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Awesome Hike! Kids loved it and Mother Nature Gave us a lot of shade along with some nice breeze through the openings of the canyons. Kids will Be Kids, bring extra socks and shoes, A Good possibility they will purposely splash crossing the creeks.

It’s a great spot for an easy to moderate hike through the California terrain. Accessible via an ornate gate off of westbound Colima road. Takes about an hour or so to complete the entire loop and there are some mild inclines at some points whether you start out on the left hand side path or the right hand path. I went right as a an out-of-shape noob as opposed to left, which apparently is said to be the best workout. While you get a decent amount of incline even when using the right hand path, I can see how going left would yield a longer length of incline. Still, I felt as though my blood was pumping when I finished my trek but not as though I’d pass out from it which was my goal all along. I like this spot for the dedicated FREE parking at the trail head. Although small, i had no problem finding a spot on a 1:00pm Sunday afternoon as it didn’t seem to be highly trafficked. There’s a porta potty and water fountain in the lot as well as lots of signage to either teach you about the area’s fauna or to guide you as you hike about in and out of the valley. There’s a mix of dirt paths and paved paths. Great views of the city and hillside. Just watch out for dog or horse poo and take some water. I’ll be coming back to this spot for sure.

4 days ago

Decent suburban trail - clean and well marked. We parked in the equestrian center lot (Ingalls Park) and made our way up from there. We huffed and puffed a bit at the beginning and end, but everyone, dogs and kids included, made it to the top. Disappointed, but not surprised by all the obscenity-laden, spray painted boulders at the top...lots of folks in the I.E. with no respect for the beauty of the unadulterated environment. Bring lots of water as there's little shade.

5 days ago

Good little hike, short trail but definitely a good work out.

5 days ago

Beautiful views! Wear good shoes as some of the trail is quite steep.

I would wear more sturdy shoes as the rocks were taxing AND the trail was beautiful. provided for a great work out! sooo quiet for the most part. would have liked more written on trail markers than"stay on trail".

kinda boring. dirt path that is steep at first. no flowers today just dirt. turned around and quit before the end of the trail.

Beautiful trail. Not crowded. Harder than moderate if you are out of shape! Lots of side paths if you want to explore. Parking on street or there is a (free I’m pretty sure) lot further up.

Really enjoyed the hike. Shady and small creeks to cross made it very enjoyable. The car ride to get there was bumpy but also fun. Not a difficult hike even for small dogs.

Great trail my kids love it! Just make sure to wear proper shoes..

13 days ago

14 days ago

Awesome hike. The trail basically ends at a certain altitude, then it’s a rock climbing journey. Great times, the peak has an amazing view.

Beautiful trail with some steep inclines you can hike a lot or adjust the distance as you are going because theres many paths interconnecting. We did the whole 6 miles with our 1yr old pup and it was a good workout.

The downfall:( my dog contracted a TICK for the first time!!!there are long grasses and plants and also passed a section where there were horses.....so if you take your dogs be careful. Spray some anti-flea/tick on ur pets before going to the park. Definitely check your pets specially if they have long hair.

Just in case: this was the most helpful in removing engorged ticks and it truly worked:

wear gloves and apply alcohol on ur dogs spot after removal and follow with antiseptic ointment.

Anyways, I would probably go back because it was a great trail with beautiful views, 2 parking areas, one by a park and other following a dirt road(all trails map took us past both parking spots and we had to go back so keep ur eyes open for a wood sign)and ease of access. Overall, recommend this trail. Happy Hiking:)

Nice place to go for a walk. Multiple trails and there is a info center

17 days ago

Such a great hike, took my 3 1/2 year old grandson, we parked at the playground and hiked to pumpkin, 2 miles round trip. Worth the extra hike to see the horse sculptures. The last part up to face of pumpkin is steep, but he was able to do no problem.

18 days ago

Great Hike! Just make sure you have the right foot wear. Some small streams and rocky areas to cross.
We took our jeep all the way up, Make sure to Air down on the bumpy ride all the way up to the parking area. So, beginner Off roading & Hiking in one short trip! =D

A must for local Hikers!

