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2 days ago

Beautiful! Muddy, so bring three right shoes. No complaints from me on a sunny day!

road to this trail is closed

road to the lighthouse is currently closed

I only saw two other hikers, but it was a Monday morning. There were a few muddy obstacles but were easily overcome with proper waking sticks. I would like to try this hike again mid summer. There were a few patches of snow , mostly off the sides of the trail. The trail did cross the motorized roads a few times and could hear the atv as well. It took me about 4 hours with plenty of stops between. The falls were well worth the trip!

Very muddy (but very beautiful!) Saw whales and various birds

Although it was super muddy, the views were spectacular! I also liked the fact my Honda Civic could make it to the trail head. Easy to find and the trail was well marked.

Very cool trail. Hard climb and amazing views. Would not take kids.

Incredible winter hike

The climb up will test your will power. The way down will test your joints! The view was great at the top. Was definitely one of the harder hikes I’ve done

1 month ago

This is a great hike for the family. We did this hike with a 3 and a 4 year old and they did great. The trail is very clear and well maintained until about half way when you start to hit the switchbacks. At this point it gets muddy and there are tons of tree roots. The trees on this hike a huge and grow in all kinds of crazy shapes. At the beginning there is a fallen tree that made a cave under the roots that the kids love. There are a few trees that have "tunnels" under them that are fun to play in.
There are lookouts along the path that allow you to look back to the beach and look down several hundred feet to the ocean. Great hike. Great views. And the plus is that it is close to the Tillamook Cheese Factory were after a long hike you can stuff your face with free cheese and get some ice cream.
I am not sure about the actual trail length. Alltrails.com says that it is 4.6 miles round trip, the trailhead sign says that it is 2.8 miles each way (5.6 miles total), and my GPS says that it was 6.5 miles round trip. Not sure which is right, but either way it was fun.

Wonderful hike. Can be done in about 4 hours if you don’t stop and rest too much. Creeks and foot bridges. Two waterfalls on the loop.
Gunshots are in the distance as well as dirt bikes and ATVs but they add to the idea you’re in the middle of no where back country and only those that want to be out there are.
Not too muddy but don’t recommend right after a huge rain spell. A lot of the trail is the runoff line for when it does rain hard. Some of the mud was deceivingly deeper than expected.
All around gorgeous!!

Wow! Hardest hike I’ve done here in the PNW. Right up there with dog mountain and king mountain (which you can loop to and knock out both summits in one go if you’re a true sadist). Big minuses for no really solid views or waterfalls. The down hill destroyed my knees. I’d only take younger, more agile dogs if you’re a dog person since there are quite a few rock climbs/scrambles you have to negotiate

Great hike! It’s a doozy in the winter months, be prepared to get muddy. I wouldn’t recommend small children. Lots of exposed roots which were great while it was wet and muddy, helped with my footing. The view at the end of Cape Trail is breathtaking! I’d love to go back and hike the North and South trail!

Great trail - will always be a favorite of mine! Nice and short, my mapping is a little extended due to helping someone down the mtn. Really important to wear proper hiking shoes.. very muddy and slick!

1 month ago

One of the best coastal trails we have! Easy five-ish mile out and back with a some elevation gain, which you'll feel most on the way back to the trailhead. Expect to get muddy even in summer, especially in winter, and the views are well worth it. The trail is well maintained but not level and in many places tree roots are both a blessing and a curse. Great place to view sea birds as well as ospreys, bald eagles, and an occasional peregrine falcon. Excellent place for whale migration observation in late December and again in mid-March. Good and interesting hike for kiddos who can go the distance. Plenty of people bring their doggos but if your dog doesn't like heights, other dogs, of standing on a cliff near other dogs at the same time, maybe best to leave them home. Also, PLEASE LEAVE THE TRILLIUM ON THEIR STEMS which begin to bloom in February. Picking the flower can irreparably damage the entire plant, requiring years to recover before being able to bloom again. Please help protect them. :)

1 month ago

Trail is in great condition. It was super cloudy when I went so not many views, but a hike for the rain since there is so much cover.

