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on Granite Mountain Trail

19 hours ago

Great workout. Hiking through the forest was steep but do-able (be advised if bringing children). My dog had no problems with the varied terrain. At roughly the 2 mile mark, until the top, there is icy snow. Poles and snowshoes recommended, however, hiking boots are sufficient. Had to turn around near the 3 mile mark due to too deep of snow and the trail was unclear. Views were great even with clouds and had some snowfall. Minimal foot traffic on this trail which was nice. Will definitely be going back in a month or two in hopes of making it to the top!

1 day ago

Tough hike but well worth it. Bring plenty of water.

9 days ago

trail is in good condition, took the dog for our daily 10 mile hike

Great views, interesting varied terrain and marmots. Usually a bit of snow even in summer. As others have written, don’t short yourself on water.

13 days ago

Hiked the trail to just over the 4 mile mark today. Beautiful and well maintained trail, with river views, forest views and surrounding mountain peak views. Light snow early on the trail, getting progressively deeper at higher elevation (above 3,400 feet). Mini crampons highly advised since traction gets slippery. Gaiters recommend if you don't have snow shoes and snow shoes also advised above 4,500 feet. Snow depth increasing at altitude to a foot and more.

This is a wonderful hike, with great scenery and little traffic in winter. We briefly passed 1 other person on the trail and didn’t encounter anyone else all day.

17 days ago

Lots of logging, not much trail left.

Hit this one on New Year's Day. Got to the parking lot a little late and started up at 1025, but heading up the Old Si primitive trail limited the amount of traffic significantly. When you get to the snow line, some traction or microspikes are a must to be safe, and hiking poles are a plus. At summit, the rock scramble up is packed snow from the traffic so safety is a huge issue without that gear. Gorgeous views all the way to Seattle and the mountains beyond, but Rainier was just covered by clouds. Surrounding valley and mountains were also dazzling.

Ameizing view!

Started around 8am with a group of hikers. We summited after about 2 hours and 40 minutes. We were back to trailhead at exactly 1pm (5 hours total time including the stop at the summit). Trail condition is good. Only needed microspikes and poles (some among us did not even use microspikes at all). No need for snowshoes. Make sure to check the signs to the correct trail as there are few “social trails” that can divert you from the actual trial. Views are amazing at summit.

I loved it! I was just going to do Gold Creek, but since I had already done the upward trek and still felt good, I opted to keep going for the full loop.

It's important to note that you turn off Wildcat Trail onto a logging road, and Davis trail isn't immediately marked at the bottom of the hill. But I only walked a little further than I should have, and easily found my way back.

Hiked with a group on 1/1/19. Microspikes needed after about 1 mile. We were fine without snowshoes.

I hiked NY day and I had a great hike. Watch for mud and water in a short part of the trail around .5 miles in. The rest of the trail up was fine until the last mile or so. You need spikes for your boots the last mile. The snow has be compacted so much that it’s very slippery and I don’t know how some hikers I saw do it with tennis shoes. Poles are also super helpful with the slipping. Finally dress in layers and gloves were a must for me. Pretty cold once the snow covered the trail.

In terms of day hikes, this one is was tough. Bring water

Hikes the Mt. Si old trail on 12/18. The weather was wet and the visibility was limited and grey, but I was the only car in the parking lot at 9:00 and had the trail and the first 15 minutes of the summit all to my self.

Trail was in excellent condition, a few rooty sections and a few loose rocks by generally great shape for a primitive trail. The trail and summit were ice/snow free, though I stopped at the Teneriffe crossover trail junction and did not attempt the Haystack (it could be icy). The worst part of the trail (IMO) was the lower section of the Little Si/Boulder Garden Loop trail which was pretty washed out with a constant stream of water and some very loos rocks.

Overall a decent training hike and a great safe option considering the Avalanche conditions in the bigger mountains right now.

