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We did this hike for my birthday ! Great views with alternating challenges and easy strolls. It’s one of my favorites. Get there early to watch the sunrise, but light enough to be safe

I’m not sure how all trails rate these but I would not call this moderate. I would call it hard, there were a few times I was on all fours climbing up to the tunnels. It rained last night so it was also very muddy but worth it. I saw around 5 couples a few dogs and a rabbit. Not that crowded considering it was a Sunday around noon.

Loved this hike! Saw people of all ages coming and going...it is a pretty steady climb to the top, but as many other reviewers have mentioned, well worth the beautiful views.

Very pretty views all around. I started with the Patricia Drive trailhead point but I ended up getting off of a very nice exclusive residential area, which I believe it was the Highland Drive Trailhead. I walked to Patricia Drive, which was a downhill so that was nice!!!

Often difficult to walk due to loose rocks and stumps. I needed to stop often to catch breath. Great view at the top. It was a great walk. I will come back again for sure.

Went around 11. A bit crowded but it was New Year’s Day. Lots of dogs on leashes minus one, who kept on having to call her dog to her as they would approach other dogs. Vultures were out. Fresh sage smelt great. Kid with drone kind of was a bit distracting noise wise. Lots of kids. Great hike for families. Would definitely go again, just at a less busier time. Wonderful views!

It was a tough climb . We chose to walk anti clockwise , which gave us spectacular views as we climbed to the peak . We hit the hot springs on the way down which was perfect .

Great hike but really crowded.

trail running
17 days ago

Views from the top are incredible. If rain recently, trails can be very muddy, and difficult to pass. A lot of poison oak, long pants recommended.

Beautiful hike with magnificent views! Not to be missed if you are in San Luis Obispo Area!

Great workout forsure! The four of us fit perfectly with the dog. There are a lot of rocks on the trail and little patches of Poison Oak. Unfortunately there are burn areas so the soil is alittle loose. We went two weeks ago and the trail was moist so ther was very little dust. Great workout but go early. We had to turn back because the trail took more than 4 hours. Couldn’t make it to the top so we have to try again.

Starts off with an extremely easy trail gradually claiming to a moderately difficult incline up to the caves which are spectacular.

Great hike! Brought my dog along and we had a blast. The caves are really neat and we really enjoyed the views. It was kinda steep going up the caves but it was worth it!

The views from the top were amazing!!

trail running
29 days ago

A good challenge to push up hill, with a rewarding view, nice loop option, and variety of plants along the way. As a run, a definite A, although some pruning of the surrounding chaparral was due when I went out as it was nearly impossible to pass without getting scratched by some of the woody shrubs. The eastern loop is fairly steep, which has some pros and cons, passing over some private property that has an easement which is also nice to see.

very fun, steep start but rewarding!

I hiked this trail clockwise, went up the fire road and came down Trespass. If I did it again I would go counterclockwise as the views along the fire road were not spectacular. Once you get to the top though it’s amazing. Clear views of the ocean and the mountains. I did this hike in December so it wasn’t too hot but there isn’t much cover so a summer hike would require extra water, sunscreen and a hat. I detoured off the Trespass Trail on the way down and looped along the Tunnel View Trail to the Underpass Trail. The detour on the Underpass Trail wasn’t really worth it but Tunnel View was nice. $2 parking fee and convenient trailhead right off the highway. I would highly recommend this hike.

Great sunset views!

Great payoff at the top! We hiked a day or two after rain, so some of the lower stretches were muddy & somewhat slick. Pick a clear day, the views are incredible.

1 month ago

I hiked this loop in December and went in the clockwise direction. There was little to no water in the river so the crossings were not difficult but I can see how it would be a challenge with the rivers flowing. The first 8-9 miles were beautiful and relatively flat. The leaves had all turned fall colors. Once I got to the schoolhouse campground I decided to continue on and complete the loop rather than backtracking. I wish I had turned around. Across the campground you connect with the Hurricane Deck trail and climb! The trail along this section was poorly marked and looked like more of a sad goat path than an actual trail. Plus, since it had rained a few days ago there were parts of the trail that were slippery with mud. Then it was a relentless climb up to the ridge. The views are wonderful but other than that I couldn’t wait to get off the ridge. My GPS marked this loop as 17.8 miles rather than 20.3 like the description says but who knows. Overall this was a very enjoyable hike in a secluded and beautiful area. I would highly recommend.

nature trips
1 month ago

WOW the return hike was hard, but spent the day in Paradise. Just trekked it today, super windy but the waves were amazing. Only ran into people on my way there and then had the beach to myself. If you go, please pick up your pieces of garbage. Greatest place ever, plan to do this trip over and over.

Great drive to the destination and fun hike up to the caves. Smoked a fatty and chilled for awhile. Best way to relax.

As noted bring $2 for parking. Hiked / ran the loop counter-clockwise up Gaviota Peak Trail, which is a fire road with some decent views, over the peak and down Trespass Trail. The upper portion of Trespass trail are fantastic narrow single-track, with some fantastic views. Trail is really well marked at all junctions.

This trail is straight up. Bring water because you’re in the sun most of the time. My Garmin watch clocked the mileage at 6.6 miles not 5.9.


Absolutely love this trail. I’ve done it 4 times, and it never disappoints. Always gorgeous

2 months ago

This is a long, relatively easy in / harder out hike all on a paved road. It is an, exposed trail with breathtaking panoramic views, but no protection from sun, so take plenty of water, snacks and pick a time to go when weather is cool; most likely early mornings or from Oct thru April. My lab loves these kind of leisurely long hikes and I always make her carry her own pack filled just with water! If you feel you've worked up a big enough appetite, the original famous Hitching Post Steak House in Casmalia isn't very far away!

Great trail, can connect to the fire road overlook trail which ends at a radio tower directly above/across from the tunnel. To connect you have to find a small path that goes downhill north from the second set of caves. You'll drop into a live oak grove that connects to the fire road.

It’s not a hike, just a beach walk. And very dependent on tide.

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