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great anual hike to do in October

Park on Foothill Prkwy near trailhead sign. Skyline Drive is a maintenance/fire road, graded and approx 12’ wide. Other trails fork off but the main road continues to the Doppler Radome (and beyond).
Not much incline the first 1/2 mile. Past the residential area the climb begins and continues for the next 3+ miles. Nothing too drastic or difficult, just constant, every step uphill. Near the last mile the trail levels out, then descends a bit, then climbs again to the dome.
I went on a Friday morning so past the residential “dog walk” area trail traffic was very light. Only saw a few other hikers and mtn bikers during the hike.
The canyon side of the trail is open, the other hugs the mountain which provides some shade along the way. Nice views of Chino Valley and Corona (north), Lake Matthews (east) and Cleveland National Forest/OC beyond from the top (south). Took 2hrs 10min on way up, approx 1hr 45min way down. Stay hydrated, pack 2L water minimum + snacks for energy. Be safe and have fun!

Very nice easy trail. Restrooms at the interpretive center. Mostly paved except the dirt side trails.

I had a difficult time finding the entrance to this ‘trail’ tucked in behind a marina. This trail is a paved blacktop road suitable for biking walking or running. The scenery is beautiful, but there is not much shade. Safe place to run, with beautiful views and no traffic.

Dogs only allowed on 100-yard trail. The signage for the other trails are marked no dogs.

What a poor decision by the organization managing this resource.

The people who follow the rules will leave. The people who don't follow the rules will take their dogs anyway, and leave their dog crap everywhere.

This area seems like a "checkbox" item that someone used to fulfill a political requirement. It's not designed for the real world.

I’m not sure if I classify this totally as a trail because over half of it was actually road. But - the views were lovely! The app says it’s 6.3 miles but I honestly didn’t feel like it was because I ran it so quickly. It was nice and green compared to the trail I did by Loma Linda the day before so I’d definitely enjoy running it again!

22 days ago

Started 0715 finished 1200. parking on foothill parkway. it is on a vehicle road. a lot of bikers. gradual inlcline. minimal shade. almost finished my 2.5 L bag. beautiful view on top by the white ball thing.

24 days ago

Great short hike. Steep areas make this a great workout.

26 days ago


26 days ago

Virtual Hike: https://youtu.be/Y-k3wI7lq8g

I hiked here recently because of the Halloween season. I had heard about Pumpkin Rock through a friend and decided to come out from LA to check it out. Seeing pumpkin rock surpassed all my expectations. There are quite a number of ways to hike up to Pumpkin Rock, although I chose to take the route where Apple Maps indicates the start of the trail. The trail starts alongside a golf course and goes up the ridge of a fairly barren hill with chaparral. Once at the top of the hill, continue hiking over a somewhat flat slight decline from hill top to hilltop until you run into Pumpkin Rock. You really can’t miss it, it’s bright orange. There’s a bunch of cool graffiti and smaller “pumpkin rocks nearby, so there’s a lot to see. Some of the graffiti is better than others, although there are some very artsy pieces. The views from Pumpkin Rock are spectacular. You can see over the town of Norco, and on the other side you can see one of the valleys just south of Riverside. I highly recommend this hike, especially this time of year. Get festive and go hike this one for Halloween.

Hope you enjoy!

Playlist for the trail: https://spoti.fi/2AqxCAx

27 days ago

Pretty cool seeing Pumpkin Rock up close.

Sooo fun!! Easy and awesome sunset with the photo op!!

Absolutely beautiful trail and well shaded. Easy access and trail is distinctively clear. There is even a senior citizen that has adopted and grooms the trail, cuts back all the poison oak, and scrubs off the graffitied rocks. Please don’t leave trash or paint on the rocks. Enjoy!

on Pumpkin Rock Trail

1 month ago

enjoyed the hike went on the windiest day ever but it was well worth it.

1 month ago

The hike was very clean, there were many trails available. I was pleased that I saw no liter, just graffiti, which is typical. I took my kids (8 and 15) with no troubles. Will go back again!

There were some steep bits that had some tricky footing, but the view was great. I went pretty far off the trail, but it was well worth it because the view for better the higher I got. I definitely recommend going higher that the trail if you have the time and energy.

1 month ago

bonnelli park is a magnificent place to come if you live in the surrounding cities, great place to hike, you have a beautiful lake with a lot of birds, and an awesome view of the mountains.AND if you come on the week days there are no crowds and no parking fee! Need I say more?

Great hike! So fun for Oktoberfest and getting in the Halloween Spirt!

Love this trail.

1 month ago

Nice trail. I take the trail to the right for a better workout up the hill starting at Amar road. If you like it easy go to the left. Used to take me an hour and 45. Now takes me about an hour and a half as I continue to go. My dog loves it! Beautiful views.

It’s a good hard trail that’ll keep you in tip top shape. Great panoramic views. Beautiful boulders.

very quiet nice view, no parking on street.

Excellent 360 view from the top. It heats up quick so best to do this hike in the AM.

mountain biking
1 month ago

First time here and had a great time. Similar to Fontana south ridge trails. Gonna return with some friends next week!

Great little trail. The rocks stacked along the trail were great because it does get a little tricky in some places.

1 month ago

It’s a pretty nice view of Corona. At a walking pace, you’ll probably get to Beeks Place in 4-5 hours. I was only able to barely reach midway when the sun began to set. Lovely hike down, and it gets completely dark since you’ll be inbetween a valley. Wish I could’ve stayed for some astrophotography.

1 month ago

nice little hike, you can get a decent workout on the uphill portions and just saunter on the down hills and enjoy the outdoors, you can also do this as an out and back by hiking straight through to schabarum park, about 4 miles round-trip more or less where there's lots of shade and tables for a picnic.I park on Fullerton road so I don't have to drive up a dirt road,walk up where black walnut trail starts and cut over on nogales trail ,if you're lucky the sprinklers will be on, feels good but on a hot dusty day,then head up and over on powder canyon

Besides the noise it’s a fun adventure.

Easy walk. You’ll see some horses as you walk.

not a beginner trail, very steep. scrambling over boulders necessary. awesome views at the top

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