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Was an amazing hike. Me and my 2 daughters (age 14 and 12) hiked the entire loop in middle July 2018. Was a challenge with the thin air but worth every loss of breath. Will hike this loop again in the future but not anytime soon as we live in Iowa. A MUST HIKE for anyone wanting breathtaking views the entire time. We did it in 4 days and 3 nights.

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1 month ago

One of my favorite trails in Arkansas. We started at Cripple Turkey on December 1st and ended at Allison on December 2. A lot of waterfalls and bluff outcroppings. I would definitely do this one again. The scenery was amazing.

Great trail hiked 46 miles of it in September and finished the last 13 a few weeks ago. If you plan to hike the entire trail the maps and guide from the alpine club of williamsport is very helpful. A few spots need some more markers or the markers moved to a more visible position. Lots of water available just be careful if you go after a rain storm as water collects along the trail in a lot of spots and crosses a few streams.

1 month ago

Was great three day trip meet some new friends and seen some snakes

1 month ago

Loved this trail. I hiked from Barkshed to Allison and was impressed by the scenery. Massive bluffs, rock outcroppings and formations much like you would see along the Buffalo River, only on a slightly smaller scale. Ended up camping at a great spot by a big bluff and possibly the smallest waterfall on Earth about 1.5 miles from Blanchard. I got a shuttle from Sylamore Creek Camp which works great just note they are located one mile from the trailhead. I would also add this is possibly the best marked trail I’ve been on.

2 months ago

Great trail to backpack, did it in 2 nights but can easily be done in 1 imo. There are a few views which are really nice, plus not too many people, plenty of camp spots and ton of water to filter makes this a great beginner backpacking trail . On the second night me and my friend had the shelter all to ourselves which was great, and a short spur from the shelter leads to a beautiful lookout. There is one stream crossing that you cant rock hop over , so youll have to take your boots off, roll up your pants and cross.

Hiked this trail from Cripple Turkey trailhead to Allison Nov 4-6, 2018. It's a wonderful trail with massive sandstone bluffs rising from creek level. Higher up, the trail travels along the bottom of high bluffs. There are countless beautiful hollows and side creeks. The fall colors were spectacular. On this trip it had rained the day before and rained during our trip, so water was plentiful in the main creek and side streams. The entire trail was clear, well-maintained and not overgrown. The section from Cripple Turkey trail head is less used than the rest of the trail, so it is not as much of an obvious trail in some places.

This is a beautiful trail. I will edit this with track and pics soon.

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2 months ago

Ran all 31 miles of trail in about 9 hours with friends. We used pine creek outfitters and got dropped off at the rattlesnake trailhead. Very wet this time of year, and lots of stream crossings, downed logs, etc so it took a little longer than expected. Pumped and purified some water, ate and used restrooms at Bradley Access point, which was perfectly set up about halfway thru our run. Lots of vistas but we missed some of the best ones on the north side because it was dark by the time we got there. Great trail for running this time of year!

2 months ago

Beautiful trail featuring multiple creek crossings and swimming holes. But very overgrown with brush varying from ankle to waist high - perfect for ticks! Pulled over 150 ticks off me after hiking from from Allison to Gunner Pool. Got Lyme disease. Would not hike this trail again unless there is some serious trail maintenance.

Love this trail. If you’re in for the work, then this is your trail. From passing creeks to bridges. To climbing rocks and going up inclines, this trail has it all. Good scenery and plenty of trail to keep a hiker satisfied. Hope you enjoy! Be safe, be cautious, and let’s not forget; be adventurous!

I ❤️ this trail!

The BEST hike, I did it in July in 3 days and it was the hardest but most fulfilling thing I have ever done in my life.

Get a good water filter, tent, rain gear (a must), the usual. We had to have a beat canister when we went and it was SO heavy, and doesnt get much lighter throughout the trip due to "bring it in bring it out." Next time we will use those bear bag type deals, much lighter and you're still able to rent those.

Its amazing, I am not in the best shape but not in bad shape and it was hard but not discouraging by any means! Have fun!!!

Beautiful views wherever you go! Challenging backpacking!

I’m new to backpacking with this being my second trip ever. My son is an experienced hiker and he is the reason I got into doing these types of trips. We like the ease of hiking loops from a logistical standpoint so when we found this one, it was a no brained that we had to give it a go.

This trail was very difficult for me. I am not in the best physical shape but I am mentally strong which I believe is a good part of being able to successfully complete a hike like this one. There is thin air, cold, rain, hail and tough elevation changes. This can all beat you down if you can’t handle the mental aspect.

We completed the hike in 4 days in early August. Other than the rain on a couple days and the hail coming up over the passes, the weather was ok. I’m not sure there would have been a better time to hike this.

Would I do it again? Not sure. It took my knees a couple of weeks to recover from the beating they took going down the passes. The views were breathtaking and as is usually the case, pictures just don’t do it justice.

Trail is great. Someone built a shelter at Doe run (Dcnr?) but the best camp spot is still at Rock Run. The trail was recently rerouted around the flood damage where it crosses pleasant run/pleasant run road. reroute is better than old route. pleasant run road is still not open to vehicles and has one section that is dangerous for foot traffic.

3 months ago

We (a group of seven) finished quehanna trail loop from sep 22 to Sep 26. The trail is well marked. It has some fantastic views, and plenty of water. It’s enjoyable camping along the beautiful creeks each night. A recommendation to the management: It would help hikers to plan their trip if the map can provide information about the campsites. Actually, we relied on our gps to locate the campsites, not the map.

