very easy and enjoyable nature hike within the city limits...

trail running
2 months ago

So beautiful. Dogs must be kept on leash, even on the beach. Perfect walk with family & friends and close to Portland! Great trail run as well!

a lovely little park. .we did the black loop. .trail is eroded with lots of roots and rocks but serviceable. .just watch your footing. .huge boulders through out the park as well as large old growth trees. .perhaps an old glacier flow?.

Great nature walk! Heads up - we went through the last week of August, there is a yellow jacket nest under the boardwalk just as you near the edge of the heath, before you get to the loop!!

3 months ago

Always a great, easy walk but no dogs allowed.

The day I went was a little foggy and misty and made it feel like an enchanted forest. I LOVED IT! I really loved all the Fairy homes and different benches you could sit on to rest and contenplate. Definitely going to come back again when I next visit Maine.

Easy walk around the island but good footwear is a must as many tree roots and slight downgrades can make it difficult to walk. Lots of lovely benches and swings to rest and take in the view and a couple of side trails that lead down to the water, including rocky shorelines to sit on chairs and sunbathe. It took me several tries to visit this island successfully due to the heavy traffic. Best to go early morning, parking is limited. Nominal entrance fee for both residents and visitors (even on foot/ by bike). Also, look up the sad/creepy history of the school on the island for an interesting story to share.

I really like this trail is filled with fun trails to get a good hike in for the day. Also has a nice brook with an occasional beaver dam!

4 months ago

Not maintained paths off trails not marked past waterfall a joke

4 months ago

As others have noted bring decent bug spray. I used Repel with eucalyptus (no Deet) which worked really well. Trail markings at intersections were often non existent. Got turned around several times. Pretty hard to get lost for too long though. Now that I have the lay of the land I’ll be back!

4 months ago

Nice casual walking trail, several way points with swing benches to soak in the views, and be sure to check out the Fairy Community

easy, peaceful walk

4 months ago

Easy walk and the Waterfall was nice.

4 months ago

Awesome casual walking trail; several swing benches to rest and soak up the views, fishing pier, and several sandy beaches. Be sure to visit the Island Community Village along the way and even build your own all natural house for the fairies (collect items along the walk).

very easy to walk. beautiful surroundings.

It was I nice dr. Seuss like hiking trail-ish more like a boarded wood plank Tish is path would definitely go again and definitely had fun

5 months ago

Easy walk that alternates between light woods and shrubland (as well as sun and shade). Trail is very well maintained - packed dirt and boardwalk. Took about an hour at a moderate pace.

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