Good trail for light hiking or trail running. Residential trail. If you park at the Walnut Park lower parking, the entire loop is 4.15 miles.

After the fires its kind of hard to stay on the trail. Look for orange ribbons as markers or rocks stacked up to show you where the trail is. Lots of loose gravel so becareful on the way down.

19 days ago

I’m a hiking noob so this was perfect for me and my 2 kids. We took our time, enjoyed the walk and times spent together. I’d definitely spray my kids with bug spray or something before going next time but other than that it was fun. Be careful with the broken glass everywhere and if ur a parent who gets offended easily be aware the graffiti has profanity. My kids read it and after the initial chuckle they forgot about it. Also be sure u have plenty of water.

Nice moderate hike. Completed the hike in 2.5 hours with my small dog. It’s a great hike to do in the morning, it is exposed starting mid-day. Similarly to others here, I parked in the parking lot off of Fullerton Rd. It fits about 25 vehicles and there were about 5 spots when we arrived at 8:30am. There is also a port-a-potty in the parking lot, which is nice (disclaimer: someone took a giant dump outside of the toilet on a corner of the port-a-potty, ew.)

Looks like a part of the area is in the process of being restored. There was a water system that I think is there to help with the growth. I’m assuming that this area was affected by the fires last summer.

There are so many trails to choose from! I stuck with the path laid out by AllTrails however you can go on for longer than 6 miles if it strikes your fancy. I followed the trail by recording my hike in this app.

Overall, it was a nice way to spend my morning. I will definitely come back in the spring or fall.

19 days ago

Started at the trailhead on foothill at 6:40 am (parking was already getting packed) took 3 1/2 hours to get to the Doppler. We stopped a few times here and there on our way. The trail is a dirt fire road all the way up. It’s very well maintained. There are some other trails that go along side of this main trail that cuts the distance from 6 miles down to 4.8 miles but it is a lot more steep. However it is not as widely taken so on a crowded day you can take one of these and it’s a nice get away from the crowd. Beeks place was very cool and had a great view. And lots of shade which is the only place you’ll have shade aside from the Doppler. Any time after 9am there is no shade at all on the trail so start early. After a light lunch hiked back to the car in 2 hours. Me and my friend both used 3 liters of water I oils recommend just a tad more because it gets hot in the sun. Overall had a great time and would highly recommend it!

Definitely lives up to its name, lots of steep parts to this trail. Encountered some people, all friendly

c'mon nschedule mm

22 days ago

This trail is my favorite in Corona by far. It has many different routes for different levels of hikers. There are south, west, and north trails. South trail is shorter but has a short and steep dirt road that you can see from 91 Fwy. West trail leads you to waterfall with couple mine caves on the way. Go pass beyond the end of trail sign, you will need to clime some huge rocks to keep going. A great 8-10 miles round trip if you can make it. The north trail is a uphill hike all the way to the other side of the mountain. I walked the narrow bike trail with my 2 dogs. It’s a bit slippery but will for sure burn some calories and test your guts. Bring good hiking shoes to stay safe. It’s a fun and challenging trail that you can visit all year round.

22 days ago

took my 3 and 5 year old girls on this trail for the 1st time. absolutely loved the trail as it was easy compared to some of the other trails we have been doing. the only reason for not giving it 5 stars is the abundance of dog crap for about the first .5 to .75 miles of the trail. can't believe how much crap was not picked up. today was a cool day and we started about 11:30am but due to the lack of shade, I would not recommend starting this late in the day. we did 2.5 miles in for a total if 5 miles. can't wait to go again. oh parking can be tough so be prepared for that.

23 days ago

Great hike! I go to school nearby and always passed by this place. My boyfriend and I decided to go explore. We were not disappointed! Beautiful views, and there’s an abandoned car somewhere in the beginning of the trail. It’s super creepy but it’s a cool find .

on Skyline Drive

24 days ago

So beautiful and quite peaceful. One of my favorites :D

Great trail. We ended up having to park 2 miles from the trail head so we ended up with a 7 mile hike. Still very beautiful!

mountain biking
26 days ago

What makes it “moderate” is the 6miles but over all it’s a pretty easy trail with a beautiful view of the lake majority of the time


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