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it is one of my favorite places

Breathtaking beautiful. Next time I go back, I will be sure to wear hiking shoes. The trails are quite difficult, so be sure to be prepared for a challenge!

One of the more strenuous trails I've hiked, with the gain being somewhere around 900 feet / mile. The trails coming off the AT - particularly the North Trail - are not the best marked, but when you find them you will be blown away by the views!

The terrain isn’t too rough but given the length of the hike, it can be challenging. The views make it worth it

Great hiking trail, some small inclines but
moderate enough for beginners. Gives a great view of the Delaware River!

Took North and South scenic trails, which are more difficult and have a lot of sun exposure. The AT sections were easier and had coverage. Great loop. Wear sunscreen and a hat!

I drove 6 hours from Cleveland to hike this and some others in the area and this has become a new favorite of mine. I highly recommend hiking up the orange route which is hiking up the falls. From the parking lots, go down the steps to the first trail sign and make a right, go under the bridge and maybe 100 yards later you'll come to a split. GO LEFT which is hiking up the falls. It's more challenging than hiking the other route but FAR more rewarding. There are places to stop and relax/take photos the whole way up. Wear hiking shoes! If you don't take the orange route up, I feel horrible for you - going down the orange route has to be awful (slippery and much more steep). I'm not a waterfall enthusiast so I was a bit reluctant to "waste" my time on this one but it turned out to be really awesome. The only downside to this one is that it's got a ton of people on it, maybe the most of any "hard" trail I've done to date. WEAR HIKING BOOTS - you'll regret it if you don't. Enjoy!

Beautiful waterfalls, and river views. The more you walk into the forest the better it gets. Definitely wear shoes with traction, because of slippery damp rocks.

Great scenic route definitely take the Appalachian Trail going up.. you can do Loop or stay on the AT...2nd time doing it...Added 3 miles of the AT to the Gas Line Cut out.

I read that this park is closed indefinitely. sad.

This is a question, actually. We're planning to hike Wind Gap to Delaware Water Gap, starting at noonish in mid April and wondering what the water situation might be... we'll spend at least 1 night on the trail, probably not at Kirkridge shelter. Anyone know if the 2 small streams shown on either side of the trail, about 4 miles north from Wind Gap, have accessible water? Thanks.

Gorgeous falls! Be sure to wear hiking shoes! I recommend hiking up next to the falls first as coming down on the wet rock would be more difficult.

I hiked this trail several times. However, the access point I used isn't shown anymore. Does anyone know what happened to the Pen Argyl South Trail? It started at the top of Robinson Avenue by the reservoir, and followed the spring-fed stream that feeds the reservoir past several springs. It followed that notch you see in the topographic map to the top of Blue Mountain, and then over the top and then slighly downhill to meet the Appalachian trail. The spring water was worth the hike by itself. At twilight you could see the lights of the town flickering in the trees

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14 days ago

What a beautiful peaceful run the view is gorgeous

Beautiful park, great for the dogs.

Woke up at 2am to catch the sunrise, totally worth it! The hike up was challenging due to the snow but the view at the top was well worth it. The sunrise slowly turned the perfect view of mt minsi to a golden red making for a great photo op, highly reccomend this mountain.

Amazing hike up the Falls! We went to the left of the loop so hiked up next to Falls first....absolutely awesome views and great hiking! I will definitely hike this again!

20 days ago

I've hiked this twice now, once starting at the route 534 trailhead, and at the Oakland dirt rd trailhead. if you are in a rush or don't want to hike far, go with the 534 start, but the much better way from a scenic standpoint and leaving the throngs of people behind is to follow the yellow orchard trail along the creek over to hawk falls via the back way. many great places to wade in and fantastic lunch rocks.

Be sure to wear hiking boots! beautiful trail and exciting climb.

We did the trail in reverse (going up the falls first). The views of the falls are amazing, although the climb up is moderate difficult.

My discrepancy with this trail is the lack of sufficient markings. We got mildly lost 3 or 4 times after reaching the top of the falls.

Make sure you have a map and compass.

It’s a good trail for beginners.

loved this park soery to hear about the damage hoping they restore it soon

Beautiful trail! Felt like we were in the Last of the Mohicans. Definitely take the trail clockwise as climbing up will be easier than climbing down the rocks along the falls. Not difficult ,but we had to plan how to cross at spots and watch footing in wet and icy spots. Wore hiking boots with great traction.

26 days ago

Trail completely obliterated by downed trees. Literally HUNDREDS. You have to bushwhack a lot to get through.

27 days ago

Short but oh so sweet

Very pleasant experience. Though I do not understand why DCNR locked up the gate (apparently all winter) and put up no parking signs on the entrance since when you call the DCNR office they instruct you to park there anyway during the winter and to walk past the gate to get it.

This trail, along with many others, is currently closed due to significant storm damage. Unfortunately Childs Park had over 100 trees come down, damaging the many boardwalks and paths. Restoration could take up to 2 years. :-(

Yes, definitely a up hill work out for the first 2 miles or so, but the views are definitely worth it. A little icy towards the top, and a few downed trees that need to be removed from trail.

Great trail with amazing views. Agree with other reviews about it being a moderate trail. Stick to the trail and you'll be fine.

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