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20 days ago

For a city trail. It is ok. Lots of mud on this trail. Very busy walk, with people, dogs and bikes.

great trail network in the city...doesnt even feel like youre in portland. beautiful marsh and falls. great spot to bring a dog..
lightly trafficked. good trail running and potential skiing

Great spot for a day hike. Good views with little elevation change. Parking is down the dead-end street. Watch out for the giant pot holes just before the parking area though.

OK place to run if you're looking to be around a lot of other people. Gravel trail with constant view of the cove. Parking can be difficult at peak times. The weekly 5k series is a fun race series there.

Great place to walk the dog or take the family. Views of Portland and and ocean surround the island. There are a couple of little beaches which are fun at low tide. Parking is often an issue. Get there early or risk not being able to park.

Awesome trail!

3 months ago

Pleasant, easy walk. Elevated all along the edge of the shoreline, but still within the woods. Very picturesque.

loved biking this trail. highly recommend continuing and taking it to mackworth island!

easy trail with great views! no bikes allowed.

This trail is great for people who just want a quick short hike! Half the trail is rooty but the other half is not really rooty and is great for running! The part that is in the woods is well marked so it is pretty hard to get lost.

I rate it as easy. A few hills but nothing is very steep. Those with a bit of an incline have stone steps. Well maintained and a few side trails off of the main trail. Wooden bridges over wet areas.

Great trail if you’re just looking to go for a quiet walk. Didn’t see many people, however that’s probably because there is not much to see. However it was relaxing, easy to follow, and the dog loved it!

beautiful trails well marked and dog friendly but a little busy.

I would classify as easy rather than moderate. Did it with my 3 year old starting at the end of Rowe st and going to jewel falls and back. Nice little bridges at wet spots. Good birding. There are some homeless along the railroad tracks. Trails are well marked with blazes and maps periodically.

Easy out and back with little elevation change. A couple of nice views on the creek. Trail ends abruptly. Must be near a farm with livestock-- the last third of the trail the smell of animal manure was pretty overwhelming.

3 months ago

Very nice walking trail. Lots of different little trails to walk around. I saw a beautiful dragonfly that I got the most amazing picture of and I saw a cute little turtle trying to cross the path. Great path for young kids or for husbands that really don’t like hiking but enjoying playing Pokémon go. Lots of Pokémon gyms and Pokémon spins.

Really nice, well-maintained upper trail. However be warned if you loop down to creek at the end and follow the yellow markers, the trail is much trickier with some areas on shale or blocked by fallen trees. If you don’t mind the challenge it was a great hike!

This is a wonderful walk around a small island. Easy footing. Swings and benches follow this trail with a tiny fairy village and beaches along the way.

Will be back! :)

This was a really nice trail! Well maintained!
The views were beautiful!

trail running
4 months ago

So beautiful. Dogs must be kept on leash, even on the beach. Perfect walk with family & friends and close to Portland! Great trail run as well!

trail running
4 months ago

Was really surprised at the quality of these trails. Took the kids on Haselton Farm and a few side trails to hit a nice 3 mile loop around the park. There's some decent elevation to be had and once you get about a half mile in it feels like you're deep in the wilderness. Trails are very well marked once you get started, recommend starting at the bottom of the hill next to the dog park.

This is a scenic and shaded walk along the rim of gorge. The blue dotted marked trail is on the rim of the gorge, wIth many branches down to the bottom near the water. The waterfalls were basically dry in late summer, but we will be revisiting in the spring to see them.

Nice trail with great views. Dog and kid friendly.

The day I went was a little foggy and misty and made it feel like an enchanted forest. I LOVED IT! I really loved all the Fairy homes and different benches you could sit on to rest and contenplate. Definitely going to come back again when I next visit Maine.

5 months ago

Love this walking trail! Accessible to all for walking/running/biking, with plenty of green space to rest on benches or green grass. There's even a modest obstacle course for a workout and what appears to be a soccer or lacrosse field. Well maintained, handful of water fountains along the way, nice views of the city.

Easy walk around the island but good footwear is a must as many tree roots and slight downgrades can make it difficult to walk. Lots of lovely benches and swings to rest and take in the view and a couple of side trails that lead down to the water, including rocky shorelines to sit on chairs and sunbathe. It took me several tries to visit this island successfully due to the heavy traffic. Best to go early morning, parking is limited. Nominal entrance fee for both residents and visitors (even on foot/ by bike). Also, look up the sad/creepy history of the school on the island for an interesting story to share.

5 months ago

The Loop is really nice to go for a run because it’s paved, safe (the speed limit is 15mph and half the road is designated for pedestrian traffic) and exactly 1.7 miles, so you know how far you have gone with out tracking it on an app. It’s also beautiful park scenery and there are always other people around as well.

6 months ago

good for walking and running.

6 months ago

Not really a trail, but definitely a great place to walk or run. There’s a stand/hut that has free water and other drinks to purchase. Parking is always easy.

loved this walk- some folks were saying it should be easy, here's the thing- if you're looking for a place to take anyone with mobility issues, it's would be a hard go, there are a few stairs, some narrow ways, etc. it's beautiful, quiet, and a great place to be on a Saturday morning.

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