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One of the best hike I've done in the Banff area, the scramble was fun to do. A good challenge too.

A very rewarding hike with a stunning view of Ha Ling and Canmore. difficult but worth it. Ice cleats recommend as the scramble is still quite slippery

My favourite hike of all time.

Trust the ratings when it says this trail is hard. There was a lot of scramble to get to the summit, and although we brought our dog, he could not make it to the summit, with fear he would cut the pads of his paws. I recommend bringing back up socks for the decent once you pass the snow.

This trail has no markers or set paths, so be very cautious you don't get turned around on the way down.

Goat Pond is a short drive past the start point for some easy sight seeing.

Stunning views the whole way!

Awesome views

2 months ago

Best views ever. Great trail if you can find it

Did this one solo in mid-december was in great condition. Easy, short scramble with no technical challenges. Can be done in less than 3 hours at a decent pace. Some snow on the way to the summit but did not need cleats, however I would recommend bringing them depending on your comfort level. Going a bit off trail you can climb some fun slabs on the way to the south scree slopes. Great views of Ha Ling and Mt Lawrence Grassi to the east pretty much the whole way, especially once you reach the treeline.

Trail is in good condition and generally clearly marked by Parks Canada, then by tape and cairns. Beware the false summit - go around to the right, do not try to climb down from it onto the trail.
very pretty views above the treeline.

It is quite a long and strenuous day...

Gorgeous views but one of the hardest hikes I have done so far.

The trail is currently snowy which results in an easy to follow trail, but it gets wet and slick so prepare accordingly. There will be some snow scrambling and the views are incredible. The Ridge was very windy today and I didn't have extra clothes so I turned around at the false peak (started clockwise). I'll be back in summer to complete it! I would say the scramble is more difficult that "moderate", though.

6 months ago

Top of the line views! I couldn't quite reach the summit do to ice on the scrambling sections & I was hiking in knee deep snow by about 3 quarters of the way up. I could have easily reached the summit if I had better gloves and crampons. Amazing hike tho!

Gorgeous hike/trail run. The views are great along the ridge. I went counter clockwise and it seemed like I was the only one doing that. It was fine, but I suggest using spikes.

The scramblers route is pretty sketchy now. I recommend taking the left route.

6 months ago

Top notch! Best 360 view you'll ever find! Stop what you're doing and go!

6 months ago

Counterclockwise- amazing hike. And I would recommend the counterclockwise over clockwise as clockwise was going up over less of an incline but a vastly longer stretch that would add up. Counterclockwise was quick and straight up that had us climbing on 4s for a tiny bit. Your choice. That said the views are unrivalled up top and the radio antenna (not a Tim Hortons) was a fun place to meet other hikers. If you bring a pooch bring minimum 3L of water, dick all for ponds. You'll find trails spin off without signage or direction but follow the arrows on the ground left by other hikers. X means don't go that way! Have fun

6 months ago

The scenery was amazing and the trail easy to follow, the name says it all but worth the effort!

We did this hiked yesterday, once you get to the top, the view is unrival. There was challenges in getting into the trail. We got lost few times. Yes clockwise is better but stay on the right after about 10 mins, the left will take you to nowhere. The challenges on the hiked was lots of snow, you are going to climb on the rocks, beware of loose rocks. I will not recommend this for anyone who is afraid of heights. I almost fell on the cliff because it was slippery, i was holding on the rock so tight & so afraid i would fall. I had to continue because going back was not my opinion. You have to hike on expose ridges all the way. There are hikers that seemed doing well but for sure they are pro. Anyone who are to any challenges this is definitely what you are looking for. We did the loop, this part was a bit easier, go down still slippery but no cliff, then go up the hill again for about 30 mins, again very slippery that is why it took us longer. then walked on the exposed ridge all the way. The last part is going downhill very steep , very slippery, my friend just slide down in her butt because there was so much snow & she had no pole. I will never do this hike if there is snow, it is very dangerous & really risky. I would to do this again on summer!

Great hike bit of a scramble to the summit we did it while snowing and windy got very cold on the summit and unfortunately didn't have a view but was good fun. We went to the right on the way down it's a lot harder left is easier and safer. Completed in 3hrs with 15min stop at the top.

Very slippery approaching the ridge. You definitely need poles and shoe grips. Extremely beautiful hike

Beautiful trail! It can take longer than expected because you want to enjoy the views. Definitely hike clockwise.

Awesome hike. Fairly challenging in sections with some exposure and light scrambling. Definitely try and go clockwise around as makes for much easier route. Views are amazing.

7 months ago

Would recommend going clockwise. Our time was 3h35m but we forgot to pack food so we didn't stop much. Great hike!

Stunning hike

7 months ago

I like the ascent but the descent was less than desirable. It was incredibly windy, so much that I got knocked over twice by wind gusts. Stay to the left on your decent, trails aren't well marked for proper or best route down.

The views are incredible, especially if you hit it on a clear day.

Would definitely recommend poles.

7 months ago

This was our favorite hike while we were here. Without a doubt, you need to go on the trail clockwise! Get on the trailhead that is before the small parking lot, not the one after. The second trailhead is where you should end! Awesome hike, still can't get over how fun and beautiful it was. A little Challenge as I'm not an experienced hiker, but still so doable and I still enjoyed every minute! On the way down we did get a little lost, so I used this app to make sure we were staying on the trail. Took about 4.5 hours, including stops and getting a little lost.

Amazing views.

One of the harder hikes i've done, but definitely worth it. We ended up on a day that was SUPER windy so I think that contributed to the additional fatigue. Great views of Canmore and Ha Ling. Saw around 20-30 other people. Took around 4 hours with some minimal breaks. Would like to try and get to some of the other peaks of Rundle next time.Other reviews are pretty accurate, you do have a lot of climbing and lots of scree at the top, poles and good boots are a must.

Ascent is more difficult than the descent with some scrambling, but the view is worth every effort. I've kayaked on spray lake before so seeing the lake from 3000 sq ft above sea level is breathtaking. Pack warm and waterproof clothes as it does get windy and rainy at the top. Gloves would also be useful!

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