Very good challenge, beautiful views. Can be an excellent day hike for a weekend.

1 month ago

The view on the way up is beautiful!

This is one of my absolute favorite trails I’ve discovered in Oregon. The forest and the ocean-doesn’t get much better than that!

Awesome loop on a sunny Jan day. Loved starting at Kings Mountain w/the traverse across to to Elk Mountain. The three mile run along the Wilson river was perfect after the UPHILL to reach King Mountain. This is the better way to do this Loop in my opinion. Five hours overall w/lengthily breaks to enjoy the many mountain vistas. Great trail!:)

This trail is beautiful. One minute you are in lush green forest, the next you are looking out at the ocean and smelling salt air. It does have some steep drop off ledges in points so keep dogs on a leash. It also has patches of thick mud and large tree roots so wear appropriate shoes. It is an out and back trail ending in a beautiful look out point.

We hiked this on a beautiful January day starting and ending at King's Mountain Trailhead hiking in a clockwise direction. In the future, I will be hiking counter clockwise starting at King's Mt. TH. The relatively flat Wilson River Trail will be a nice warm up for the legs before ascending to Elks Mt. and I believe the descent from King's Mt. is easier than descending from Elks. You will want to bring your trekking poles/walking stick for this one. The difficulty of this hike is deceiving. The distance isn't incredibly long and there are lots of hikes in the region with more elevation gain but there are almost no switch backs, the trail grade fluctuates substantially, there are a plentiful amount of scrambles and the way the elevation gain is spread out throughout the hike makes this hike difficult. Bring lots of water. We could see Hood and Adams (90 and 105 miles away) from Kings Mountain. This is an amazing hike best saved for a clear day.

I love this challenge! Beautiful views!! I have yet to do the full loop, I usually go out and back. It’s steep, but exactly what I’m looking for to train. Prepare to maneuver over rocks in some spots. Good hiking shoes and lots of water. No dogs or kids. if you can’t make it to summit, don’t worry beautiful views all the way

Really pretty difficult trail, beautiful summits and ridges just realize it is pretty dang steep at the beginning.

Though the sound of ATVs and gunshots at points takes away some of the peace, have to say we all thoroughly enjoyed this hike! Easy grade in a lovely forest- we didn’t pass a single other hiker or group, only one small group of mountain bikers in the beginning. All ATVs and vehicles were very respectful when we had to cross the road several times to return to the loop. Seems like it would be a nice trail run.

2 months ago

Fantastic hike to catch some tiny distant whale spouts and a phenomenal sunset New Year’s Eve. Prepare for mud :)

Did this 11/27/17. It was raining all day pretty hard. Was soaked through by 9:30 and I started at 8. Was a great hike and very challenging but fun. Unfortunately being so wet made it a bit miserable and missed the summit views on account of being in the middle of a rain cloud lol. Caught a few views at half elevation. Would love to do again on a clear day. Took Kings Mt trail over to Elks Mt and back on the Wilson river trail to Kings parking lot. Going up the rope was fun and the scramble to summit King from the rope side is crazy! Thought I'd lost the trail until I peeked my head over the last rock and saw the summit sign. That was a relief lol! Even had to go back for my dog and help him over a few ledges. Fun!

Really nothing to write home about to be honest. You walk through forest as well as old logging areas, cross a few bridges and then of course get to see University Falls. The falls were nice, raging from recent rains but nothing spectacular. Sounds of gunshots and atvs really put a damper on this hike.

Terrain was easy, I would guess my kids could do this with minimal complaining. It really is an easy hike but with that comes boredom.

3 months ago

It was a great hike, although it was a bit muddy and wet. Probably not best for little kids when it is that wet and muddy. The hike was a nice mix of up and down (moderate) and the waterfall kind of surprises you in the middle of the trail. We didn't see anyone else there. Great hike.

3 months ago

We took a Black Friday hike on this trail and it was gorgeous, we got very lucky with the weather humans have some fantastic views! Definitely would bring someone else here.

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