3 months ago

Beautiful trail with moderate hiking difficulty and abundant water sources and established campsites. Did the trail south to north parking my car in the northern terminus parking lot and using the Pine Creek Outfitters shuttle to be brought south to the start. Upon the shuttle drivers suggestion, I began on the Bohen Trail, a 1.4 mile trail a couple miles north of the southern terminus, which gives a really nice view of the Bohen run creek and saves a few miles of hiking through stinging nettles (according to the shuttle driver). Very glad I made the decision to start here. Bohen trail is technically “closed” due to a washout a few hundred meters into the trail, but it is very easily climbed over.

Did this trail as my first solo hike in about two and a half days. Almost all hiking through forest for the first half of the trail, then views of the canyon start peeking out along the second half after Bradley Wales campground. The trail does cross dirt roads a couple times and there are a few miles that you have to hike on dirt roads, but for the most part the trail is very secluded. Did the hike Saturday to Monday, and saw no one along the trail until I got close to the end.Best views are around Barbour Rock in the last couple miles of the trail. Highly recommended for anyone looking for a good 30 mile easy-moderate trail with plenty of access to water!

23 Miles, not 21. Beautiful and quite strenuous hike. Terrain is diverse, water is abundant along the entire trails. I did it North to South.

Challenging trail over the passes, but the amazing scenery makes it well worth the effort!

Completed the loop in 3 days/2 nights Sep 4-6, hiking counter-clockwise. Camped at Snowmass Lake the 1st night (~9 miles) and just above the large waterfall in Fravert Basin the 2nd night (~7.5 miles). Total distance logged on my gps watch was 29.4 miles, so that left about 13 miles on the last day over Frigid Air & West Maroon Passes. A storm on day 2 forced us to hike over Trail Rider Pass in snow/sleet, which made the trail muddy and extremely slippery. A good set of hiking/trekking poles is highly recommended!

Absolutely amazing! My 1st solo hike - 26 pound pack to start. Went counter clockwise August 24-26 to make option to hike out 3rd day easier. Reflection of Snowmass lake in morning sun is breathtaking, do not miss! Found refreshing swimming hole and small falls about mile above big waterfall on 2nd day. Ended up hiking 14 miles 3rd day and exiting...love my new altra trail runners, no blisters and with lighter pack, was very doable and enjoyable. View after view will keep ya going. Would love to hike this again!!! Trail is well marked, met friendly trail runners and many helpful hikers and a resourceful ranger each day. Combine these with Alltrails app for navigation and a Spot devise for emergency rescue and you are good to go, safer than being in a city!

Wow, literally breathtaking all the way around! The views were above all expectations. The trail says it’s 29 miles, however my gps tracked it at 31.2 miles. There is a major drought issue here in aspen so I kept about 3 liters of water at all times. Make sure to do the same if you find water take advantage! I didn’t see any bear however I did see tons of chipmunks, marmots, mule deer, mountain goat, and sheep. Such a brutal trail, however it was so worth it! No pain no gain! The entire loop took 4 days 3 nights and I did it counterclockwise. The first night I arrived late and only got about 2 miles in, then it was starting to get dark so you gotta set up camp just before sunset because the wind is a beast! Couldn’t have asked for more perfect weather. The highs were in the upper 80’s, lows around the upper 40’s low 50’s. I would absolutely do this hike again, maybe try doing it clockwise next time.

This was my first hike and I did it solo in four days. If you really want to enjoy this trail, take at least five days to do it. Though I am a beginner, this trail seemed to be a lot more rough than I expected and offered some tough climbs.

We did not hike the entire trail, but look forward to that in the future. We did a day hike to the log jam out and back which measured 15 miles on our GPS. The trail was beautiful and the valley is gorgeous. This would be the clockwise direction. The trail was pretty easy going most of the way. At the beginning you pass through some private property which is clearly marked, but there are cows present and occasionally on the trail. They were not a problem. Thoroughly enjoyed the hike and look forward to backpacking the entire loop next time. I did fish the creek and had a blast!

Spectacular! Counterclockwise, four days. I hike with a pup that’s hit or miss with other dogs and was so happy to see most dogs were on leash on the loop.

4 months ago

Completed the 28.8 miles just before Labor Day Weekend. Didn’t see a human being for the entire time while on the trail! Started hiking on a Wednesday at 3pm clockwise about 12 miles to the Pleasant Stream campsite before the stream crossing. I arrived to the stream with enough light to get water but had to set up camp in the dark. The next morning I crossed the stream barefoot and started hiking around 10:30 am. Hiked the ~10-11 miles to Rock Run/Yellow Run and found a lovely campsite on the other side of Yellow Run. Spent the evening by the rivers and pools and made an epic campfire in the firepit. On Friday morning, I left my campsite around 11am and arrived back to my car around 2:30pm. Got out of the woods just before the heavy rains that hit the area. It was my first time backpacking solo ever and my first time backpacking in a long, long time. Wet trails and Lots of mosquitos. Wish I’d worn a long sleeve shirt the entire time. They really got me. I was also pretty cautious with making my presence known to avoid bears and cautiously approaching rocks. No rattle sightings. Overall a great reentry into backpacking in perfect solitude! It was quite the mental and physical test I was hoping for!

Excellent views and a great workout! we did the loop in a 3 days. Be warned the weather is very unpredictable. we got caught on Trail Rider Pass in a freak thunderstorm. Great fishing if you bring a rod.

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