1 month ago

Snow packed trail on upper section towards the lookout. Hiking boots were sufficient

1 month ago

Did the old trail up and new trail down on Friday 12/07. This past week the weather was amazing so the hike was great. Started hitting light snow about 3,400 feet which increased with elevation.
Was all packed down though some parts were a little icy. I went without spikes or poles which would have been nice but not a necessity yet. The old trail up was definitely a challenge. I made it to the mailbox in 1:50 so I was hauling. The way down on the new trail took about 2:25 as I was taking my time but could definitely be done faster. Very rewarding hike!!

Great view at the top. Snow halfway up. Was deep and windy near the top

Very challenging hike. There's other more beautiful hikes in the area, but the workout is worth it for this one.

So I rarely give 5 stars to anything. I loved this hike. Something interesting to see at pretty much every step with variety and beauty. Starts with nice forest and a beautiful river with multiple waterfalls. Then you break out to beautiful rugged views and rock fields in avalanche chutes. Meadows and old growth throughout. Wonderful views of Mt Baker along the way and the Olympics at the top. It is strenuous, and a constant climb. Per our garmins 5.6 miles each way to marmot pass. But so worth it. The day we went was beautiful and clear.

Night time hiking trying to break mountaineering boots in. Not a good idea I advise everyone not to try but I did it anyways. This is not my only time going up to check the mail. For as close as a fun hike it is it’s wonderful for conditioning! Old trail up and down this time. The new trail down is about the same time as the old if you do some ruining.

Low traffic, tried to make it up the haystack but turned back due to a few inches of slippery snow. Good for conditioning

This one has been on my list and we couldn’t have had a more beautiful day for it (11/18/18). Hiked the new trail up and back down, I don’t think my knees could have taken the old trail from what I hear. Pretty brutal last 1/2 mike until you reach the Peak but no question, worth it all! Gorgeous views of the PNW.

2 months ago

Mostly dry and no snow or bugs. Great hike, hard on the knees on the way down.

We did this hike on Mothers Day. We took the old trail up & new trail down..wear proper shoes for the down hill. Amazing accomplishment....hardest
one for me so far

Definitely a workout! Did this hike on Monday (11/13) and it was relatively busy at the top from it being a holiday. My phone recorded round trip about 12 miles, but I’m not sure how accurate this is. The last 0.5 miles are a grind but the view from the top is worth it. Watch for ice patches, poles are a good idea. When we hiked a group of hockey players were taking up a fire hydrant, look for it at the top!!

Left parking lot about 0830, got to mason lake about 10. Put on micro spikes somewhere near the lake and kept them on the rest of the hike until returning back down to that spot. Walked on rocks to cross stream and continue to the peak. I didn’t use poles but they seemed to help many people with the semi-rock scramble near the top. Had lunch at the peak and put on a bunch of layers. Got back to parking lot about 4pm. Remember sunset is 4:30pm now!! It was beautiful when I hiked but I’m sure there is more snow to come.

2 months ago

This hike is nice and beautiful. It’s an easy hike up and a great place. Unlike Mount Si and Mailbox Peak Trail, this trail is not crowded at all. The view at top is gorgeous.

Trail condition is pretty good. There is a creek crossing that’s not bad at all. The upper 1.5 miles has a thin layer of snow (about 1”) but no microspikes are needed.

Parking usually is not a problem at this hike because it is less crowded.

My AllTrails recording says 8.2 mi round trip and 3287 ft elevation gain. It took us 3 hours and 45 minutes to do the whole hike up and down.

A 360 view at the top! First hour is tiring then it actually gets more gradual as you get closer. Today, in November, it had snow about half way up or the last third. it's all packed down though. you don't need spikes but polls are helpful.

This trail is correctly rated "Hard." My spouse, dog, and I ascended the Mount Si Trail to the summit on a dreary and rainy day. This did not tarnish our hike one bit. As a novice photographer, the trail offered ample opportunities to take great pictures. Fellow hikers were nice as well.

Great Hike.

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