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So much fun and amazing view all the way. Like to go up in hot spring to the peak since the view from trespass is better. It is better when you are going down hill and appreciate the view on the way back when you already done the hard work going up.

As of 14 April, the mountain is in full bloom! Go now!!!

I love this trial. it never disappoints,it has amazing views and is a great hike. You should take the time for this hike.

Beautiful hike, especially after the recent rains.

Trails are a bit of a challenge because of recent rains and the creek being a bit higher and covering some trails. There is extensive poison oak. Long pants are highly recommended.

Went back a week later with the grandkids to show them the cool fall and cave at the base of the trail. They had lots of fun and didn’t have to go on a trail to get there. This was a plus because there is a ton of poison oak.

Great hike. My son enjoyed the climbing part. Good workout and a rewarding view.

Cool rock climbing if you would like. Good exercise
Beautiful scenery

Good warm up hike for anyone wanting to get out of Santa Maria/Guadalupe area for a bit. VERY EASY hike on a well maintained fire road. The beach is nice and not many ppl on it. The walk there can take up to 4 round trip, but I've ran it there and back and it's only under 1hr 30 min.
Be careful as ppl always get their cars broken into.
There's No shade and it can get hot & windy. Hike gets boring after you do it so many times. Good walk for families or small kids and pets. No water around bring your own.

I did not see any cliff-side trails, only no trespassing signs. So I ended up parking in Jalama Beach Park ($10 for a day pass), and hiked the shore line. I hiked in April on a weekday and had the trail almost entirely to myself. I saw tons of wildlife, including birds, tidal pool creatures, and a lazy sea lion. I had dry sand the whole way, but would have felt more comfortable if I knew the tidal schedule. There are a couple of choke points along the cliff if the tide gets high enough and it's a long hike. I chose to walk close to the waterline where the sand is harder. You have to scramble around some rocks at the points. I also walked along some of the concrete barriers in one area where the waterline was right up against it. I hiked a long way, but didn't make it to the lighthouse so I don't know if there is a shoreline trail that takes you up to the cliff and lighthouse. Nice views, nice breezes, and I had it all to myself. Note that dogs are allowed on leashes, but they charge extra per dog you bring.

The view from the top was breathtaking and right off the start the waterfall is at the bottom. Directions were confusing. Lots of poison oak all around you and on the trees. Right above the waterfall there is a bridge it leads you up to two separate paths if you take the right it takes you to where the bench is and to the left overpassing the creek it takes you to the swing!
Easy to moderate but long loop we never completed

17 days ago

Went up yesterday to check on the poppy bloom. They are starting to show up but I think will look better in a week or maybe two. I don’t expect this year to be anything like 2016 though for poppies. I did have a bald eagle soaring over me for like 20 mins during the hike. That was pretty spectacular.

I enjoyed the hike, we did the loop counterclockwise taking the trespass trail first and it was steep and strenuous for more than several parts of it. The view was amazing. Coming back down towards the hot springs is a steady downslope which was a bit hard on the knees down. I recommend bringing plenty of water3-5 liters each and some snacks. Sunscreen and a hat were also nice as we ended up above the clouds. Don’t forget your $2 cash!

18 days ago

I traveled east on Hurricane Deck and connected with Manzana Trail near and headed east. The flat terrain and ample water crossing was nice after a long hike up Potrero to the Deck. If you’re looking for a hard elevation trek this isn’t what you’re looking for. Be prepared to cross water 25+ times if you plan on going to the school house from the Sun Valley trailhead.

18 days ago

I did the eastern portion of Hurricane Deck where Potrero Trail meets the ridge line. It was a blast and saw some incredible views while riding the ridge down to the Manzana Trail. Encountered some diverse little ecosystems along the way. Bring water as there’s little shade

Great 360°views of all the mountains.
Short hike but steep, slippery & high elevation towards the end. It will kill your knees, back, legs, & lungs so take your time . (I prefer to run it with weights during summer but I'm not normal) takes me a about and 1 hr up 35 min down from parking lot but you can easily spend over 3 hrs here.
Crowded during poppy season and It can get really windy. Best time is during spring then fall because summer gets too hot for ppl. Defiantely a must do once a year hike.

Great trail running, very neat

Great trail, great views

Beautiful scenery, moderately challenging trail. Loved it!

26 days ago

Enjoyable hike up Gaviota Peak and back down Trespass. Moderate difficulty. Bring plenty of water in warmer seasons! We took a picnic lunch and ate prior to reaching the peak.

Love this place!!

This is the first trail I hiked in SLO and I keep going back. I’m in love with the uphill push to the top. My first time to the top it took just over 45 minutes. Last week my time was 38 minuets. It is what you make it but I prefer the rush to the top and enjoy the way down.

Excellent views. Great workout. Trail is a mix of rocky and dirt. A few steep rocky sections. Definitely a must do. The length of the loop and elevation seem to be a little off. A little higher and longer than stated. Bring lots of water.

fun adventures hike✌

Nice view of SLO!

1 month ago

Don’t park in the parking area at the trail head! Parking ticket $100 for 45mins past “Sunset”!
Park on the side of the road outside trail head!
Loved the hike and the views!

Great hike for all levels. Loved the swing. Imagine it would be hot in the summer.

My favorite hike when I go to SLO!!

Main trail up is a bit bland but took Trespass down which is a treat with some caves along the way.

1 month ago

Beautiful views from the peak when skies are clear. We did it in 2 hours, 48 minutes, moving time, going up the Trespass trail and down the road. Going up the trail is more than moderate, we agreed.

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